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Fun! How Many Bible Verses Can You Find?

Awww. . . Beautiful June tells us goodbye tonight. She's really been wonderful. Hasn't she? And we'll miss her. Won't we? Well, I'm glad she made a promise be back next year. :)

There's nothing serious on my mind. I just want us to play!

How Many Books of the Bible Can You Find in this Picture?

I found 23 in 12 minutes. How about you?

Btw, whose birthday is next? 

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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It's Not Over Yet

I usually put up my post at 5:59 AM (GMT, West Central Africa) So this post is about two hours late. I didn't really want to blog today. I was forming, "I need to take some time off." But I couldn't resist the topic on my daily devotional. It is talking to me!

It's Not Over Yet

Just last weekend, I celebrated my first blogiversary. I was feeling on top of the world. I was feeling fly. I thought I deserve to take some time off. I've really been through a lot already.


TOP 10 Sweethearts of the Year

Yes. Yes. And yes. It's still our blogiversary weekend. I'm high onnit! E no easy na. Lol. I have decided to specially appreciate my regular blog visitors today. I wish I could throw us a party but erm. . . *bites lip*

Top 10 Sweethearts of the Year

Sweetheart is a name I call everyone who visits/listens to Heart Rays. You can read about how to become a sweetheart here.

Before-before, I was the only visitor on the blog. But today, there are hundreds of visitors. Praise the Lord! (*laughs*)


TOP 10 Podcasts of the Year

Mehn, I'm still in the birthday and blogiversary mood. How I wish JUNE26 can be  everyday. Lol. Thanks for the love you've shown me. May celebration never cease in your life in Jesus' name. Amen.

TOP 10 Podcasts of the Year

This is the first thing I had initially wanted my blog to be about; sound and voice. At the time, all I prayed for was to bless more people with my voice since I wasn't able to get Heart Rays on the radio.


No Podcast. It's my Birthday and 1st Blogiversary!

Woo-hoo! It's my birthday!!! Happy birthday to me!!! I'm literally screaming my voice out. If I'd created a podcast for today, it would have either melted your earlobes or broken your eardrums (as the case may be). Lol!

My Birthday + 1st Blogiversary

I am awake, alert and alive today, 26 June 2015. I don't know what to say!!! Last year, I wrote a birthday poem, but I have no words to express my gratitude today. God has been just too good!!!



Questions for Reflections Before You Turn 30

It is your life, your priorities. It would be good to ask yourself some questions at this point in time, so you can set your priorities right. (Aww! I heard that voice in my head again)

Before I Turn 30

Ever since I bumped into an article about 'what to do before you turn 30', I'd been praying about living before dying.


STORY: I Met Jerry (9)

It's 8:45 PM. I still couldn't get through to Jerry. This might probably be the first day he's never called since the day we met. But I hope not.

Event Wear

I had completed all the items I had on my to-do list. It wasn't a very bad day. But Jerry could have made it much better if he had called. He didn't. Perhaps not yet.

As I lay on the bed alone with my pillows, I thought about Jerry. I thought about the happy moments we shared. I thought about the way he makes me blush. I thought about the day we. . .


20 Positive Quotes by Nigerians

A sweetheart read through my poems and quotes, and pointed out I do not promote quotes by Nigerians. "O-M-G! You are right!" I suddenly realized. So he offered to help with these quotes. :)

20 Positive Quotes by Nigerians

I love to read quotations. I’ll admit that I have a rather funny habit of keeping long lists of my favorites in my diary. I can't explain how few number of words keep my heart on.


11 'I Could have Died' Moments

Happy New Week! This might be the most emotional piece I've ever shared on here. *teary eyes* It feels like a reality told in the movies. But these are not made-up stories. I lived in these moments.

11 'I could have Died' Moments

So I stayed up all night thinking about my life. What am I doing, living? Why am I not dead yet? As I kept pondering over these questions. I remembered the moments I was close to death by just a second.

When you see death so close, you will learn to appreciate life.


How Shall This Be?

When I got back from church, I switched on my phone and read my messages. I ate, tweeted, and took a nap. In that nap, I imagined Mary as a girl. . .

How Shall This Be? 

I try to imagine Mary as a girl of about 14 or 15 years old being surprisingly visited by an angel, Gabriel for the first time.

It is normal for her to be scared. The angel had to calm her fears, so he says: "Don't be afraid; you've found favour with God."


