Monday, 16 September 2019

Take The Blame First

Yesterday, I had the privilege of addressing the church about my newly published book, 'He Wasn't My Husband'. And I am not proud to say that I shed tears in front of everyone there!

It's Your Responsibility

I was speaking as the author of 'He Wasn't My Husband' at church — my new church where most people have seen/met/known me for only less than a year, and were relatively still trying to form an opinion about me. Here I was giving them the basis for their opinion of me.

It was a hard thing sharing this path of my journey with them.

I told the church I had dated many guys before I got married.

I told the church that I wanted to be married at 23, so I dated these guys hoping it will lead to marriage.

I told the church that none of the guys I dated became my husband.

I told the church that I was a messed up young woman yet trying to get married at the time.

I told them all these in tears. . .

Well, thank God they didn't laugh at me!

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Dear Diary, He Is Free To Bring Any Woman Home

Last month, I visited my husband's village for the first time ever. It was quite an interesting experience. I discovered that I could be a village girl if the need arises. Lol.

The Village Girl

Many women tend to struggle with a bit of impostor syndrome. Sometimes, we feel like a fraud or that we’re not “good enough” in comparison to others. Some of us have worked it out while some of us are still working it out.

Then comes the right guy who will be your ‘supporter.’ He'll walk with you to work it through. He’ll make you feel like anything is possible; and you’ll want to become the best version of yourself to make you and him proud.

When the Spirit breathes on me, I will write an article titled '5 Ways To Bring Out The Best In Your Wife' but for now meet Nwamaka — the bride of Mazi Onyekachi of Amagbor autonomous community in Ihitte, Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA of Imo state, Nigeria 😁

Saturday, 24 August 2019

HWMH: Photos From My Very First Book Launch Party

I’m posting this three weeks after having a thrill celebrating the launch of my book with friends and family. It was a lovely, happy weekend and I still feel like I’m flying! 🦋

*WARNING: This post might be VERY looong!

Pictures From My (First) Book Launch Party

Self-Publishing my book has been quite an emotional experience. I put a lot of myself into it, working long hours through the editorial and cover design process, and then promoting it ahead of the launch and in the days after its public presentation. I hadn’t realised just how much energy I was using, but it definitely caught up with me and after the initial buzz of publication wore off, I felt really drained.

The launch just needed to happen. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but I'm glad it was lovely. Thank God I reached out to a cool photographer to help capture faces, poses and moments. It was motivating to see a few friends, family and more come out to support me.

I’m grateful to everyone who helped make the day happen and those who showed up. I want to share some pictures with you (as well as to save them here). Enjoy!

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

DIARY: The Way He Looks At Me

From birth to death and all occasions in between, the eyes will always have it. Eye contact is the strongest form of nonverbal communication, and if your partner constantly does it with you! Oh, my!

Keep Looking, Baby

I've had my share of failed relationships and I believe I'm in a better place now. A place where I can recognize genuine love and intention when I see it. It's in the eyes.

Generally speaking, we are all naturally attracted to faces, especially eyes. The human face is associated with our identity; we are recognized more through our eyes than through any other facial feature. That's why your passport photograph in an identity card is enough proof for the person(s) concerned.

When you meet someone for the first time and you fall in love with them or like them instantly, what do you attribute that likeness to? It's the face! You are actually attracted by the person's face, especially the eyes. The eye is where the attraction begins.

You can't seem to take your eyes off the one you love.

Monday, 19 August 2019

It Takes Courage To Be Vulnerable

Happy New Week! This is something I really need to hear at this time. "Be of good courage, Amaka!" I thought you might also find it helpful.

It Takes Courage

My recently launched book was reviewed by a friend (Chiamaka Uwadoka) who is a qualified lawyer and a Brand and Communications Executive at a reputable oil and gas firm. In her speech, she repeatedly made it clear that the author of 'He Wasn't My Husband' was a brave person. And I didn't believe her because I think I am not the very least brave woman I know.

When she said the author was vulnerable, I totally agreed.
Calling me brave? No, I don't think so.

Perhaps accepting my vulnerability is what she calls bravery.

Vulnerability is possibly an act of bravery because you merge with your authentic self, instead of hiding behind a facade to appease others.

You’ve been hurt. Yes, we all have. But loving from a place of hurt isn’t loving. It’s hiding. And you will never hit the high notes of love you’re searching for if you’re hiding.

Don’t give yourself any other choice. Be fearless. Be vulnerable. Show yourself. Put yourself out there, completely. Eyes closed. Arms open.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

STYLE: Yellow Light Tells You To Get Ready To Go/Stop

Hi! Loong time, no Sunday-Style post. But we are back now. Hallelujah!

The Yellow Light

What do you know about traffic lights?

Traffic lights are located on most major road junctions in cities and towns around the world. You see them often, yeah? The lights let us know when it is safe to drive through the intersection and when to walk across the street as well as when to stop and let other drivers, bikers and pedestrians take their turns to continue on their way.

Basically, the red, yellow and green lights tell road users when to stop and when to go.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

When My Uncle Died, I didn't Shed A Tear

I can't hold back the tears. It is not fair that your life had to end. I'll always keep you in my heart. Rest in peace, my friend.

Rest in Peace, Gloria Okaiman

Sweet Glo, I got to hear about your demise today. And I still can't believe it.

I sent you a mail earlier this year just to know how you are doing, you didn't respond. I tried to reach you on the phone, but the line was switched off. I didn't think much of it. But you've always been dear to my heart.

Sweet Glo, we never met. As in, I never saw you physically. I never took a selfie with you. I never gave you a hug. I never touched your hand. But we met. Our hearts met.
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