Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Redefine The Way You View Stress At Your Workplace

Hello sweethearts of my blogosphere! How are you doing? I know I've not been regular here as much, please bear with me. There is a lot going on. And work? It has been stretching me.

It's 8:00PM. I thought I could let this day pass because I am VERY tired but thankfully, I found my fingers hitting the keypad. It's Career-Wednesday!

Redefine Stress At Work

Rick Warren says in his book, The Purpose Driven Life; “Work becomes worship when you dedicate it to God and perform it with an awareness of his presence.” I concur!

Sometimes it takes only the presence of the Holy Spirit to keep you sane when the happenings at work try to drive you crazy.


Sunday, 15 April 2018

STYLE: 4 Ways To Wear Brother's Shirt

I could simply title this post "4 ways to style Men's shirt" but no. I am particularly intentional about the sister-brother relationship right now, so you wouldn't have to raise your eyebrows when you see posts on "husband's shirt" popping up in a few months. *winks* The just shall live by faith. 😇

Happy Style-Sunday!

4 Ways To Wear Brother's Shirt

Yes, I wear my brother's shirts a lot. It's for bragging rights. Lol. And I don't even try too hard about it because when you are wearing an oversized shirt that belongs to your brother, spouse or dad, you have the freedom to wear it whichever way you want.

Honestly, I would not be exaggerating if I told you there are more than 20 ways to wear men's shirts. You can even see a tip from 'how to wear brother's shirt as a skirt'. However, today I want to show you four buttony ways.

The trick here is to roll up the sleeves and button as you please.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

DIARY: On Becoming Strong

There are certain things that have happened in your life that serve as constant reminders of where God has delivered you from.

When I'm Weak, You Make Me Strong

Hot tears splashed down my cheeks as I had been listening to T. D Jakes' sermon when I heard a word God used to answer a question in my heart. In that moment, God's intentions leaped off of the screen and started a revolution in my heart.

I wept and wept.

I never would have guessed how highly God thinks of me. I never would understand how invaluable I am to his kingdom. I felt a strange combination of exhilaration and anxiety about what it would mean to be called a strong woman.

This truth caused me hours and hours of tears. This truth tore me apart inside, ripping at the falsehood I had worn and adorned, shredding my self-made safety nets, and leaving me very broken and helpless.

I gasped for breath as I come face to face with what's real.

What is real is that I need Him.

Without Jesus, I will face the wrath of a Just God who cannot tolerate sin.

I needed help desperately.

And there is a God who says that in Him I can be strong.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Please Relax, Currently Under Construction

We all have weak spots and areas of inconsistency in our character. Until we see Jesus face to face, we will continually need His guidance and correction to take us from strength to strength; from glory to glory. I can worry for Africa sometimes, hence, the Word I received these past days has been "RELAX". Say Relax. Say it with a smile. It's a beautiful word, yeah? But it is not so easy!

Under Construction

Ever seen a building under construction? Construction areas have lots of bumps, lane changes, starts and stops, backed up delays, and falling hazards, they are dirty, noisy, disorganized confused untidy hectic and disgusting places. But if you talk to the Architect, they will say that the construction area is beautiful despite of all of the chaos that is going on because they SEE what the end product is going to be — they know that what they are looking at is the process of progress.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

What I Wore: One Gorgeous Ankara Top For Every Event

Happy Style Sunday Sweeties! Today's post will be a two-in-one package so we can cover up for last week. That's a good idea, right? 😀

No Two Events Are The Same

They say "you can never go wrong with a black dress." It's true. Every lady knows that. But I want to reveal another unpopular fashion fact:

"It's hard to go wrong with a piece of Ankara that fits your personality."
— Nwamaka Ajaegbu, Personal Stylist

Let's just say I've been proving this "theory" with most of my What-I-Wore posts. Here are a couple of them:

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

RELATIONSHIP: How To Deal With Having Too Many Suitors

For ladies waiting to be married; among our struggles is having too many options. My aunt has this to say to you:

"GET MARRIED NOW. . . you are being too picky! The one you want 'WILL NOT' want you. Choose one of your options. Make him what you want your man to be. They do not come 'ready-made'. I made mine."

What do you think? Let's talk. It's Love-Wednesday!

One Heart, Many Suitors

Men always blame women for not being patient and knowing what they want while women tend to blame men for not growing up. But that is not always the case.

