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This Puzzle Is Called Lateral Thinking. Just Check It Out!

Friday, yay! This post is dedicated to all creative and intelligent people. 😃

Lateral Thinking

Scroll down slowly, be honest and think like a magician;


DIARY: "You Are As Beautiful As A Butterfly"

A reflection on being likened to a butterfly and the grace that entails.

As A Butterfly

Me: *closes eyes to pray with tears in her eyes*

God: I have come on the wings of the wind to meet with you, My heart is aching, longing, desiring. My very being yearns to commune. O, how I have missed you.

Me: Lord . . .

God: You are no longer held captive in a cocoon, no longer hidden. It is time to fly with freedom under the protection of My mighty wings as you rise to see My face, as it flows with goodness and glory.

Me: I don't know why he . . . 

God: Awakening is here. Love is awakened, My beloved, swinging wide the doors of opportunity, favour, mercy, glory, and honour. Embrace it.


Just Show Up

Hi, sweethearts of my blogosphere. How was your weekend? Mine was exhausting. Working in a team can be interesting yet annoying. With sleepy eyes I sat to ponder at how committed some of us were while some of us weren't even making any effort.

Sometimes just showing up at an event, for an activity, in a meeting is a step of faith. You know?

Exercise Faith By Actions

There is a difference between simply living with the knowledge that you are a Christian and actively showing up for God. The same way, there is a difference between simply having the title of leadership and actively performing the role.

It's amazing how God uses the minutest things to make big impressions. Sometimes when I painfully can't figure out why things go the opposite direction, or people act in some very weird ways, I see God teaching me something profound.


Reflecting On My 6th Twitterversary

Six years ago today, I signed up for this thing called Twitter, even though I had no clue what it was. I created an account, sent my first tweet "I don't know what ayam doing here oo", and ran away.

Few tweets later, my life changed.

Happy 6th Twitterversary To Me!

Few years back the only thing I knew about Twitter was the absurd notion that it was only created for celebrities — the music icons, movie stars, political leaders, etc — to keep their fans abreast of what was happening. Absurd precisely because I was just a fresh university graduate when I signed up. It didn't seem like I was anything near being a celebrity or something.


Are You Open To Love?

It's Love-Wednesday! This one is for the singles. :)

Attitude is everything when we approach people. They are watching. They are listening. And they are taking notes. I hope we are sending the right signals. 

Make Your Heart Ready

Source: G+

This is the time to work on your interaction with people around you and make sure your connections are sound. If you have issues with anyone, please deal with them before someone comes along. You don't want a barrier in that area.

God is the only perfect Father. Humans are guaranteed to disappoint. We've all been hurt, but we can still choose to love.


DIARY: I Want To Be In That Number

Is Jesus coming back soon? I think so!

Maybe yes! maybe no? But we should live with this thought fresh in our minds as if He was.

When The Saints Go Marching In

Oh when the Saints go marching in
When the Saints go marching in
O Lord, I want to be in that number
When the Saints go marching in

As I sing, “I want to be in that number,” I really mean it. Even when many are waxing cold, I want to be even hotter. I want to be among those who stay on fire for God. I want to be among those who stand the test of time. I want to be among the soldiers in the fight of faith. But the ‘number’ thing kind of mean not everyone will be marching into the Promised Land. ‘Number’ could imply a limit. I'm imagining a bouncer at the door with an official guest list.


How To Know A Fool (10 Things They Do)

Hi sweets. How was your weekend? Sure you had more awesome moments than awkward. Huh?

One time I sat down and asked myself "Come, Amaka, are you not just being foolish here?" It was a your-mumu-don-do moment for me. I had to re-adjust and re-align my heart to the most important thing.

Looking back, I think it was God practically taking me through a study on the foolishness of men. Let’s explore the Bible to help us define who a fool really is . . .

Who A Fool Is

We've heard it over and over and over again that the Bible is the greatest book in the world. It is the textbook of all textbooks, the dictionary of all dictionaries and the concordance of all concordances. It is great like that.

The Word of God is the basis and ultimate authority for our definitions and conclusions.

The Bible defines A Fool in several verses, this is but one of the reasons why the study of “who a fool is” is important.


I Wear My Brother's Shirt (Why You Should Too)

Happy Style Sunday! There is something uniquely appealing about wearing your brother's shirts or the shirts belonging to any man in your life.

Ladies, can you relate? Oops. Sorry guys.

