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6 Style Challenges You Should Try This Month And Next

It feels like only yesterday that we welcomed 2017, and now here we are in July. Half of the year is already gone!

But no matter how the first half had been, we can get by with a few things to change and anticipate. And embarking on a STYLE CHALLENGE is a great way to push yourself.

Challenge Your Style

We all know it's not possible to overhaul our entire wardrobe every month or every time we want to. We are left with no choice than to wear the clothes we already have. That's why bloggers (like yours truly) inspire our style and help us to constantly learn great ways to repeat our clothes and reinvent our looks without spending a dime. 

I can count how many clothes I bought so far this year. I have saved money for myself from unnecessary fashion troubles through these challenges.

  • A No-black week

I am a fairly frequent black-wearer, I mean I can wear black on a daily basis without a care. I love black because it can be worn in a number of different ways and with hundreds of different tops or jackets, but how about a black-free week to get more use out of your clothes? You might be surprised what you come up with!

Need some inspiration? See a week I lived without black clothes!

  • A week of Scary Colours

I generally love colours but then again, I don't feel comfy and confident in certain colours. I have challenged myself to wear colours I do not "enjoy" having on my body (e.g brown and grey). Didn't realize how many brown clothes I had until I took up the challenge. It's amazing!

  • A week dedicated to dresses
How about leaving out the jeans and the leggings and have a week or two dedicated to wearing only dresses. This challenge may sound hard, but it's a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Add a skirt and your dress becomes a top; add a jacket and it's a skirt. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

  • A week of xxxx fabric
I have worn lace pieces for an entire week, and it worked magic. The compliments I received were more than the usual. Pick a fabric and play around with it for an entire week. For instance, a week of denim, a week of bodycons, etc. The thing about this challenge is that you'd want to continue when you realize how much pieces you have in that fabric.

  • Learn How To Sew
When you have truly discovered your own style statement, sometimes you'll picture such an ideal outfit and you go on a crazy search for it. And you won't find it. Instead of being disappointed, learn how to make it yourself! You can learn to mend your favourite items, recycle old clothes and keep them looking fresh and new, as well as how to make up new items as you go along, just for the cost of fabrics. This can be a real money-saver, and a great way to challenge yourself!

See How To Recycle A Dress Into A Maxi Skirt

  • 1 Pair Of Shoe For A Week
Although I've never been a shoe girl, I suddenly began to take great pleasure in a particular footwear. It's pretty amazing how much a simple shoe can fit all your outfit! *whispers* sneakers.

At first, I worried that people would notice I was re-wearing the same pair of shoe, especially because I was tagged a fashionista, but really, no one seemed to. (And if they did, they didn't say anything!)

See The Concept Of Cooking Your Style Sweet

A style challenge is one of the reasons I look forward to dressing up everyday. It's fun. To challenge our creativity is to make life more exciting and more interesting.

* * * * 
Challenging your style is so much fun.

While embarking on each of these challenges, I enjoyed getting dressed! Oddly enough, I also didn't think much about shopping for new clothes during the period.

While the pieces I picked were practical, I felt beautifully creative. After two weeks of wearing my scary colours, I felt changed. I found myself admiring the forbidden tops, dresses, and skirts in my wardrobe. I even wore a GREY shirtdress on my birthday - the day I travelled. Wawu!

You should try one of these. Don't do it for anybody. Do it for yourself only. Style is a personal thing.

My next challenge is to rock Ankara fabric for an entire week. Excited! I'm gathering the pieces . . . 

Are you going to challenge your style for the New Month? Are you going to take on any of these challenges? Have you ever done a style challenge before? Let us know in a comment!

Happy New Month!
Stay inspired.
Stay be-YOU-tiful.

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