There comes a time when a man wants to get serious with one woman and wants to settle down, and put that ring she so crave on her finger. What would you have a woman do if all the men around her get to that point in their lives at the same time?

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Dear Diary, I Broke The Bank

Is March over yet? Thank Goodness! For obvious reasons, most people would agree that January is the longest month of the year but for me, March was longerrrrrrr!

Marching Over March 2018

It's the 23rd day of the month and my bank account already looks like a graveyard. I thought I was good with money! Ah!

Actually, I’m being a bit dramatic. I am good with money – good with the big stuff at least. I’m good at setting aside a big fraction into investments for both the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of earth (If you know, you know). I’ve always understood the raw yet subtle power of compound interest (thanks mum) and so I’ve always acted accordingly. And in general that has made my financial life calmer, saner and more predictable.

Where I really struggle is in the day to day expenses. I’m incorrigibly impulsive when it comes to small to medium purchases like daily snacks and cookies and weekly trips or takeaways. Let me not even talk about the cost of transportation in Lagos. Phew.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Yes, We Can Face Tomorrow!

Hello sweeties! How are you doing? It feels good each time I have to post something on my blog. I think I'm still thrilled about being a lifestyle blogger. It is something I never saw coming. Really.

And you have made it more fun. Thank you. 

We Can Face Tomorrow

The song illuminating my heart even as I type is:

"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, All fear is gone.
Because I know He holds my future.
And life is worth the living just because He lives."

I can't get enough of this song. I have been singing with all excitement and joy. I have sang high soprano, high tenor and high alto. I have also sang low tenor. Now I am singing high bass. Lol.

Saturday, 31 March 2018

PODCAST: Obey Your "Heart Rays" Call

Podcasts technically resumed yesterday, Good Friday. Wow. Who is excited? Definitely not me. Lol. 

When God commands you to start a project, a business, or a ministry, please start with whatever you have. Don't waste time like me. God rarely move until you move. 

This short audio clip is a move on my part.

~ Rays Of Obedience ~

Please 'listen in browser' if you don't have Sound Cloud App on your phone.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

People Don't Read Blogs Anymore

I know people don’t read because what I write is so often not the trending societal issues or more often than not, about me. It can get really boring, yeah? You don't have to tell me. I know.


I have a special kind of love for those who read my blog. In fact, I have a special name for them — SWEETHEARTS. They are one of the best groups of creative humans with a heart so sweet that they enjoy the atmosphere of Heart Rays.

I miss quite a number of them 😢

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

It Is Not About The Money, Right?

It's Career-Wednesday. I hope you are among those who believe the best job for you goes beyond the salary you earn. Sometimes you might get discouraged when you focus on the money.

I write to shift your focus.

Beyond The Pay

You will be tried and tested.

You will be beaten down by failure and humbled by criticisms.

In your moments of self-doubt, more money is not a big enough cause to drive you.

More money is not the motivation you need to do the hard things that being successful demands.

More money is not enough reason to base your decisions.

Monday, 26 March 2018

The Struggle With Obedience

Wondering why I had not been on the blog for over a week? I was struggling to obey God on a particular instruction like the 30-Day-Man-Fast. I was struggling so hard that at a point, I even started to think I was under the manipulation of the enemy because I found myself where I'd not ordinarily be. It's been crazy.

My Struggle With Obedience

Writing this article is convicting for me. I try my best to obey what God has called me to do but I'm not always as obedient as I'm called to be. Maybe you're like me in that aspect and you're not as obedient as you'd like to be. Take heart!

Oh, I wanted to mention a couple of examples and evidences of how this struggle, in my life especially, is one that I have been dealing with for a long time. But then again, I am led to not share the details (just yet).

Obedience is not fun. Sometimes it can be lonely, and other times it can be painful.

I just couldn’t seem to find a way to consistently choose Him over myself. I couldn’t seem to be able to live for his affections over those of the world. As hard as I would try in various seasons, I just couldn’t be completely obedient.

The other day, He responded with this verse:

"Stop right there! If you love me, you will keep my commandments." 

