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How to Unlock Your Self-Mastery by Journaling without Paying Much

The use of ‘diary’ is so old school now. Hahaha…. It’s interesting how each generation gets a new name for an already existing idea or concept. There are some things I hear people say today, and I’m like, “I do that too! In fact I’ve been doing that for yearsssss!” For instance, I have always preached the gospel of keeping a diary (see here and there) many times on Heart Rays. But, I think it’s high time I updated that to journaling. You feel me? 

A Practical Way to Gain Self-Mastery

Unlock self mastery

First of all, I want to confess that I still find it very difficult to call my diary a journal. It’s so hard but I’m giving it a try. Let’s explore an entry in an old journal: 

Tuesday, 17 AUGUST, 2010 - 
I feel so like Job. 
"Curse God and die!" my thoughts yell at me.
"Look at your life!" 
How can God be faithful when He's obviously done nothing about my results?
I am still here when others have gone ahead.
I feel like I am the worst sinner. Maybe my sins are too much and God is trying to punish me. 

Anyway sha I know I will get through this. I believe God is faithful. He still loves me.
I wrote that at one of the most overwhelming seasons of my life. Guess what? I had just found out that I failed a final year course, which means an automatic extra year at the university. I felt like a failure and just wanted to end it all. 

Here is a more recent entry on my journal:
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