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What I Wore + How To Spot Fake Ankara

Happy Style-Sunday! I decided to make a post out of a Friday's outfit because yo, it is worth it. When it comes to spicing up your outfit with ankara fabric, you are sure to always count on  your girl. ;)

How To Spot Fake Ankara

There is a massive supply of Ankara fabric out there. I buy, sew, and wear Ankara pretty much. And I see the need to help you differentiate the fake ones from the original so that nobody would cheat on you the next time you go to the market.

What To Check Out For

  1. Texture
  2. Water resistance
  3. Colour design
  4. Print pattern
Texture: The original fabric is always smoother when touched. If it is rough or coarse, then it is possibly fake.

Water Resistant: Fake Ankara always wash off its colour when dipped into water. To test this, put a little water on your palm and just rub it on the body of the fabric. If it wears off, then it is super fake.

Colour and print: Original Ankara have the designs printed on both sides and it's always very difficult to differentiate the back of the Ankara from the front. Most times, the fake ones have a copy printed only on one side of the fabric.

With these tips, I hope you remember to look and test properly before you leap!

Do I Buy Fake Ankara?

Yes. Intentionally.

I buy the fake ones not on the ground of being cheated on by the seller, but because I want to.

I mostly buy the fake ones when they are sold at cheaper rates. Lol. Not only because they are cheaper but it also depends on what I intend to do with the fabric;

– when I just want to make a simple, perhaps, fanciful thing out of the fabric like a shift dress, a headwrap, a bangle, etc
– when I need scraps to practise with, play with to create some magic on my sewing machine.

How Do You Treat Fake Ankara?

Well, if you'd already bought one fake Ankara, all hope is not lost. You can work/walk with it and make it last. . . even longer than the original ones.

Wishful thinking. Don't mind me.

Here is the trick: I don't get to wash the fake fabric until a very long time after wearing it over and over again. Sun drying does it!

Step out with it gracefully. As soon as you get back home, take it out to dry. Simple. 

Whether you buy the fake or the original, make sure you take good care of it.

I figured hand-washing is best for Ankara fabric as using washing machine wears off the colours and thickness easily.


Now, lemme show you what I wore on one Friday like that :)

A-ha. No, it is not a dress.

Earlier this year I told you that my wardrobe strategy would be "working with what you have", yeah? So here is the same top I've worn here and the skirt I've won there. I combined both separates, held them up with an Ankara belt.

You like?

Some angels wear black. And out of same, few add dashes of Ankara too 😇

By the way, this Ankara fabric is not fake. Thought to let you know. Lol.

Stay inspired.

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