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PHOTO: Note to Self

Do this everyday. And you will be fine. :)

Goodbye March!

Created by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia
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God Enjoys Hot Akara!

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I hope you're doing as well as I am. I'm in high spirits today. This one is different. I'm hottt!

God Enjoys Hot Akara

Do you know that God has a good sense of humour? I mean, he is the best comedian of all time. He cracks the funniest jokes, and tells the most interesting stories. 


Memorable Election Day

I know non-Nigerians visit Heart Rays but sometimes, only Nigerians are on my mind when I blog. (Wait, am I a racist? No!) Lol. No offence, lovelies. It's the current season.

So "awon temi" and "ndi otum", how was the election? Tell me how it went. *chuckles* Who did you vote for?

Memorable Election Day

Ok, let's do a little amebo things. Hehehe. . . There are three things that make today quite memorable for me.


PODCAST: #PrayForNigeria

Tomorrow, #NigeriaDecides who her new president will be. But it seems the moment of election creates fear in the heart of many Nigerians. Some have travelled out of the country being scared of what the future holds. While some are anxious, if not confused.

So I thought about what I could do to drive out fear. I went on the street, told a couple of friends, and got as many as I could to say a #PrayerForNigeria. It's quite inspiring to find people praying for their very own country.

This is not only fun, but also spiritual. Psalms 122:6 says: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee." Nigeria is our Jerusalem, and praying for Nigeria means keying into her prosperity. This is beyond the election. It is a movement and a shift of wealth to those who know their God. It is about proclaiming the blessings of God. It is about taking your position. It is about being a world-changer. We are in a season of blessings. Remember?

Join us. Say a #PrayerForNigeria today.


I wish I didn't Visit your Blog

"Ehen! So you have a blog. And you did not tell me?" A friend exclaimed.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I was shy. I didn't know how to tell you."  I replied, sincerely.
"Aabegy! What is there in telling someone that you have a blog?" My friend muttered.

The truth is, telling you I'm a blogger is a biiiig deal!

I wish I didn't Visit your Blog

At the moment, I consider myself a newbie on the blogosphere. I officially launched this blog on my last birthday, June 26, 2014. And that's barely a year ago.

I logged on to blogger on March 1, 2014. So much for MARCHing forward. Lol. My first post (welcome) was on March 5. In the beginning, I was not very confident about the blog thingy. I had held it as my little secret for about two months. But I continued posting all my unpublished articles. I'd rather be called a writer than a blogger at that time.


Inspirational Quotes about Voting

Thanks to everyone who contributed yesterday. Nigeria is all I think about right now. I really need us to move forward. I want those who left the country wish they never did. I have a dream that one day, one dollar will be equivalent to one naira. (I.e $1=N1). We can get there. Can't we?

Inspirational Quotes about Voting

You might need a little more motivation to get you fired up and ready to vote on Saturday, March 28. So I’ve compiled some inspiring quotes to get you to the ballot box. :)


As a Nigerian, you should read this before you Decide to Vote

Hello darlings, happy new week! It's sweet to have an opportunity to click START again. *lick lips* Hmmmm. . .that smell. . . the smell of a new day. I love it. So how was your weekend? Mine was all about Nigeria o. We had a vigil in church with the sole aim to #PrayForNigeria. Mehn, It was so refreshing. I believe God hears our prayers. And so I decided to write this piece to backup my faith in Nigeria. Lol. 

2 Reasons why you shouldn't Vote

You will agree with me that this is the most crucial moment in the country. It is our moment of decision. The time we decide to move forward, move to the side, or move backward. We're in for a battle. It is a battle for our lives, our children, and our future. So it is very important that we are spiritually, physically, as well as mentally ready.

This should be a guide through the path of decision. . .



Yayy. . . It's Friday! I have a special feeling on Fridays. I just can't explain it. It's ecstatic. (*whispers* I just might get married on a Friday. Who knows?)

I'm so excited because something BIG is about to happen. I started the week by telling you that when God wants to bless us, He gives us new ideas. I believe God is pouring out His blessings on us this season. We need to get our hearts prepared and positioned to receive. The basic concern for today is learning to receive God's blessings with the right attitude. Many times, we do not recognize our blessings when we receive them. We experience blessings in disguise everyday. We just never know it.

Today, I'm ROL (Reading Out Loud). This is a story from inspirationalstories.com.

Rays of Blessings. . .


STYLE: The Effect of Light, Colour & Energy

Did you know that the colour of the clothes you wear can affect your mood? Yes it can. How you feel is reflective of the way you dress.

