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STYLE: I Wear Miniskirts

Over the weekend, as I was reshuffling my wardrobe, I found some pieces of clothing I'd not worn for a very long period of time. One of them is a miniskirt. *covers face* This is a throwback. . . 

How to Rock a Miniskirt Modestly

We all have personal fashion tips and tricks. The uniqueness of these tips is what we call style. I have my styles. You have yours too.

Some fashionistas can comfortably wear a miniskirt in public even when they know their laps are very well exposed, while some cannot because it isn't just their style.

Lemme show you a trick on how to wear a miniskirt without exposing your laps with three easy steps. . .

Step 1: Find a longer skirt with a matching/complementary color.

Step 2: Wear the longer skirt.

Step 3: Then wear the miniskirt on the longer skirt.

And you're good to go!

I have so rocked this miniskirt. See pictures below:

"wait, lemme pose."
"oya, snap."

Back then, I rocked it confidently but now. . . it kinda looks awkward to me.

What would you suggest - to rock again or not?

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