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RELATIONSHIP: When You Feel Like You Are All Alone In This World

We have all been there, you know . . . those moments when you just break down. There is so much being thrown at us on a daily basis; work, friends, family, love . . . . sometimes it’s just too much. And this feeling can overwhelm us.

Feeling Alone?

I get so caught up in my own thoughts about things, that I am not able to see the bigger picture and I get brought into this negative world of things that are wrong with me. I constantly think about what I need to change, or why things happen and frequently find myself asking, “What is wrong with me?”

If life will only teach me one thing, let it be that taking a passionate leap is always worth it. Even if I have no idea where I am going to land, I should be brave enough to step out of my comfort zone as I step into the edge of the unknown, and listen to my heart because I have directed it to trust God completely.

Being sad is the worst feeling in the world and there are different shades of sadness. When you feel sad because you feel lost in the world, is a completely different feeling of sadness than the sadness that comes from having your heart broken, having no money or losing someone you loved. No matter what type of sadness you are feeling, it always comes to the fact that you now feel alone.

I am done with feeling alone. Why? Because I now realize I am not really alone. We share similar experiences.

Most of us grow to become adults that are damaged in some way because of our childhood experiences. So the first challenge is to figure out WHO YOU ARE and what you want, independent of those in your life.

Your life is yours alone. People can try to persuade you, but they can’t decide for you. They can walk with you, but not in your shoes. So make sure the path you decide to walk aligns with your purpose and desires, and don’t be scared to switch paths or pave a new one when it makes sense or as the Spirit leads.

I believe loneliness is an emotion, mostly triggered by a sad memory. It's just that our brains love to overanalyze things, so even momentary loneliness can escalate to longer spells because of thoughts like “Why do I feel so alone?” and “Am I so terrible that no one loves me?” When this happens, just acknowledge the feeling and don’t overreact.

Identify The Cause

"What do I do when I feel lonely?”

I can’t imagine how many people have googled that question when they felt the pangs of loneliness. But that's not even the best question to ask. Would you ask a doctor for a prescription before they check your symptoms? No.

Instead of trying things randomly, hoping one solution will solve all your problems. It’s better to identify the cause of your loneliness first. If you were once happy in your own company, what could have caused you to feel lonely now?

Do your friends make you feel lonely? Is it the "happy life" others display on social media? Is it your work, perhaps? The cause of your loneliness will give you clues on the appropriate solution.

I’ve discovered one of the major keys to feeling less lonely is to ask myself, “If I could be anything, what would I be? How would I serve others?”

The beauty of asking these questions is that we are actually asking WHO AM I? Knowing your purpose is only a part of the puzzle of self-discovery, but if you ask me, it’s a good place to start.

Sometimes, we feel alone because we’re actually alone. So take this chance to do the things YOU CAN ONLY DO when you’re alone, like dancing naked or jumping on the bed with your shoes on. Lol. Doing crazy things alone will give you a good laugh.

I’ve discovered that following my passion (permit me to call it that) as a voice artist and presenter has been absolutely fundamental in feeling comfortable with myself, and I’m far more able to handle times of loneliness and rejoice in times of connection.

That said, it’s about being able to sit down with yourself and say, “I'M HAPPY WITH ME. I'M IN LOVE WITH ME. Finally I am doing what I’ve been dreaming all the while.”

The bottom line is that when we are happy with ourselves and are listening to our beautiful inner voice, we cannot feel alone.

Create Your World

So there it is. A little exploration into what to do about loneliness. Read More.

Feeling alone is not your fault. The world has thrown us a bit of a curveball and now it’s time to throw that ball right back. It's time to have a super huge hug with ourselves.

At this point, I’m also sending you a huge hug because you are a part of my world. 

You are not alone.

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Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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