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And God said, "let there be love", and there was my heart. 



As hard as it seems
I thought it as sins
Committed in my ignorance
Where is the assurance?
That all is well

Walking the path alone
All through I've done
With the way I'd live
How do I believe?
That all is well



Not where you're coming from
But where you're going to.

Not what you know
But what you show.

Not what you have
But what you do.

Not what you feel
But what you believe.

Not what you fail
But what you try.

Not what you read
But what you become.

Not what you spend
But what you share.

Not what you're good
But what you're known for.

Not where you live
But where you belong.


A - Apply your Abilities

B- Be your Best

C- Charge-up your Confidence

D- Dare your Dreams

E- Explore your Experience

F- Fight your Fears


PHOTO TALK: God's Love

God's love is limitless.

Just as we cannot tell the beginning and ending points of a big circle, so also we cannot tell the boundaries of God's love.

No matter what happens, still He loves us.


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There are no podcasts available at the moment.

I've got challenges on uploading audio files and video files.

I hope to get this fixed as soon as I can.

Thanks for hanging out.



POEM: I'm Writing Again

source: Google
It's all coming back to me
Like the dew of the morning
It smells new and fresh
How I love this beginning
I sense it
I write again

I was rusty and maybe blind
Cos nothing seemed writing about
But today, I see everything
Everything is making sense
I see it
I write again


When I was young
I wanted to grow up.

when I grew up
I wanted to be young.

When I'm neither young nor old
I want to be just me.
Now, this moment.



Amaka can be sweet

Who's AMAKA?

Hi. AMAKA is me. (laughs). I can't think of anything than to say I am everything my name 'Nwamaka' stands for. (Nwamaka is of the African Igbo origin which means "beautiful child"). Yes plea...se, call that name again!

I am a beautiful child of God. As beautiful as a butterfly. And I soar on wings as an eagle breathing heavenly atmosphere.

I believe this world would be a better place when every heart radiates with God's amazing love. I am passionate about GUARDING THE HEART like crazy because everything we are on the inside sums up WHO we truly are. And to think on the things that are pure, peaceful, beautiful, noble, of good report and lovely is the surest way to guard the heart.

Amidst the looming darkness in life's busyness, we need to find ways to stay connected to what matters most and to reclaim what often gets lost in the swirl of day-to-day activities: qualities such as, sweetness, positivity, creativity, joy, humor, gratitude, and love. So I strive as hard as I can to shed a little light here and there.

Erm, one thing is I have edited this profile many times. Just when I think I know who/what I am, I evolve again. So I'm on this journey to discover the real "who" and the "what" about me. Stay with me as I reveal bits of my discovery on each post . . .

  1. I believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
  2. I love God.
  3. I love love.
  4. I love people. 
  5. I am inspired by creativity.
  6. I believe dreams come true. 
  7. I appreciate natural beauty.
  8. I love to have fun.
  9. I love colours.
  10. I pray to wake up in heaven when I die. 

HOW/WHY the BLOG Started?

Here goes the story:

I'm so helplessly in love with the media and broadcasting world. I especially have a thing for the radio. I dream to be on the radio, hosting my very own love and inspirational programme- Heart Rays at night. yes, I really do love the night shifts. Maybe because I've got a soft, tender and tilting voice. Yeah. ( Glory to God!)

At the time, I'd visited quite a number of studios, sent application letters and had auditions at various radio stations (in Lagos, Nigeria precisely). But for some God-know-reasons, it didn't work out. (I couldn't cry. For eyes have not seen and ears have not heard!)

I was restless. Desperate for a release. See when the heart is set aflame, it seeks the places for its explosions. It has to emit rays. I've got a heart which is so turned up and needs all channels for the energy!

It's like when you've got fire in your bones, butterflies in your stomach, and maybe even elephants in your behind. You can't be still. You can't afford to sit at a place. You just can't keep quiet. No way!

So I started sending my recorded Voice Notes to friends on Whatsap and BBM. The voice notes actually started as a joke to screams and then eventually to jingles. And since then, I'd been learning, growing and glowing. It's really fun to share. It multiplies your joy and makes life more interesting. Sharing is living! I understood what sharing really means. The feedback I also got (till date) was motivating."You deserve to be on the radio" "Wow!" "I was so blessed by your message" e.t.c.
Shout out to my lovely pals jhorr! :D

You know how it goes now. That moment you start to feel you can fly even higher. I set out praying and fasting on taking it to the next level.

So then, on that beautiful day, it struck me, having a blog wouldn't be a bad idea o. It could be another channel to transmit the radiations, yeah? hmmm...

And here we are.

Spreading my wings.

Shinning the light.

Let's Iight up the world! 🙌

Amaka can be inspirational

What Has Kept AMAKA Blogging For More Than TWO Years Now?

I looooooove blogging!

I blog to inspire lives. I blog to shine my little light. I blog because I just love expressing myself, my views, my thoughts, and sometimes my little dirty secrets! I also blog because I see it as an outlet for my God-given "voice".

