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'I Met God' Stops Here

God loves me. That's all that matters right now. I do not care what anybody says or thinks. I have a God of my own!

The Realization

I love love.

I love reading and hearing love stories. I believe in happy-ending stories.


LOL. It's My 4th Twitterversary!

Last wednesday, Twitter reminded I signed up in 2011, on September 23, precisely, at 11:33 AM. I couldn't publish this post cos of  the 'I Met God' series. So I thought we do it today. It's my 4th year on Twitter. Yay! 

4th Twitterversary

It sounds funny. Yeah? I think so too. Lol. But seriously, it's not easy to have been tweeting for 4 years. It's an achievement. Isn't it?

Congratulations to me jhorr! :D


When It Gets Boring, Challenge Yourself

Hello sweeties! Hope you enjoyed the holidays? It's another Monday! Time to get back to work. For some, work is fun. For others, work is boring. Just one thing makes the difference . . .

Challenging Your Creativity

Do you see work as fun? Great for you. 
Do you find work boring? Sorry.
Oh no, I shouldn't say sorry because I have you in mind as I type right now. Read carefully, you will surely get something out of this post. :)


STYLE: When My Natural Hair Smiles . . .

Happy Sunday, sweeties! All of a sudden, it's the last Sunday in September. Where is the year running to, biko? Hmmm . . . lemme also 'run' to finish this WIW post before I miss House Fellowship.

My Natural Hair At Nelly's wedding

Permit me, I like to address my natural hair as "she" sometimes. You know why? My natural hair has her own special wardrobe and makeup kit. She is a lady in my world like that o. 


Dear Diary, This Holiday is Making Sense

I told you I was going to have a date. Right? I did. It was so much fun. Lemme give you the gist . . .  :)

E-del Kabir Holiday (Friday)

Erm . . . I remember when I started into Primary 6, our teacher asked us to write a composition on "How I spent my holiday". It was a big task at that time. Even though we cheerfully wanted to share with our friends about what we did, where we went and how much fun we had during the holiday. Writing a composition was work.


PODCAST: How to Fall in Love with Your Life (Repeat)

Because you've been heartbroken, hurt, betrayed or abandoned by the one you loved, you feel like love no longer exists. Oh sweetie, it does. The power of LOVE lies within you. You only need to open your heart, and let LOVE walk right in. You do have a choice to fall in love with your life again.

Rays of Love. . .


NEWS: It Seems Boko Haram are Finally on Their Way Out of the Country :)

Yesterday, I read on naij.com that troops captured more weapons, flags and improvised explosives (IEDs) belonging to the Boko Haram. I screamed good news! You know, when Boko Haram run out of weapons, there will be no more terrorism. :)

Boko Haram Almost Completely Defeated

In a statement, the Nigerian Army said it is quite clear that the campaign against the terrorists is yielding the desired result because they are fast running out of arms, ammunitions and other logistics.


I Met God (7)

"Ehen, so You are a jealous Lover? Ah,  Jealousy-jealousy!" I teased Him.

His Jealousy

It was noon. God and I was having a good time together. We talked about His plans for my future. He told me how much He desires to see me prosper and be in good health. He told me He came just for love. All He wants to do is to love me.


PHOTO: How Crazily Creative Can You Be?

This is something close to what I've been working on. Did you know that to be creative can mean to be crazy? Lol. Let's do crazy today!

Crazitvity Drill

Drilling your creative skills means inviting some playful work. Creativity takes hard work, but it can be incredibly fun and rewarding when it's done without being "serious" 


Hair Number 2015, 1097, 339 and 21 Falls Out

Hello sweethearts of my blogosphere! How are you all doing? I've kind of missed you all (especially my fellow bloggers). I'm currently working on a project that consumes more time than I had planned. That explains my latest sneaking in and out. This might probably be the shortest Monday Inspirational article on here . . .

God Numbered Your Hair

So I finally took out the dreadlocks. And as I was combing my hair, I lost quite a number of 'hairs'. I wanted to cry. No, I actually cried.


STYLE: WIW to Church was Suggested by Mr. Man

As at 9:00 PM on Saturday, I hadn't decided on what to wear to church for Sunday. So when Mr. Man called, I told him I didn't know what to wear. He suggested this . . .

WIW: Mr. Man's Suggestion

One of the issues I have on Saturdays (apart from doing the laundry) is picking out what Sunday style to rock to church. It requires a lot of thinking.


PODCAST: Voice of Truth (Repeat)

I've been a little out of touch lately. I'm hoping to get my groove on as soon as I can. I keep pushing myself to get through these times and stay positive.

Here is a little something-something for the weekend. . .
Stop beating your self up. Let go of the voice telling you how bad you've been. Listen to the voice of Truth telling you how beautiful you are.

