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STYLE: My Wardrobe Strategy Will Be "Work With What You Have"

Hi-ya! It's the first Style Post of the year! I am excited! Waking up and dressing up every single day is no easy feat. Sometimes, coming up with even one solid outfit a week can feel overwhelming, let alone five outfits in a row.

*waves* I'll be here to help with tricks and tips.

Work With What You Have

Lately, I've been tempted to go through and ruthlessly purge my wardrobe's contents, but I suspect this is probably just a phase and if I'm too hasty in my zeal for maximizing a wardrobe, I'll only end up on a massive shopping spree by this time next month. Lol.

I've narrowed down the items in my wardrobe that I actually wear to what results to a "seasonless" wardrobe.

Seasonless wardrobe doesn’t go out of style easily. Also, with unique pieces that are a mixture of seasonal colours and prints can be layered with other bold pieces that are seasonal. A seasonless wardrobe will add flare to your everyday style.

I must say that I'm enjoying the simplicity of paring down to a more manageable wardrobe and sticking to my favourites that I know are winners. I've also gained a lot of knowledge over the last couple of years about what the real winners are, and how to dress creatively while still flattering my figure and achieving the kind of vibe I'm going for. Am I evolving, or am I just getting lazy?

Well, keeping a diary of Everything I wore In 2017 says otherwise. *grins*

So here are these Ankara scarf and Ankara belt you've seen on me again and again. So hey, if you're looking for ways to style the same pieces over and over, you've come to the right place.

Re-imagining the same items in a new light always give them a new life. That's where the fun is. Come to think of it, what's fashion if you can't have fun with it?

What if I told you I was wearing a black skirt under a mini black dress? Yeah, it's the same skirt I wore here. So yeah, if you are looking for ways to dress modestly in indecent clothes, your girl has got you covered.

See Post: How To Wear Two Dresses As One

The goal is to help you get the most from your wardrobe all year round.

Learn to accentuate your best parts. Have a teeny-tiny waist but not such a fan of your thighs? Wear a cute belted dress or a vintage silhouette that nips in. Find something you love about your body and claim it. Work with what you have.

Stay inspired.
Stay Be-YOU-tiful.

What's your latest wardrobe strategy? Fashion-wise, what's your plan for the year?

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