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Growing Like Beautiful Flowers

I’ve never been more intentional about embracing my femininity than I am now as a mum of two adorable girls. While I’ve always been very girly in some special way —my voice, my style, my grace, my walk, my smile...and even my name (Nwamaka meaning Beautiful Baby Girl) —I do not ever want to lose that fundamental core. 

International Girl Child Day 2023

International Day of the Girl Child_2023

“I will bless Nwamaka and her girls, like rain that falls on dry ground. They will grow like beautiful flowers. They will have strong roots, like the great trees in Lebanon. They will grow like a tree that makes new branches. They will be beautiful like olive trees. They will have a sweet smell, like the forests in Lebanon.”
— Hosea‬ ‭14:5-6‬ ‭

God made this captivating and tantalizing promise first to Israel and He has extended it to me as well. I’m still savouring every bite of this promise; each translation leaves me anticipating more. The Word of God is so yummy. What a delight!

To commemorate today, October 11th, as the International Day of the Girl Child, I want to share this piece with you:

No matter what you feel in this moment – you were created to display God’s BEAUTY and GRACE.


STYLE: Embrace Femininity with Blue

Why is pink often linked to girls and blue to boys? Ever pondered this? Just considered it today and was super surprised by my findings. Huh!

Happy Style-Sunday!

Let Girls Wear Blue 

Happy International Girl Child week

Can you remember the day somebody else was wearing the same outfit as you? There was probably a time when you were out at an event, or at work, or the mall, or at school, or in the church and you suddenly noticed that someone was wearing an item identical to what you were wearing. Maybe the same dress, jacket, shoes, t-shirt . . . etc.

How do you react to such wonderful moments? For me, I ALWAYS acknowledge and appreciate them. I can also take it two steps further to create a style post out of it.

I have reacted a couple of times (see here and here) and I'm doing it again. It feels so good!


Kachi CG Releases New Official Music Video "Baby Girl" in Celebration of International Day of the Girl Child 2023

I was planning to save this for October 11th but I can’t wait any longer. I believe the whole wide world needs to hear this. Picture me gesticulating the ‘whole wide world’ with my arms outstretched, forming a very big circle. Yes, Kachi CG’s ‘Baby Girl’ deserves a global stage because it makes a universal statement: 

A baby girl is a gift to the world.

Click to watch the official video below:

I love this song, specially because it narrates my authentic story about desiring a boy as my second child. It’s a fusion of drama and music. Yours truly was featured. ;)


Promise Me – Pastor Jerry Eze

Every time I click on the ‘New Post’ button to draft a blog post, a fixed sentence serves as a constant reminder for me:
“Amaka, remember your life is meant to showcase the glory and beauty of God.”
The statement helps me stay on course. Coming across this article on the Teens WhatsApp post this morning, where I serve as a facilitator, stirred me. Yes, I promise! 

‘Promise Me’ as written by Pastor Jerry Eze

Promise me that you will never abandon your Purpose to make ignorant folks happy.

Please promise me that you will value Divine Validation over what anyone feels or thinks about you.

Promise me that you will not sabotage yourself and miss your Divine Timing.

Promise me that you will always see the Best out of every situation.

Please promise me that against all odds you won’t let your dream die.

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