PODCAST: There are Two Kinds of Men

Hiya! It's the third Friday for ROL(Reading Out Loud). I'm expected to read us a story. Right? But erm. . . something else came up. Today, I'll be reading from the best book of all times; the Bible.

Romans 7:14-25.

Rays of Wisdom. . .


STORY: I Met Jerry (8)

Jerry's line has been off all morning. I was worried-sick. "what is happening??"

Another Her

Each time my phone rang, I had just one person on my mind. Just one.

I had received quite a number of calls that morning. But none of them was Jerry's.  I was disappointed when each voice I heard was not his.


10 Timeless Love Quotes

Yes. Yes. Yes. You know I'm in love already. I'm not shy to say it. *blushes*

10 Timeless Love Quotes

I'd love to share these timeless thoughts about love.
These quotes are not only about the happy and romantic love but love in other forms too. You'll find them really inspiring. . .


Believe Me, the Title of this Post is "Hang In There!"

Hello sweeties! How was the weekend? The title of this post is 'Hang In There'

You have to be patient.


PODCAST: Be Beautiful Like That

Yipee! It's Friday! A beautiful one at that. *smiles* Tell the closest person to you right now how beautiful he/she is. It will go a long way.
You are beautiful like that.
Alrightie, who remembers when I asked, what makes a woman beautiful? So I met this stranger who gave me the best answer ever. I will never forget his face. And most importantly, I will never forget the way he made me feel. I'll cherish it forever.

Rays of Beauty. . .


STORY: I Met Jerry (7)

Now we chat on social media because the phone calls aren't just enough. I really do enjoy the dynamics of social media and the power of emoticons.

Chats of Solomon

If Jerry and I were in a competition of "who is more romantic?" It would be a tie. We are too romantic at almost the same level. Being romantic is saying or doing things that show that you love someone. And Jerry and I express our feelings without any doubt or shame. We do not care who texted first, or replied last.

We can't help to say, "I love you."


He Stole My Tweet

I didn't want to make a big deal out of this but since I have nothing else to write about. Let's deal with it already!

He Stole My Tweet (Plagiarism)

When you don't find me on the blogosphere, I am probably on Twitterville. I like to tweet and read tweets. Doing that stirs my mind to think up words with just 140 characters. It inspires my creativity. Yup!


Why do People have to Die?

People are dying everyday. Someone died an hour ago. And someone is just about to die! I lost some dear ones last week. I cried. I cried. And I cried.

Why do People Die?

When a loved one passes away, we feel we have lost something precious. We are left with a gaping hole in our heart, and we often wonder why they were taken away from us. We start to ask the "why" questions.

"Oh no! Why?!" "Oh death, why!?" "Oh God, why?!"


NEWS: 3 Happy News I Found this Week

My heart currently prays for Ghana, Yobe state and Ondo state. This week has been a very sad one. The rate of oil tank explosions, death tolls and disease outbreaks have been on the high. We already know bad things are happening. But it's better to know that good things are happening too. So here, I've got some good news to inspire us. :)

3 Happy News I Found this Week

Out of the thousands of news out there, these 3 shined out enough for me to share. 


PODCAST: Timing is Everything

It hasn't happened yet. And you're like;  "When, God, when?!" "For how long will I wait?!" You are tired. You are almost giving up. Hold on!

God knows what he is doing because He is never late. You have to understand that God is doing the very best for you right now.

Rays of hope. . .


STORY: I Met Jerry (6)

"I love you my baby boo. . ." ". . . Don't call me that. . ." "Ahan, so what should I now call you?" "Whatever you like but not that name used in all those worldly relationships. . ."

Goodbye Jerreasonable

It would make more sense if Jerry and I was taking a walk on the beach right now. I thought to myself.

We took a walk down the street. And I do not exactly enjoy walking with Jerry on a busy road. The noise on the streets which included cars hooting, people shouting and all that, distracts me from savouring the moment.


PHOTO TALK: You are Shinning Anyway

No matter what happens or how hard it seems, do all you can to let your light shine.

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia

Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.


Don't be Afraid to LOL

When someone said; "Hmmm. .  Amaka, that your blog sef. You will just be telling the whole world everything about you. Na wa o." I thought it being quite true. so I came about this. . . LOL.

LOL - Live Out Loud

What are you afraid of?
Are you scared that people will hate you?
Do you fear that you will be ridiculed?
Have you got dark shades around you?

Sweetheart, step out of the dark and come on into the light. Come forth!
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