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Why Settle for Ordinary When You Can Be Extraordinary with Maya?

I have always known my natural hair to be a female but today, she reveals a new layer. I am thrilled to introduce Maya to you. :)

Introducing Maya

Maya_ hair into dreadlocks

I had posted a picture on my WhatsApp status with the caption: “introducing: Maya” when it hit me that this is no ordinary thing. It is EXTRA! 

In a world where hair is more than just a style but a statement, I’m thrilled to introduce Maya, the revolutionary hair that embody boldness, confidence, and an unapologetically fearless spirit. Whether it’s about stepping into a boardroom or dancing the night away, Maya ensures you stand out and own your presence.

My hair has been through so many phases and back. Some rough and some quite interesting. The last phase was a roller coaster; I mean the post-partum hair breakage phase. It seemed as though it would never, ever bounce back. 
Natural hair struggles
My hair had been in a very vulnerable state for a very long time. After almost a year of battling with breakouts, I FINALLY decided to lock her up. I must say, she’s starting to thrive. Hallelujah!
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