Like a hammer, it hit me hard. It was active, energetic and powerful.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

What I Wore + How To Spot A Fake Ankara

Happy Style-Sunday! I decided to make a post out of a Friday's because yo, it is worth it. When it comes to spicing up your outfit with ankara fabric, you are sure to always count on  your girl. ;)

How To Spot Fake Ankara

There is a massive supply of Ankara fabrics out there. I buy, sew, and wear Ankara fabric pretty much. And I see the need to help you differentiate the fake ones from the original so that nobody would cheat on you the next time you go to the market.

What To Check Out For

  1. Texture
  2. Water resistance
  3. Colour design
  4. Print pattern

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

How Do You Deal With The Fact That Your Close Friend Is Getting Married Before You?

It's Love-Wednesday! I want to share with you these two things that normally help me and banish whatever jealousy if I had any.

Close Friend Gets Married Before You

Watching all your friends get married while you remain single is like watching all your friends graduate from the university when you never had the chance to go.

This is a part of the journey of life.

Since the beginning of time, there has always been one in a group who does something before everyone else and someone who seems to be “left behind,” and it sure does happen.

Yes, this is my story.

I can really understand where you are coming from because I have watched my friends walk down the aisles with their boo's one after the other. I know how it feels when the other friends are getting married and having children, but you are single. Still.

But it's not a competition.

If I had married my previous boyfriend just so I could be married for the sake of getting married, I'd probably be miserable.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Righteousness Is A Gift

I woke up chanting these words, "righteousness is a gift. Righteousness is a gift". Righteousness is probably one of the most misunderstood words in the Christian fold and it should not be. Today, I am going to share with you something I have been blessed to receive.

The Free Gift Of Righteousness

There are times when I do things that I think are not pleasing to God or don't do things that I think should please God, I feel as though I lost my righteousness. I tend to fall into the temptation of condemning myself because I give room to the lies of the devil. But Praise God! The moment I believe God treats us as righteous apart from our works or obedience, my faith grows!

And this is what God wants you to use your faith for.

You are not righteous because of how morally upright you are. You are not righteous because you exercise self-control. You are not righteous because you read 10 chapters of the Bible daily. You are not righteous because you feel righteous. But you are the very righteousness of God in Christ solely because the sacrifice of Jesus made you so. It is grace.

Apostle Paul said, "I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!" (Galatians 2:21).

Sunday, 11 March 2018

STYLE: The Belt Of Truth

Happy Style-Sunday! Hope you went to church? Today I want to tell you about something important: my red belt. Issa belt appreciation post. 😀

The Belt

I love belts. Not just because they draw attention to your waist, but also because they add colour and give fit to your outfit. I wear them a whole lot.

Belts are important pieces to have.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

3 Helpful Career Tips From 'Black Panther' 2018 Movie

Everybody loves Black Panther. If you haven't seen 'Black Panther', what are you waiting for? Spoiler alert! Go see it and come back!

Today's #CareerWednesday. I told you here that I was going to share some career lessons from the movie, yeah?  Let's do this!

3 Career Lessons From Black Panther

Some movies don't just entertain, they also teach us valuable lessons about life, the world, and everything. Black Panther is one movie. You just can't get enough of it.

Imagine that yours truly went to the cinema with a notepad because the positive reviews on social media got her all hyped up about the movie. I decided to see 'Black Panther' with an intention to learn something new. Using shorthand techniques, I wrote out quotes and sayings that resonated deeply with me.

When you see someone writing while watching a movie, don't judge them. Lol.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Do You Because Nobody Else Can Do Like You Do

Insecurity is a natural part of the human experience. We all have our insecurities. Somehow, it feels comforting to share it with you and to remind you that you are not alone.

Redefine Your Weaknesses

At our local church departmental meeting when Bro Gabriel (yes, I have to mention his real name here 🙈) casually made a remark about me, everyone laughed and it affected me for a minute. I became so uncomfortable that I had to step out of the room in order to avoid any awkward reaction.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

How To Make Ankara Statement Earrings With A Scrap Of Carton

Happy Style-Sunday! Yipee. Today I am going to show you how to make unbelievable earrings with your own hands. Excited much!

Ankara Fabric Earrings

Ankara also known as African Prints is a showstopper. You definitely cannot wear Ankara and not be noticed. Ankara style is beautiful, unusual and unique.

And guess what? You can make your own fashionable accessories out of it. No need to spend much for buying. Learn the Do-It-Yourself way.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Dear Diary, I Am So Happy For Bola Like!

