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Life After "Honeymoon"

We have just had the most beautiful honeymoon vacation ever. As we walked into the living room, reality hit me. I cried. And cried some more. This is a house. Not a home yet. How do I make it a home? When will I start feeling at home here? Suddenly, I started to miss my mum, my dad and my two brothers.

I cried. . .

After Honeymoon

Maybe post-wedding blues are totally normal. Maybe this feeling is expected. After all the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon, it’s natural to feel a dip in mood.

I couldn't explain my flowing tears that night. I was just. . . down. Series of thoughts ran through my mind;

how can I stay excited in this marriage?
how can I continue to have adventures with my husband?
how can I be a great wife?
how do I start building a home?
how.  . .???
just how???


November To Remember (2018)

I kept a daily record of moods and events which I found memorable in November 2017. So I thought to myself, why not do it again? It's been a thrilling experience!

November 2018

I am a big fan of keeping diaries. Journaling daily is the most creative and powerful keystone habit you can acquire. When done correctly, you will show up better in every area of your life. Every area!

When you start writing, new horizons of thought open in the palace of your mind. =You’ll even need to put your pen down and take a few breaths. You’ll be captivated not only by the amazing things in your life, but by the awe and wonders of life in general.

My heart is so filled with thanksgiving for November 2018.
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