Have a pleasant weekend.

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: heartrayswithamakamedia@yahoo.com


Pronouncing "base" Words

Mr. S and Mr. Zed can be very mischievous sometimes. They like playing pranks on us. You know?

There is a need to learn the way out of their pranks. This might help . . .


I Met God (6)

My day has been so good with God in it. I had enjoyed every moment.

His Gazes

Evening came, and night followed suit. It was time to go to bed. I looked up to God and said: "Goodnight, My Heart Keeper."


POEM: Mr. Man

Drawing is one of the things I do when I'm bored.  So while playing with a pen and a paper, I drew up this Mr. Man. :D

Mr. Man


When it is Broken (Like a Fingernail)

I hate doing the laundry. Phew! Note that I only said I hate doing it, I didn't say I don't do it o. As I was doing it other day, one of my beautiful fingernails got broken. I was pained. :(

When It Is Broken

We all like certain parts of our body. Yes. You might like your eyes more than your legs, or your hips more than your stomach. You might also like your hair more than your waist. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that we hate the other parts. We just happen to be proud of the parts that get the best of compliments.


STYLE: What I Wore to Church (2)

knock-knock! Who is home? Happy Sunday, sweeties! How are you doing? Church today? :)

WIW: A Simple Ankara Dress

What I Wore (WIW) is going to be a special weekly post for Sundays. I'm beginning to take my modelling career seriously. Lol.


PODCAST: New Day, New Grace (Repeat)

Even if you don't feel like it, rejoice and be glad in it. God created a new day. And His mercies are new every morning.

Rays of Grace . . . 


How I Pretend to be Confident Even When I'm Nervous

I am quite outspoken, but can also be quite shy. You can never tell that I'm nervous on the inside when I'm holding a mic. I've been pretending, and it's been working. Want to know how I do?

How to Fake Confidence

It's normal for anyone to lack confidence at one point or another. Sometimes you just have to fake it. 


I Met God (5)

As usual, it was hard to choose a dress to wear. I just couldn't pick one. "Oh God!" I exclaimed.

The Dress

I was already about fifteen minutes late, still I hadn't found a dress to wear. It was not because I had no dresses. I just wanted something to fit into my mood.


STYLE: Crazitive Randomness in a Tube Dress

And that was how I tried to make a post to feature some STYLES but it didn't turn out right. I was just being lazy and crazy altogether. This doesn't make sense. Or does it?

Crazitivity and Lazitiful Styles with a Tube dress

I didn't know the most suitable title for this post. Lol. And since I was trying to be creatively beautiful in my crazy laziness, I coined it 'crazitivity' and 'lazitiful'. i.e.
Crazy + Creativity = Crazitivity
Laziness + Beautiful = Lazitiful


Difference Between Those Who Enjoy Life and Those Who Do Not

I don't know life any better than you, but I like to share the little I have discovered. This is why I write, exposing my deepest secrets, so that my sweethearts can know they are not alone.  :)

Enjoying Life

I call myself a lot of things - writer, thinker, speaker, bookworm, media enthusiast, voice-over artiste, presenter, blogger, and many other activities I enjoy doing. And just recently, I have added 'model' to the list. Yes, I now call myself a model.


PODCAST: Feel God's Love (2)

Yayy! It's Friday! Who is as excited as I am?! Oh, I love Fridays.

Some Fridays ago I told you to find a way to feel God's Love. Feeling God's love can be a conscious habit which will eventually turn out to be a lifestyle.

Today, people talk about God's love.

Rays of Love. . .


Pronounce These Words; "adjacent" and "blaspheme"

We'll have two lessons today. Are you ready?!


I Met God (4)

"Aunty Mercy, did my mum ask you to call me?" I was shocked that she called.

My Aunty

During our regular morning devotions, I am the one who leads everyone through the praise and worship session. But that morning, I didn't.


NEWS: Linda Ikeji Gets an Award

This is my second post today! Having two posts in a day is very unusual. Well, it's about Linda! Plus, it's a good news. What can I do?

Linda Ikeji named among Thisday Newspaper's '20 Game Changers' of 2015

20 distinguished personalities who in their own little ways have altered the landscape and made remarkably positive impact have been recognized at THISDAY 20th Anniversary and Annual Awards for Excellence and Good Governance.

And my very own, Linda Ikeji was among them. Amazing! 

11 Life Bible Verses

I spill my life in these verses and there I find my purpose for living.

11 Bible Verses

What are Life Verses? Simply, they are the favourite verses that hold deep meanings to us. They are the verses on which our life is built. Life verses are verses where we find our purpose for living. They guide our lives.

The following are my life verses. . .
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