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STYLE: 4 Ways To Wear Brother's Shirt

I could simply title this post "4 ways to style Men's shirt" but no. I am particularly intentional about the sister-brother relationship right now, so you wouldn't have to raise your eyebrows when you see posts on "husband's shirt" popping up in a few months. *winks* The just shall live by faith. 😇

Happy Style-Sunday!

4 Ways To Wear Brother's Shirt

Yes, I wear my brother's shirts a lot. It's for bragging rights. Lol. And I don't even try too hard about it because when you are wearing an oversized shirt that belongs to your brother, spouse or dad, you have the freedom to wear it whichever way you want.

Honestly, I would not be exaggerating if I told you there are more than 20 ways to wear men's shirts. You can even see a tip from 'how to wear brother's shirt as a skirt'. However, today I want to show you four buttony ways.

The trick here is to roll up the sleeves and button as you please.

Option #1: Close All Buttons

With an all buttoned up look, you can either use a neckpiece or a belt to make a bigger statement.

I go for this option when I want to be casual yet put together.

Option #2: Button Only Collar

Button only the collar, roll up your sleeves, and see how you look effortlessly cool.

I don't know what this look is about, I just like the hey-i-am-confident-in-myself vibe it creates.

Can you see me? 😀

Option #3: Open All Buttons 

I have a confession: This option is basically to show off.

Leaving the shirt open actually signals "See! Look inside!". Whatever it is you are showing off sure has to be worth it. 

You still get the comfortable fit of an oversized top, while still flattering your figure. Just ensure whatever you wear underneath the shirt is very fit to avoid a baggy look.  

Option #4: Tie Both Ends

Gather the bottom of your shirt and twist it on itself to make a knot.

This is the trendiest chic look for me. Accesorize with a shoulder bag and some sneakers. You could win world records for pulling together an outfit like that.

Stylish ladies know how to rock oversized shirts, and still look chic in them.

My "advice" is, instead of going out and buying one, you can show how much you love the men in your life by wearing their shirts. Ask your brother or dad or husband for a shirt bigger than your actual size, roll up the sleeves, and button it according to your needs while you add a sporty vibe with your sneakers or a feminine finish with your ballerinas.

***Side gist for you when you get dressed:


look him in the eyes,
and ask;
"(insert pet name here) how do I look in your shirt?"
Don't just hear what he has to say, listen to his body language too. 😍

Stay inspired.
Stay stylish.
Stay beautiful.

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Which options do you try out when it comes to wearing your brother/spouse/dad's shirts?

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