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PODCAST: What To Say To A Loved One Who Has Cancer

A comment on yesterday's post inspired today's Heart Rays. So your friend, colleague, aunt or sister has been diagnosed with cancer. What do you say to her?

Rays of Healing . . .


15 Inspiring Quotes To Raise Awareness on Breast Cancer And Give Hope To Those Battling With The Disease

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve compiled these quotes to inspire, give hope and encourage those battling the disease. As well as to participate in the awareness campaign.

Inspirational Quotes For Breast Cancer Awareness

My This blog is centered towards living life filled with positivity, inspiration and love against all odds. Whether the difficulties lie ahead or behind us, we can find comfort, inspiration, strength and maybe even a few healing laughs from this lovingly compiled collection.

You can use and share them. Someone might need to read them. 


Make Your Relationship Work Through Dialogue and Negotiation

Relationships can always be improved when we make it work. I strongly believe it's always worth a try. Let's continue from where we stopped last week . . .

Resolving Issues in Your Relationship

I've already told you how to go about identifying what the issues are. You have communicated your feelings to yourself, and have identified what the real issues are. Now it's time to talk with your partner.


PHOTO: 6 Simple Steps To Have An Effective Quiet Time

Make it a lifestyle. Find a quiet place free from distraction, where you can be alone with God. And choose a particular time that is most suitable for you, be consistent with the same time everyday.

This is how I do. Presently, I use the Open Heavens Devotional Guide. You?


Jesus' Breast

The word "breast" has been appearing on me frequently for some days now. I guess it's because the month of October is stated to be the world's Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Lean on Jesus' Breast

I am so sure the title of this post got you wondering. Lol. Me too. I have not gotten over my latest discovery from the Bible. I'm awed by the revelation.


WIW: Green Jacket

Hi! What did you wear to church today? Share with us. Give us some tips from your style. On Sundays, it's about WIW! (Some people will be thinking I'm carnal now. Lol. Woreva!

Green Jacket

I am not sure whether I was wearing a blazer or a shirt. Lol. To be on a safe side, I have decided to call it a jacket. At least, that's the general description for any garment that has a front opening, collar, lapels, sleeves, and pockets.  :)

So yeah, I wore a green jacket over a black dress. I'm still into green like crazy. See pictures below . . .


Laugh, It's Weekend!

Feel the magic of a local joke. Lemme know if you laughed. 


A group of Nigerian husbands held a conference on "HOW TO HAVE A LOVING RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR WIFE.' 


PODCAST: 4 Things I know About You

If we look closely, we humans are not entirely different from each other. If we genuinely reflect on our authenticity, we can know much more about others.

I know four things about you. Try me. If you don't see yourself this way, then you do not know who you are yet.

Rays of Truth . . .


Pronounce "cucumber"

What if we were to throw up every time we fail to pronounce some kinds of food correctly? Let's thank God the taste of food is not synonymous to how we pronounce them. Hehehe . . . 

Words With Amaka


Make Your Relationship Work Jhorr!

It's Wednesday! I want to talk about love and relationships. I don't play with matters of the heart. Permit me if I sound a little touchy.

Making Changes in a Relationship

Gone are the days when people mended things. We live in a disposable world right now. When it stops working, you throw it away. When you feel it's no longer useful, you show it to the door. "Aint nobody got time for that", some say.


STYLE: What a Night Gown!

(Lol. Please don't laugh at me. We talked about compliments yesterday. Remember?)

So I woke up. Looked into the mirror. And v-i-o-l-a! I got inspiration from what I was wearing. My green night gown!

Styles in an Epic Night Gown

A night gown is a gown that you wear at night. True or yes? Lol. I know that you know that I know that a night gown is a gown that you wear to sleep. It's usually a loose dress that you find comfortable to sleep in.

I slept in this dress. And seriously, I woke up like this.


Just Say "Thank You"

Happy New week, sweethearts! How are you doing? Please say "fine. Thank you." Lol. Following a previous post on 'giving compliments', I thought it cool to write about receiving compliments. It's another issue we need to tackle. 

Receiving Compliments

We all love to be noticed. OK, maybe you don't but I really do love to be noticed. Many people who are like me appreciate it when people admire us and compliment us. But few of us do not know how to accept these compliments gracefully. Instead, we downplay the compliments or even reject them.


STYLE/WIW : The Nigeria Flag (White and Green Concept 2)

It's Sunday. Yay! You already know what I'm going to talk about. Right? Lol. How are you doing? 

WIW: White Blouse and Green Skirt

Let's talk about the sermon we heard in church first. What did God tell you through your pastor today?


PODCAST: Know Where Happiness Comes From (Repeat)

I consider myself a happy person and I want to tell you to be happy too. Happy people have no doubt about their happiness. And I have no doubt . . . I am happy! :)

Rays of Happiness . . .


Wouldn't You Rather Go for A #HeartCheck?

I went to see My Doctor (and Heart Keeper) for check up. And He said I'd be needing a surgery. Pray for me!


You didn't understand when I said I was as blank as a sheet. Yeah? I have not been very positive and inspired as expected. So I decided to visit The Healing Centre. When I got there, it seemed the Doctor knew I was coming. He had already opened my file and was treating my case. Whao!