For some reason, I’ve turned myself inside out and all my guts have spilled onto my blog. One day I’ll run out of stuff but not yet. 

Until then . . .

I pray you leave here inspired to be better, go further or at the very least I hope as you click away, there's a smile on your face.

What Does AMAKA DO Exactly?

I am a content creator. I curate content for radio, TV, prints and social media.

I'm a podcaster, a voice-over artist, a creative writer, a red carpet diva, an inspirational speaker, a Christian-fashion model. Simply put, I'm an outstanding media personality.

Work With Me

Voice Demo

Do you want jingles for your business? Do you need a voice over your video? Would you like to create an audio version of your book? Holla at me! Let's talk business.

I am always on the out for media projects and collaborations.

Do you need someone to talk to? Do you just want to pour out your heart? I'll be here. :)


"I'm not there yet. But I'm not where I used to be."



What Else?

Oh! Let's say this prayer together:

Dear Lord, ignite a passion and desire for You in my heart. A passion so strong, that nothing can come against it. Light Your fire in my heart, a fire that burns brightly for me to shine forth like You want me to do.Help me to lay aside every weight holding me back. Just like Jesus, help me to go through the pain, the battles, the obstacles . . . and come out victorious, shining forth Your light.Thank You Lord, in Jesus' name I have prayed, amen.

I'm excited to meet you! I want to know this person who being so curious to know me, was patient enough to read this looooong "about me" page. It would be a pleasure to connect these rays with yours. My heart smiles at you right now and will always love to hear from you.

Amaka can be fun

Many thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me.


THANK YOU for stopping by!!!


How my heart leaps for joy seeing you here!
I'm so pleased to have you. :)

read, listen, enjoy.

please, feel free to share your views and let me know what's radiating in your heart too.

Also, don't forget to spread the word.



When I failed...

It hurt me like a piercing pin
shocking my very flesh
It cut me like a slaughter knife
Breaking my every fibre
It drained me like a scourging sun
sapping my every strength
How it affected my inside!

I dreamed to forget it
yet it kept on ringing on my mind
I pretended to ignore it
still it kept staring at me on the face
I prayed to overcome it
but it kept speaking for my doubts
How it affected my sanity!

My bones ached on every joints
because I had toiled and toiled
My socket popped out of my face
for I had wept and wept
Even my neck grew longer
as I had starved and starved
How it worked me out!

O God! I called, cried out
with ocean of tears in my eyes
Help me! I belched, screamed
with swamp of mucus in my throat
"Thank You Jesus!" I breathe, whispered
Just as I heard the still small voice





A friend is one who knows you and treats you as a friend.
A best friend is one who brings out the best in you.
A good friend is one who shows you the good in bad times.
A friend indeed is one who shows up in times of need.
A true friend is one who reveals to you the rare truths.

Here We Are! :)

Welcome to my blog. Welcome to Heart Rays.

I am so pleased to have you and I like you already! This is a channel to creatively and artistically express the truth, the love, the experience and the life that I have found.

My expressions are with audacity and authenticity. Endurance and emotion. Vulnerability and voice. Resilience and resolution. Creativity and freedom.

I do away with the highlight reel, and show people the lost footage. Reveal the scars. Make a joke. It can be serious and not that serious. But in all, my desire is to help you grow as a person, a leader, a communicator, and most of all, as a child of God!

I agree with the popular saying that, "the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart." This means that the core issues of life are the matters of the heart. The very essence of life is the heart. Everything we are and everything we do flows from the heart. When the heart feels good, the body feels good. And when the body feels good, life feels good. It's an inside-out living.

Physically, the role of the heart in keeping us alive cannot be undermined. From the moment it begins beating until the moment it stops, the human heart works tirelessly. I studied that the electromagnetic signal from the heart is so powerful that it radiates beyond our skin, all around us, the 360 degrees sphere, and as far as the ten feet into the space around us. That's profound! Nothing else in the body has such electromagnetic force. Each of us whether we choose to acknowledge it or not is a transmitter of energy- energy that stimulates emotions. (Emotions are simply energy in motion)

Originally, the bible says the heart is evil, deceitful and desperately wicked. However, after a man experiences salvation, the heart is impacted and made available for the purifying Word of God to work upon it. A man can only be transformed when the information he receives reaches to the heart. The word of God is the light that shines abroad in our heart to transform it so that it brings forth good report, virtues and success.

The light from the sun is called Sun Rays. And the light from the heart is what I choose to call Heart Rays. There are rays of love, hope, faith, beauty, life, fun, and so much more.

When we reveal the truth we know, express the love we find, share the experience we have and present the life we live. We let the light shine.

So right here, I give out my Heart Rays. I'd love you to also give out yours. What do you say? Oh yeah!

I'm so excited that you are here. Now, the journey gets more interesting. . .

Welcome and thank you. :)


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