Why Men's Shirts Are The Cutest

I am blessed with two tall, cute younger brothers who are masculine in every area, their shirts are oversized for me. And I love to wear them. They are simply comfy.

Sometimes the laziness of wanting an easy going look, getting a piece I can just throw on, or finding something quite comfortable yet chic lures me to sneak into my brothers' room . .  to find a shirt.


Why I Don't Blog Everyday

"You are not a serious blogger if you don't blog everyday". "You can't be successful as a blogger if you don't blog everyday."

And those words made me bit my lip.

Not Blogging Everyday Works For Me

A digital expert and news blogger, who happens to be my boss highlighted on the fact that big blogs rank well on search engines because they tend to post more frequently with fresh content. He said the more posts you publish per day, the higher your chance of achieving higher traffic rank.

I've heard that before. But hearing it again at this time got to me.


DIARY: I Come To The End Of Myself

Everything we are and everything we have is IN God. Let's keep that in mind so that we do not exalt ourselves over God and other people, and to remain conscious of the fact that everything we have was given to us by God.

Less Of Me, More Of Jesus

Today I come to the end of myself.

You know that moment? The moment when you’re persuaded that the more you insist on selling what you know or on your rights, the more frustrated you will be. The moment when you realize that the more you set goals and pursuits for yourself, the further you will be from Christ. The moment when you finally realize there's got to be more of Jesus and less of you.


Less Is More When God Is Involved

It's a New Week. I believe someone needs this encouragement as much as I do. Let's not deprive ourselves of joy in the “little” we have, we see and we know.

Less Is More

This article was inspired by a Youth and Singles programme which took place in my local church last Friday.

I am privileged to be an executive member of the church youth group. We started a monthly fellowship with great passion and expectations. But somewhere along the line, many of us grew weary due to certain things we couldn't control.


More Than A Yellow Ankara Dress

Yellow is one my favourite colours. It's pretty difficult to argue that yellow is particularly peaceful or neutral, but for me it is vibrant, joyful; the colour of positivity and creativity.

Paint The World Yellow

As I always say, the clothes you wear are talking even when you are not. Every time you select a colour to wear you are making a statement of how you are feeling and how you want others to interact with you. So, it is recommended that you ensure your wardrobe is full of every colour for your every mood.


8 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life

Hiya! It's Love-Wednesday! Let's talk about friendship today. Shall we?

Friends are essentials to have. It’s not about how many friends you have, it’s about having friends who bring positivity and inspiration into your life. When it comes to friendships, it about quality, not quantity.

Friends You Need In Your Life 

We all need great friends and we all deserve to have people in our lives who  bring out the very best in us.

Many of us have had seasons in our lives where we come across toxic friends who do nothing but drain us, exhaust us, suck the energy out of us and make our lives miserable. These types of friends are the worst, and we are all better off when we cut them out.


On Being Saved, Sound And Sexy

Hi sweethearts. Today I'm excited to share this piece of my heart with you. I'm in a place with God that allows me a greater measure of freedom to express myself.

Saved, Sound, And Sexy

This article is to encourage you to declare who you are in Christ. The enemy has no power when you know the God you serve and who you are in Him. Do you know who you are? As in, do you really really understand what you know?

Well, I don't know so much about myself. I am on this blogging journey to discover the who and the what about me. Here are three things I now understand . . .


Walk In Your Own Sexy Yellow Shoes

There goes that word again, sexy. Permit me this month. Lol.

Have you ever found the perfect pair of shoes, bought them, brought them home, put them in your wardrobe, and never worn them? Scrap that. Ever heard of this saying, "you can't understand a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes", what's your take on it?

Wear Your Own Shoes

When you are ready to cut something out or close some chapters in your life, God speaks into your spirit, and you must prepare your heart.


Super Eagles Hit Cameroon Hard In The FIFA World Cup Qualifier Match

I don't know when next I'd be this proud to watch the Super Eagles play again. So lemme just capture this feeling of joy now for the record.

Besides, it's a public holiday!

Super Eagles On Fire Today 

What better way to start the month as well as to enjoy the holiday than to watch your country play impressively against an "experienced" Cameroon.

Issa Sexy September

Don't be like "eww! She's so carnal!". Sexy is a spiritual word. Get over it. Lol. Yes, I am using the S-word this month. The Bible is filled with sex and romance. Go read Songs of Solomon before you argue.

God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life tho. (1 Thessalonians 4:7)

Happy Sexy September

As I navigate my journey with God, He gives me a Word for each year, each month, each week, each day. Even though sometimes I miss it, the Word never returns void.
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