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WIW: You Already Have What You Need

I know, I know. The title of this post sounds ridiculous to you. I’m not saying you should stay in a perfect state of contentment. I am saying you should focus on what you have.

Life, as I come to realize when I’m thinking most clearly, is so duper good. Even when I’m not yet married, not earning the salary I want, and even when things aren’t quite going exactly my way, I can still look around and say, “Wow. I am thankful for what I already have!”

You Already Have It

In January, I started Sunday-Style by telling you that my wardrobe strategy for 2018 would be "work with what you have."

We are now almost in August and I am proud to let you know that one of your favourite Lifestyle bloggers has lived truly by keeping through to her word. Awesome. I deserve some accolades. Lol. The only new clothes I got are the ones I had to specially get for specific occasions like the other day.

Gone are the days when I take a long look at my wardrobe and say to myself, "I have nothing to wear." Last year or so, I wrote 'How To Repeat Your Clothes Without Anyone Knowing," if you haven’t read it go ahead and check it out. It's still the same thing I am sharing with you today.

 "You have what you need."

A clichè, yeah. But it's true.

We have all been in that moment when you keep looking through your wardrobe and finally say, “I have nothing to wear.” So, you go to the market to grab new items and put them in your wardrobe, only to go through the same experience all over again. 

The truth is, you HAVE something to wear. Sometimes it is not a matter of buying something new, but rather restyling the clothes in a new way. With another new month just around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to go for that Style Challenge.

Everything I wore to church today, I have had in my wardrobe for quite a while — among other posts the Ankara top and shoes were worn here, the hat was worn here, and of course, the black skirt was worn here.

Today's trick: Close your eyes or turn away from your wardrobe and grab something randomly. No matter what it is, the challenge is to make an outfit around it and wear it! You can come up with some crazy and fabulous combinations that way, as well as find things you forgot you even had.

Guess what I randomly picked this time? Right. Those Ankara shoes. I wanted to rock them by all means.  :)

I wore a sleeveless peplum top over my Ankara top. Trick, trick 🤓

This is not just about style though, but also about life in general. Why do we always seek more? We want more money. We want more friends. We want more affirmations. . . when all we need to do is to look within — to focus on what we already have.

Here's the secret: be thankful.

Be thankful for what you've got, and more will come.

I'm focusing on taking five minutes each morning to be thankful for what I have for the day. If I feel a little judgey devil in my head, I am going to turn my grateful music on louder and listen to the sounds of focusing on what I have.

Sweetheart, you might have to ask yourself, before you buy something . . . whether you really need more or if you already have what you need.

Ask yourself, regularly throughout your day, whether you have everything you need. I think you’ll find that you do, and by appreciating that fact more often, you can see what a powerful miracle that is.

"God is able to make ALL grace abound towards you, so that ye, ALWAYS having ALL sufficiency, can abound to every good work." — Corinthians 9:8

August is tagged 'Month of Abundance'. I hope you realize how best to use ALL you've got. Cheers!
Stay inspired.
Love you. ☺♥

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