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DIARY: November To Remember (2020)

One of the best things about recording good memories is that the more you choose to, the easier you find them. The more you profess gratitude, the more you notice things to be grateful for. I love to keep a daily record through the of month November each year. And guess what? The thankfulness muscles respond to exercise!

November 2020

November Diary 2020

Sunday 1 - It’s the very first Sunday of the month. Jamming to a Nigerian Praise Song to church. Visiting my parents. Eating Rice+plantain+chicken. 

Sunday Drive Jamz

Monday 2 - Feeling really exhausted after a very eventful weekend. Can I sleep throughout the day, please?

Tuesday 3 - Working on a project for a Client’s website. 

Wednesday 4 - Losing my appetite. My head hurts. I may be falling sick. 

Thursday 5 - Editing a video for PerfectMachForever TV

Friday 6 - Resting on Kachi’s broad chest while we’re having our (first) Friday date night. We are watching a movie on TV titled ‘Shoot To Kill’. Quite suspense-filled.
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