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Fashion As Freedom Of Expression

Happy Sunday! Today's Sunday-Style post was inspired by a case which transpired between Falz, a Nigerian music artiste and MURIC, a Muslim society for having dancers wear hijab in his video. (It's in the news! Read here.)

I personally think it is a case between the freedom of expression and the freedom of religion. Both freedom is inextricably entwined but freedom means different things to different people. 🤔

Anyway let's talk style, shall we?!

Freedom Of Expression Through Style

First of all, how is freedom and style connected?


freedom is defined as: the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance.


style is defined as: the manner in which something is expressed or performed.

Then we can say

if someone has the freedom to act as they want, this would include being free to express themselves through whatever medium they like. . . through their own sense of style.

In other words,

your style is how you express your freedom.

Makes sense?

You have your own freedom to express yourself, you have your own choice and style.

Unless you work or live somewhere that STRICTLY enforces a dress code, you are free to express yourself both personally and professionally through the styles of clothing you choose to wear. 

Fashion is more than just a way to get through the day, it's an outlet for us to express our personalities and thoughts. Finding your personal style is all about knowing WHO you are.

Yet to discover your personal style? Follow these easy guidelines.

I am a fan of 'fashion as freedom of expression'. No pieces express my femininity more than skirts. I love them in every pattern and colour.

I don't mind being the ONLY lady in skirt when everyone else is wearing trousers (MIPAN 2018)

I am a fan of self expression through clothes.

Clothes are freedom—freedom to choose how we present ourselves to the world; freedom to blur the lines between man and woman, old and young, also perhaps rich and poor.

Everybody knows AMAKA loves Ankara fabric 😍 

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We were created to express.

Did you get that?

We were created to express NOT impress.

Our desire for self expression through fashion can and does surpass cultural, ethnic and even religious boundaries. No matter what our personal circumstances or status in society, we all want to be noticed and to have the freedom to express how we feel on the inside through what we wear on the outside.

I love to express my love for African fashion through headwraps. I can tie scarf for Africa; I can wear literally anything to cover my hair. And I do it creatively.

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I know there are some of us who just love to rock anything that keeps our creative juices flowing. Shout out to you! 🙋

Me in hijab, hijab is the "crown" of a Muslim girl but I am a Christian

Now, here is the latest gist— In my local church aside serving in the Media Department, I also serve in the Protocol Department (recently tho). During the week, we were told to wear a touch of pink to unify our appearance this Sunday. All the while I had thought my pink shoes would work as a touch of the colour, so I didn't really think too hard about it until this morning.  .  . I found my lovely pink shoes had turned into some deadly weapons. The leather was peeling off!

What would a sister do? A creative one at that?

What I wore to church today. 

I looked into my wardrobe searching for something else in pink. Viola! I saw a pink top. I figured it wasn't OK (it was too casual) to be worn to service, so I tied it on my head.

If I didn't tell you, you wouldn't know I was wearing a blouse on my head. That's freedom. Lol.

Happy Sunday!
Hope you're having a lovely one?
Stay inspired.

P.s Counting down to my birthday . . . June 26. Whoop!

What's that thing you wear to ENFORCE your freedom?

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