A close friend, bola got married about three weeks ago and is enjoying her honeymoon right now. The next morning after her wedding day, I asked whether sex was sweet. Guess what she said? 😂

Bola Is Married

OMG, it finally happened. Bola is married! Whoa. . . how weird is that to say? I can’t believe one of my personal persons is actually married! We have been talking about relationship and marriage issues ever since we met.

Bola and I have shared a lot together — pain and sadness, business and money, joy and fun.

Monday, 26 February 2018

An Inspiration From Wakanda (The 'Black Panther' 2018 Movie)

Y-e-s, yes! I went to see Marvel's latest movie, 'Black Panther' at the cinema yesterday and it was lit! I'm typing from the land of Wakanda right now. Lol. 

The fictional country of Wakanda is certainly a sight to behold in Black Panther. A futuristic metropolis brimming with sound and colour. *holds breathe* Can't catch my breath. Oh my!

Open Your Hand

Black Panther is the latest movie on the box office right now. It’s been the buzz ever since the premiere dropped. That I got to see it yesterday gives me joy. The colours, the movement, the depth, the vibrancy. I was mesmerized. I got all misty-eyed. My goodness. It was art. It was just a feast for my eyes.

One of the things I love about Black Panther is its pure representation of African culture  strong, powerful black men, beautiful, wise women, people of talent and colour. We even see Ankara fabric all over the place. Aww!

Ankara is my vibranium.

And the casting? Superb! Each character nailed their scripts to bits. The people of Wakanda is proud of their heritage and of who they are. They’re the type of heroes who inspire audiences down to their bones.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

STYLE: Try Monochromatic Outfits For A Week And See What Happens

Happy Style-Sunday! Hope you're having an awesome Sunday? Great. I accidentally started something on WhatsApp which I hashtagged #LifeInColours, and it turned out to be a source of inspiration to me and all my friends.

We all dream, love and live in colours everyday.

Life In Colours

Have you ever seen the rainbow and how beautiful the colours are? Have you also wondered why God even created the rainbow in the first place? Me too!

If God created the rainbow, then it must be significant to our lives.

I think the seven colours of rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet / purple have significant and unique roles to play in all our life's journey —  healing, wholeness and well-being.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Top 15 Memorable Quotes By Billy Graham

Billy Graham, the nation’s best-known Christian evangelist who wrote some 30 powerful books, preached to millions in crusades, pastor to presidents and did great things for the propagation of the Gospel for more than 60 years, died yesterday (Feb 21) at his home in Montreat, N.C. He was 99.

Let's reflect on some of his words today . . .

Quotes By Billy Graham

To start with, when I read about what New York Times and Christian Today wrote about Billy Graham, I was provoked;

Mr. Graham took the role of evangelist to a new level, lifting it from the sawdust floors of canvas tents in small-town America to the podiums of packed stadiums in the world’s major cities. He wrote some 30 books and was among the first to use new communication technologies for religious purposes. During his “global crusade” from Puerto Rico in 1995, his sermons were translated simultaneously into 48 languages and transmitted to 185 countries by satellite.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Dear Diary, An Artist Drew A Picture Of Me On Paper

How would you react when an artist gives you an unsolicited portrait? Would you be surprised, touched, weirded out, what? Would you think that they like you as more than a friend?

Drawn On Paper

As I approached his desk, he handed me his sketchbook. Wondering why he wanted me to take a look, I collected it and opened its pages.

He had lovely sketches of landscapes, abstracts and few portraits. I was wowed at some and simply impressed at others.

Monday, 19 February 2018

You Need Some Provocation

Hi! Thanks for checking out this personal and intimate space. You'll find I share a great deal of my heart here. I have always liked to write and often found it to be therapeutic when facing different life experiences.

This time, it's not easy. I am no longer comfortable just being here.

Provocation Needed

I hung out with my creative friends from The Amplify Network last weekend. We celebrated promotions and greater achievements. We shared lessons from where we've been, testimonies about where we are and possibilities for where we are going. It was an inspiring hang out.

One of the things I said I needed accountability on, is starting a talk show. It's been lingering for months.

When Ify asked me what I was waiting for, I said I needed a push. Then she pushed me with her hand. Lol. But I knew what I meant by "push". I knew what I needed.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

10 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Life

It's that time of the year when they rub it all in your face. Valentine this, valentine that! You feel like your life is the worst there is. "Why am I single?" "Am I that terrible?" "Why am I so lonely?" "When will I fall in love. . .again?" You keep beating yourself up.  Oh dear, this post is for you. It's quite a long article, but it's worth it. Although, I already created a podcast on it. I know exactly how you feel because I've been there too.

