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First Time Here?

Hello there! Welcome!

Imagine over 1,000 people throwing a party just for you right now. Yes, you very well deserve it!

"You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill that cannot be hidden."

Welcome to Heart Rays. A place of manifold expressions. An atmosphere filled with all shades of rays. You have now come to add more light, colour and energy. Aww . . . this is so much fun! :) 

I know what it feels like to be visiting for the first time. You be like;

You: "What exactly is this blog about?"

Me: Well, I'm also wondering what exactly I blog about. Lol. At a point I was jobless and I needed to showcase myself. At a point I was heartbroken I needed to heal. At a point I was lost and I needed to find myself. This blog has been an expression on the journey to healing, growth and self-discovery.

I call it a CREATIVE LIFESTYLE BLOG because creativity is part of everything - Whether you are building a business, writing a book, giving a presentation, creating artwork, painting, dancing, singing, voicing, sewing, sculpting or playing music - connecting to and freeing your self-expression is key. Having a creative outlet or two in your life can play a major role in your healing, joy and success.

I've often been struck by how easy it is to not really notice the happenings within us, particularly when they are ordinary and not shockingly awesome. I've been encouraging myself to break out of this habit by looking for the beauty contained in my everyday, ordinary life. *whispers* The Spirit corrected me again, there is nothing ordinary about your life!" 
It's my desire that these bits of my journey with you help you grow as a passionate person, leader, lover, communicator, and most of all, as a child of God!

You: "I can't seem to fit in here!" 

Me: Oh no! Why is that? You are not born to fit in sweetie. Stand out from my old visitors. I'd even love to notice something striking about you. Who knows? I could just marry you (if you're a guy), give you off to any of my handsome brothers (if you are a lady) or snatch your spouse away from you (if you are married). Aha! I'm just kidding.

Just be yourself here, dear. We celebrate authenticity and honesty on Heart Rays.

You: "I see fashion today, quotes the next day, and everything and anything on here. I don't get it!"

Me: Oh pulease! Relax. Life is not that serious! I just told you this blog focuses on inspiration and love. I know you want some sort of timetable, but I'm sorry I have none. I hate routine. I break even my own rules. So much for being a spontaneous creative human. Phew! 

Anyways, if you insist; my timetable might look like this sometimes. . .

InspirationalMonday - Insightful and inspirational REVIEWS. This helps us start the week.

DearDiaryTuesday - Funny and/or deep stories about my life. DEAR DIARY.

LoveWednesday - Love and relationship issues. Like I Met Jerry - a tale of a real love story.

QuoteThursday - Creative expressions of POEMS n QUOTES or PHOTO TALK, . Including rants about interesting happenings.

Friday - Vocal presentations as PODCASTS. This helps us stay put through the weekend. I also review books I find worth reading sometimes.

SocialSaturday - more about news, events, and random stuff classified as UNCATEGORIZED.

StyleSunday - featuring STYLES you'd love.

My posting time on Mon - Sat is at 5:59 AM GMT West Africa. And 5:59 PM GMT West Africa on Sundays

Oh, wait. The schedule changed not too long ago. Still interested? CLICK HERE

You: "How do I let you know it's my first time here?"

Me: Very simple. Just say something nice in the comment section of any post you like!

We love you so much that we are delighted to share not only the gospel of Christ with you but also our own lives . . . 
(1 Thessalonians 2:8)

Let's do life together. THIS IS HOME.

Welcome, my newest sweetheart. Please feel free to call me Amaka.  :) 

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