10 Things I'd Say to Someone Going Through a Heartbreak

Last week, I received an email from a sweetheart who has just gone through a painful breakup. When she shared details of her story with me, it wasn't enough for me to say, "sweetheart, be strong!"

10 Things to Tell Someone Going Through a Heartbreak

There seems to be something about this number - Ten. The number has been frequently appearing on me these days. I hope to get it figured out soon. Even when I looked through my published articles, I found a couple of 10's flashing back at me. I'm like, "Like seriously?!"


28 Quotes from the 'The Spirit of Leadership" by Dr. Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe will forever live in my world of positivity, inspiration and love.

28 Leadership Quotes

I've read this book a number of times. I picked it up the other day as a refresher. It has some valuable leaderships principles that we can learn from and apply to our lives.


Blank. Blank. Blank Sheet

I think I'm having a writer's block . . . Ugh! I dunno what to write for a Monday Inspirational review. Lord, help me! 

Blank Sheet

It's 11:58AM. I've not scheduled a post for tomorrow. My mind is blank. And I'm angry . . . really angry. 


STYLE: WIW To Church (The White and Green Concept)

Hello sweethearts! How are you doing on this lovely Sunday? Tell me you are having fun and went to church like I did. :)

WIW: The White and Green Concept

Before I show off WIW to church, let's bless our hearts from the sermon we heard in the gathering of God's people. I hope you took some notes.


It's Weekend. Let's Play Ten-ten!

I so love today's date! The tenth day in the tenth month. It's such a ten-ten kinda day. May the rest of the year be ten times better than it had started in Jesus' name. Amen. (more like a zero added for you*winks*)

It's Saturday. Let's play a game of ten-ten. You in?  :D

Ten-Ten Game

I like games that task the mind and the eyes. Games that make us think and become aware of who and where we are. I personally believe fun is when we learn, grow and share with one another. Yeah.


MUSIC: Do The Right Thing - Cobhams Ft. Bez

I have posted this great song before (here). I think it's cool we hear it again.

Let the light shine. Do the right thing. When no one is watching, do the right thing.

Listen, enjoy and be blessed!


Words With Amaka - beret

That awkward moment when everybody in your church calls it "beret" and you know it is wrong. What do you do?

Let's join hands together and ensure that all choristers, ushers, fashionistas, and everybody know the right pronunciation. Preach ye the gospel.  *rme*


PHOTO TALK: Quotes from 'I Met God'

Hello! It's another Wednesday! How are you dragging the matter with God? I hope both of you are still on speaking terms. Mehn, I miss the euphoria of telling you about my relationship with Him already. Do you miss reading about it too? 

Quotes from 'I Met God'

So I created pictures out of the words from the 'I Met God' series. Or maybe I should say, I created pictures with the words of the story. Anyways, you know what I mean. Lol.

See pictures below:


N600 Made-in-Aba Sandals Have Lasted For 2 Years

Yes. We'll celebrate Nigeria till the end of October! Here's another one. Two years ago, I went to Oshodi market to buy these sandals. I remember vividly when I got this pair of sandals because at that time, I was planning to wear a touch of green for Independence day. Lol. I always wear green on that day jarey. 

Patronizing Made-in-Aba Products

It's good to wear designers. But sometimes you should get it from the Aba guys. These guys are very creative when it comes to designs.


Lord, Give Us Some Zeroes

All the while I had thought I had two N1000 notes in my purse. I couldn't believe my eyes when I discovered one of the notes was a N100. Omo see gbese!

Zero Makes A Difference

'Zero' may appear to be so "simple" that when you read the title of this post, you almost said, "What is zero? Amaka, can we talk about something more important." Yeah, I know you sounded so. Don't lie. Lol.


STYLE: I Wore Ankara Shoes

Yipee! It is the first Sunday of the Month! Thanksgiving is all we have to do today. Let's count our blessings and name them. God has been good. For real.

As for me, I'm grateful to God for the joy in my heart. The world can't buy it. The world can't take it away. 

WIW: Ankara Shoes Made by Me

I know. I know I said I was going to wear green all through October. Yeah, I actually wore green to church today. But the pictures I took after service are not ready yet. Hopefully, I will show you the greeny outfit next week.

This happened to be WIW to church last Sunday. So here we go!


MUSIC: Korede Bello Ft. Asa - Somebody Great (Lyrics + MP3 Download)

This is the newest song of the moment o. Great music with great content; positive and inspiring. I've had it on replay and have been using it to pray for myself. Lol. Who doesn't want to be somebody in this life?

I like the song . . . and I think you might like it too.

Korede Bello Ft. Asa – Somebody Great

Korede Bello is gifted and blessed. He is an inspiration. After the hit song "Godwin", he's proven himself again. This time featuring Asa. And you know, it's not every time Asa features on a song. Shebi? Expect nothing less. It is classic!


We are Nigerians, We Green With Pride

This is an update on - Let's Go Greeny!. A post I hurriedly created exactly a year ago. Today is another October 1; Nigeria's Independence Day! So I thought we could refresh our memory on the beauty and glory of green. :)

Green With Pride

I love green. I could not have designed a blog without green on it. It's one of my favourite colours. It is beautiful. It is pleasant to the eyes. It soothes the mind. It is . . . I can go on and on about green. 
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