Fall in Love with Your Life

Falling in love is divine. It awakens the heart to the best part of life. Each day comes with boundless opportunities for you to to open your heart and fall madly in love with your life.

There are people, places and things (evuls) that try to steal the joy, hope and love in your life. Don't let them. I find that through the articles I write, the critical piece of advice I give is to be in charge of your emotions. There are bad news here and there, but I choose to be deaf to them. And I decide to hear and share good news only. You can wake up everyday and decide to fall in love with the life you have been given. Yes, you can!

Monday, 12 February 2018

To Know God; Make it Your Number One Goal

Happy New Week! I wish people would ask me more about how my relationship with God is fairing than just about when they are coming to eat jollof rice on my wedding Day. Lol.

The Number One Goal

We all have a story. The one God writes for each of us may go down many paths. No matter where you are on the journey, there is a plan and a purpose to what you experience. And that experience leaves you with some better knowledge of who God is.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

STYLE: Sometimes The Colour Chooses You

It was never a plan to blog about green again (after last week), I just couldn't help but notice how green pieces have been spontenously showing up in my wardrobe lately. No I mean, I never intended to wear this particular shade for days in a row. I'm shock-ed!

Yeah, it's Sunday. Let's freestyle ;)

Green Is Calling

The last time you were asked what your most favourite colour was, what did you say? Is it still the same as today, now?

Or, are you one of us who don't know our best colours? It's hard to choose, I know right? Me too.

When we can't choose a best colour, the best colour would probably have to choose us.

I personally believe that colours are way underrated when it comes to fashion and style. Whether you know it or not, everyone has a best colour. It's often revealed during your wardrobe sanitation. More often than not your best colour palette is made up of the colours you are already drawn to and helps explain why you're always having the same coloured clothing.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

RELATIONSHIP: Do We Have To Talk To Each Other Everyday?

Hi sweethearts. It's another Love-Wednesday in February. Yay. Do you think that if you are in a serious relationship, you should stay in contact with your partner every day? Let's talk.

Talking Everyday

Relationships are hardwork. So hard, that sometimes we don't know what we are getting into until reality dawns on us. We’re just so excited about this new person, this new prospect, that we just want to jump to the end where everyone is happy and in love.

Abi? Is it not true?

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

DIARY: First Time On The Longest Canopy Walkway In Africa

When someone says they are adventurous, do they mean they can jump off a plane? climb up a mountain? catch a grenade? do things like that?

The Canopy Walkway
~ February, 2018 ~

This is not my first time at The Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC), one of the best natural reserves in Nigeria but it is my first time on the canopy walkway. What an experience!

I've always known I'd walk on this thing one day but I didn't know I'll be doing it in 2018. Lol.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

STYLE: All Pastures Are Green But They Have Different Shades

Happy Style-Sunday! Let's go green today. How many shades of green do you know? It would shock you to know there are over 20 shades of green in the world. Not kidding.

Shades of Green

While drafting this post, I did a study on "pastures", "green", and "green pastures". And I'm totally blown away by my latest discoveries. On one hand I'd love to tell you all if it, but on the other hand I wouldn't want to bore you.

Psalm 23:2 says "He makes me lie down in green pastures." Interestingly, the Bible did not exactly tell us what shade of green the pasture is.

What if we were meant to lie down on different shades of green at different phases of our lives? Ponder on that for a minute.

Friday, 2 February 2018

PHOTO: What Is Art, Really?

Few minutes ago, I was playing with an app on my phone called 'PicsArt' and viola! this beautiful picture happened! The tag line on this app says "everyone is an artist". So I'm wondering, perhaps we should ask: what is art, really?

What Art Means To Me

I have worked closely with various kinds of artists. As a matter of fact, I work in a creative industry. So I am open to a wide range of art. However, one thing I find common among every artist I have come in contact with, is their emotions and personal experiences. They pour it out like streams of water. It's inspiring HOW they share it.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

RELATIONSHIP: Should You Wish Your Ex A Happy Birthday?

It's Love-Wednesday! How are you doing today? Everyone gets one birthday a year, wouldn't it be a really nice opportunity to do a nice thing and foster a good relationship? Just asking.