The Effect of Light, Colour and Energy

You agree with me that when you feel sad, disappointed or depressed, you don't choose nice, bright and colourful clothes. Right? However, the reverse can also be true. When you are feeling sad, low and depressed, dressing up in certain colours can lighten you up a bit. Yup!

I love colours. This experiment works every time. See, instead of allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity that will kill your spirit, dress up in colours. Never dull up on your fashion.

It's a pleasure to show you how a week with the effect of light, colour and energy looks. :)


NEWS: Who wants to be a Spiderman?

Aww. . . I love good news. Good news gives hope and inspiration. Here is one. . .

A man dresses as a Spiderman at Evenings to Feed the Homeless

This 20-year-old man from Birmingham, England, is a barman. But at night, he jumps into a Spider-Man suit and takes to the streets to feed the homeless.


The Concepts of NEW Things

Happy NEW week! I'm super duper excited about my latest discoveries from the Bible. God's been blowing my mind! I haven't stopped screaming since I got this particular revelation. The first time, I screamed so loud that the building shook. I'm yet to get over it. This is deep, really deep.

The Concepts of NEW Things

There are three concepts of NEW things, viz:
N - Now
E - Experience
W - Wisdom
May you Now Experience Wisdom. Amen.


PHOTO: In the Shadow of the Almighty

I've chosen to live
For You all my days
Because You did die
That I may live
Here In Your shadow
I find my light.
Lord, I'm all Yours.

Created and composed by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Follow on Twitter: @Amakamedia 


PODCAST: How to Find Peace Within

How to find peace within

Do you find life to be full of stress? Do you feel there is something that always drains your energy? Do you have those who try to steal your peace? In this world, as things become more and more complex, finding peace may not be so easy. However, we can cultivate peace, practice peace and have peace.
If you can't find peace within, then you can't find it anywhere else.

So here is the secret: As long as you're attuned with the Holy Spirit, you'll find peace.

Rays of Peace. . .


REVIEW: The Peaceful Dove

Mum needed to take a Bible Study Class on the topic; The Holy Spirit as a Dove. I was stunned when she called to ask for hints on the topic. It wasn't odd that she sought my help. The fact that she'd have to use the info for a Bible Study Class marvelled me. O-m-g! What could a good daughter possibly do? I researched. Yeah! And in that course, I fell in love with doves. (I always fall in love. Always.)

The Peaceful Dove

Imagine a prayer like: "Lord, I want to be as a dove. Give us marriages as doves. Help all my friends to live as doves too. Amen." You bet God will not hesitate to answer such prayer. Hehehehe. . . That's my prayer for today. Get ready, for you shall develop wings tomorrow. Yels!


2 Truths about Marriage

I love weddings. But these days, I can't help to think that many are confusing a wedding for the marriage. *sighs* There is a huge difference between a wedding and a marriage. Yeah. I'd like to share a bit from the presentation I did on "the concept of marriage" yesterday.

2 Truths about Marriage

Happy Married Life, Uncle :)

It breaks my heart to hear the break-up of marriages all over the world are increasing rapidly. Current studies show that 47% of all marriages end in divorce.  The numbers are not separated from those who go to church and those who don't. I find it a little scary. What in the world is happening???

From generation to generation, the world has attempted to define marriage in diverse dimensions. And all these have brought disappointment, heart break, sorrows, frustration, and unhappiness. I've read a number of books, Christian and non-Christian articles on marriage. I've listened to a number of the radio "experts" - real and supposed. I've heard a sermon or two on marriage. But these truths will forever stand. . .


PHOTO: God Has a Plan

I posted some random tweets on Twitter. These tweets reveal the state of my heart at the moment. My heart desperately wants to know what God's plan is. Do I go or do I stay? Do I work through or do I move on?

God Has a Plan

What is God's plan for your life? Life is a series of journeys. You need continuous divine direction for each turn. Divine direction is when God supernaturally orders your steps, and moves you in the right path.


PODCAST: God's Guidance

I want to move forward. But I can't move without knowing what God really wants me to do. I need God's Guidance to show me the way. It will be useless moving in the wrong direction without being alligned with His purpose.

I have no plan. So I'm currently seeking God's plan for my life.

Rays of wisdom. . .


Psalm 23 is just Enough

You know all those cycling BCs we get on BBM, Right? Those ones that be like: Don't break this chain. Send this to 20 people in 10 minutes, and watch how God blesses you this week. Oh yeah. I got one so very inspiring some days ago. It sheds light on Chapter 23 of the Book of  Psalms. It seems perfect to help us start the week. :)

The Lord is My Shepherd

I took off my glasses while reading this. It is literally an eye opener. You probably never read the Psalm in this light, even though you say it over and over again.
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