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Let's get started!

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5 CRANDOM Facts About Me

Life can be fun and exciting when you loosen up a bit. Life makes more meaning when it is shared. I give myself away. . .

5 CRANDOM Facts About Me

These are some crazy random facts about me. I choose to call it CRANDOM because it captures the words 'crazy' and 'random'. (Although it's not in the English language dictionary).

*whispers to your ears* shh... tell no one. Let's keep these secrets between us. Promise?


POEM: Just Like You

A crop waiting to be harvested
A bomb waiting to explode
A magnet waiting to attract
A cloud waiting to fall
A voice waiting to be heard
A mirror waiting to be seen
A baby waiting for delivery
Is just like you waiting to manifest

A fan rolling on the ceiling
A food cooking in the pot
A bird flying in the sky
A fish swimming in the river
A sound playing on the piano
An actor acting on stage
A needle passing through the cloth
Is just like you walking in destiny

Written by: Nwamaka Ajaegbu


Top 10 Reasons why I Need an Android Phone

I laugh as I find myself typing this post.

Top 10 Reasons why I should get a New Phone

This morning as I prayed, I told God I didn't want a new phone but that I needed a phone. Yes o. I can tell Him anything.


As You Do, So Do You

As you connect to God with faith
So do you disconnect with fear

As you put your life under God
So does he put your life in order

As you live for Christ
So are you free from crises

As you give God thanks
So does he fill tour tanks

As you use you gift
So do you get a lift


Sharing Is Living

Each time I visit my blog, I either find myself smiling, nodding and in fact, happy or sober, reflective and in fact, day dreaming. This is so cool but could this be all I have to offer? No. No. Yes, no!

I want to share more... 
the more we share is the more we have to share.

A share is a part of a whole, a bit of a whole, an allotment of a portion. This part, bit or allotment is in proportions. It can be divided in halves or even quarters. But sometimes, which seldom happens, a share can be a whole from a different perspective.
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