Wishing Your Ex A Happy Birthday

I can understand the urge to say happy birthday to an ex, especially a serious one who you had experienced at least one birthday with. It's a moral quandary!

If you don't say happy birthday, won't they think you're being petty and are secretly wishing they have an unhappy birthday?

But then again, if you do say happy birthday, they might not respond, or worse, they might respond with a cold "Thanks."

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

DIARY: "What Would You Like Your Husband To Call You?"

If you want to know the latest gist about my day (or even my life), check out my tweets. I give myself away on Twitter twice as much as I do on the blog.

This diary entry actually happened last Tuesday and those who follow me on Twitter already has the gist, but I think it should be shared on the blog too. It just might be an open letter to future hubby. Lol.

What I Want My Husband To Call Me

Today, there was so much work to do at the office, and a tight deadline to keep up with. I had to stay back for two extra hours to complete a task. Phew.

It wasn't just me tho. A few of my colleagues too.

So we left the office later than usual. Then, our GM (who we fondly call FatherLa) kindly offered to give us a ride to the bus-stop. We excitedly hopped in.

Monday, 29 January 2018

He Gives Good And Perfect Things

One of my favourite knowledge of God’s heart is His desire to give us amazing gifts. James 1:17 says, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” :)

Every Good Gifts and Perfect Gifts Are From Above

When was the last time you related with God as a little child? When was the last time you approached God as your Heavenly Father? I hope it's not been too long. 

God wants us to see Him as a father. And that is what I am dwelling on this week. Coming to God as a baby girl and telling him everything about every single little thing. Coming to God as a baby girl and asking him for the simplest of things. He likes it! He listens because He loves me!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

STYLE: My Wardrobe Strategy Will Be "Work With What You Have"

Hi-ya! It's the first Style Post of the year! I am excited! Waking up and dressing up every single day is no easy feat. Sometimes, coming up with even one solid outfit a week can feel overwhelming, let alone five outfits in a row.

*waves* I'll be here to help with tricks and tips.

Work With What You Have

Lately, I've been tempted to go through and ruthlessly purge my wardrobe's contents, but I suspect this is probably just a phase and if I'm too hasty in my zeal for maximizing a wardrobe, I'll only end up on a massive shopping spree by this time next month. Lol.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

6 "Jazzed Up" Reasons For You To Stay In Your Current Job A Little Longer

It's Career-Wednesday! There are days when certain happenings push my mind to consider dusting up my CV again, updating it and sending it across to another company. Yet, something tells me I'm right where I need to be in this particular season of my life. Why? What makes you remain on that job? Let's talk!

Why Stay In Your Current Job

Just when I wanted to move away from the spot I had stood for more than thirty minutes, the bus plying my route arrived. Jeez. I almost missed it.

As I rode home, I thought about how often we make the mistake of losing our composure and jumping ship just when things are about to turn around for us. How many times have we got frustrated with our circumstances and forfeited a blessing, simply because we refused to wait, to remain, to stay?

Monday, 22 January 2018

Don't Miss Your Season, Stay In Position

Hi! Long time no post. I told you I'd be away from here for about three weeks so I could go "get what I want" for 2018, yeah? But there I was on social media  – Twitter, IG, WhatsApp, even Facebook – posting pictures of "What I wore", inspirational quotes and bits of how my day was going. Who was I fooling? I'm backkk!

Stay In Your Place

It's thrilling to think that a new year signifies setting new goals, learning new skills, and experiencing something new. However, newness is not in things.

Newness is within us. New is in our hearts. The truly new is something that is eternally new: you. Every morning, every moment is new. We have never lived this moment before and we never will again. In this perspective, new is a state of mind.

Monday, 1 January 2018

The Most Important Decision

Oh, wow! 2018 is starting up on a Monday. It's a New Week! A New Month! A New Year! What better time to have a new beginning if we want to?!?

There are risks that go with decision making, and risks are too hard for those of us who think too much. We weigh things too much. But a decision has got to be made!

Make A Decision Already!

The really important decisions, unfortunately, have to be made without certainty. If we get married, we do it without certainty that we are making the right decision. If we have children, we have them without knowing how they will turn out. If we decide to be Christians, we do it on faith. And these decisions are sometimes infused with fighting the feeling of whether we are deceiving or hurting ourselves.
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