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Have You Got That "Friday Feeling" Too?

Yay! It's Friday, sweeties. Tell your boss you just want to playyyyy!

Lol. There is something about Fridays. Friday and fun are a match made in heaven. There’s that tinge of relaxation in the air that makes concentrating at work a lot harder than usual. You know what I'm talking about, right?

That Friday Friday

Whether you have a job or not, you love your job or not, Friday is a day to look forward to.

Leaving our workplaces on Fridays is the entrance into freedom. Yay!

As you know, we really can't describe the feeling. But, these are signs of that feeling:

  • When you suddenly come out of hibernation
All week you’ve been a social recluse, choosing to spend time in front of the laptop instead of your friends. But, when Friday comes, you instantly start calling and texting your friends to organize an activity for the weekend. Dah kain thing!

  • You are continuously checking your WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat feed to see what your friends are up to
Who goes offline on a Friday? C'mon!

  • You’ve said “it’s Friday” about five times already

  • When ANYTHING can distract you
You are actually looking for something to distract you from work. Lol. Smh.

  • When your colleagues have never been more interesting . . . Making conversation and taking pictures with them just to purposely pass the day
The first time I ever took pictures with my colleagues was on a Friday. Friday brings a different vibe. Everyone’s in a better mood on a Friday. Even your boss becomes friendlier.

Meet Henry. *coughs* He is married. 
Meet Joshua. *coughs* He is also married.

  • When you can't keep calm until Sunday, then you know you got the #FridayFeeling
LOL. I should have saved these pictures to be used for a Sunday STYLE post, but mehn, Friday happened!

So I rocked this off-shoulder Ankara top on a Friday. I've had this top since 2007, and this belt for like forever. It feels good to look good in an old piece on a Friday.

Ah, Friday, how can we not love you? You make us feel so relaxed, you put us at ease and make us forget about our worries.

I love this picture. I smile differently on Fridays.

Friday says for the next two days, you and only you have control of your own life and destiny. You are now the boss of your time. That’s enough to make me hop and dance all day . . . and head for the road that leads to the place where I rule: home, side hustle.

Let's make everyday a Friday - Staying happy, positive and inspired all day!

Who’s got that Friday feeling? When you have it, you have it!

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