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I Wear My Brother's Shirt (Why You Should Too)

Happy Style Sunday! There is something uniquely appealing about wearing your brother's shirts or the shirts belonging to any man in your life.

Ladies, can you relate? Oops. Sorry guys.

Why Men's Shirts Are The Cutest

I am blessed with two tall, cute younger brothers who are masculine in every area, their shirts are oversized for me. And I love to wear them. They are simply comfy.

Sometimes the laziness of wanting an easy going look, getting a piece I can just throw on, or finding something quite comfortable yet chic lures me to sneak into my brothers' room . .  to find a shirt.

Sometimes I even do it to get the younger one's attention when he seems to be too busy with work for days. And I might be trying to get back at the youngest one when he's done something I didn't find pleasurable. Whatever be my reason at the time, I never feel guilty. Lol.

Besides, I am the only big sister they've got. If I don't get on their nerves, who will? 😂

I have been wearing my brothers' shirts for years now. Every time I opt for wearing my brother's shirt, I always try to look creative and chic in it. I make it my own style.

I've shared few occasions where I played dress-up in my brother's shirts:
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This time, it is a brightly coloured floral vintage. A little bit retro, too. And just what I needed for the day.

I wore the shirt buttoned up to the neck with a great gold necklace, teamed it with a pencil skirt and threw on a pair of heels for a preppy office appropriate look. I think rolling up the sleeves gave it some personal touch too.

Now, let's talk about why you should steal (not saying you should steal but *coughs) wear your brother, boyfriend or any-man-in-your-life's shirts:

Reason #1

The beautiful thing about wearing either your brother or boyfriend's or husband's shirt is that they are FUN. They are fun when they are colourful, when they are new, and when they are different from your everyday wear. Change is good. It makes you happy. And guess what? It makes him happy too but he won't tell you..

I feel some ray of happiness when I wear my brother's shirt, especially when he willingly hands it over to me.

Reason #2

Another part of the fun is that they are enchanting. When I wear my brother's shirt, I am suddenly the kind of woman with the confidence to do whatever a man is "supposed" to be doing. Some kind of powerful and amazing sexy woman. Lol.

Reason #3

I find it quite interesting how wearing my brother's shirt keeps him on my mind all day. Most times when I am complimented while wearing my brother's clothes, I tend to say, “Oh, thanks, it's my brother's shirt, I stole it/borrowed it/love it so much too.” It's nothing to be ashamed of. I could scream it from a rooftop . . . I am wearing my brother's shirt! Yessss!

So guys, when your sister or your girlfriend, your wife or even your mum decides to wear your shirt, please let her oh. She wants to be reminded of you, and to proudly show the world that you are a part of her life . . . because she loves you. 😉

Who else wears their sibling/spouse/dad's shirts?

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