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36 Lessons I picked From 'War Room' (2015 Movie)

Who hasn't seen this movie?! Why?! War Room is a movie that every single lady should see. Scrap that. It is a movie that every married woman should see. Scrap that. It's a movie that every Christian should see! 

Lessons From 'War Room'

The first time I saw 'War Room', I replayed it. Blessedly, I have a copy. I loved love this movie. ('Love' because I am still loving it). I've even lost count of the number of times I've seen it. It appears every time I see this movie, I discover something new.  


RELATIONSHIP: When You Feel Like You Are All Alone In This World

We have all been there, you know . . . those moments when you just break down. There is so much being thrown at us on a daily basis; work, friends, family, love . . . . sometimes it’s just too much. And this feeling can overwhelm us.

Feeling Alone?

I get so caught up in my own thoughts about things, that I am not able to see the bigger picture and I get brought into this negative world of things that are wrong with me. I constantly think about what I need to change, or why things happen and frequently find myself asking, “What is wrong with me?”


Dear Diary, I Achieved Nothing Today

Life is full of uncertainty, we've just got to learn to live with it. This was what happened yesterday.

Nothing Achieved

The day started on a good note.


Wrote out my to-do list.


It Is Wicked Not To Be Fruitful

I love the Bible for many reasons. One reason is because the Bible can be read metaphorically and understood literally. 

The Bible often uses the metaphor of fruit to describe the produce of our lives. If your life bears no fruit, you are regarded as wicked

The Call To Be Fruitful

To be fruitful is to be able to show progress in your career, your relationship/marriage, academic pursuit, business and of course your walk with God.


What I Wore: Choke The Neck And Go Off The Shoulder

Hey sweeties! How are you doing? I hope you are fabulous and basking in the glory of God. The year seems to get better for me. I am awed by God and the things He does IN me. 

Off The Shoulder

One perk of being a freelance presenter is being free to wear (mostly) whatever I want—instead of “official outfit” like button-downs and skirts/trousers, I can indulge a sudden craving for frilly vintage clothes, denims, or even use headwraps. Anything goes!


BOOK: The Leadership Challenge By James Kouzes & Barry Posner

In my opinion, this book is a bible of leardership. I am looking for a means to get a copy for myself. The one I'm holding isn't mine. (Even though I'm silently hoping Ayo, my friend would ask me to keep it).

The Leadership Challenge

I borrowed this book to read but I am prompted to share my thoughts on it and to recommend it. 


After I Read This, I Totally Know When To Be Silent

I found this article somewhere and it got me reflecting on how I have a lot to learn. I am still learning . . . 

When To Be Silent

Have you ever regretted something that you said? I know I have, so many times.

Here are some valuable tips to know when to stay silent.


RELATIONSHIP: How To Keep Trusting Even When You're Hurt

When the Bible says, "the just shall live by faith", that sure includes having faith in our relationships. It takes faith to let a person into our life. Don't you think so?

Love With Faith

There is a good bit of faith that has to go with loveFaith in the other person to do right and love you, faith in yourself to trust them with your heart.


70+ Reasons Behind My Smile

Someone said to me; "Amaka, I love your smiles". I had to process that statement for a while because my teeth are not-so-white. What exactly is about my smile? Lol. In as much as I'm unsure if that should be taken as a compliment, I'd like to simply take it as one. I've got a beautiful smile. :)

70+ Reasons Behind My Smile

I believe the simple act of smiling does far more than making you look friendly and approachable. It can change your life and the lives of those around you. It is a positivity booster.


3 Things You Should Know Before You Quit Your Job To Chase Your Dreams

This past week has been one of the best weeks of my life. It's been like living in a fairytale world. I've literally seen my "little" dreams come true right before my beautiful eyes. It's been dramatic.

However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think I made a mistake quitting my job.

Before Chasing The Dream

I had a nice, well-paying administrative job with a thriving company. It provided a relaxed team atmosphere in which I worked with respected, cooperative colleagues. My office was not too far from home, I pretty much spent not more than N300 (Three Hundred Naira) daily on transport — yet, I was miserable and dreaded going to work after spending close to two years there.


STYLE: What Is "Vintage" Anyway?

I am literally laughing my heart out! It wasn't until someone said "Amaka, I like your vintage shirt," that I knew I was wearing one!

Yes, you guessed right. I googled it! Lmho!

Vintage Style

Do you know what "vintage" is? I am not sure I do. In fact, I am not interested. LMHO.


Note To Self: Get Out Of Your Head

Are you unnecessarily driving yourself crazy? Are your feelings almost getting the best of you?

Get Out Of Your Head

The mind is like a compass that helps direct your life.

You are in charge, and you do not have to think things that you don’t want to think about.


RELATIONSHIP: Why You Are Always Jealous

Most times my relationship posts are inspired by my most current emotions and dealings. I write them at the heat of the moment, when it is still burning in my heart. This is no exception.

Love Is Not Jealous 

I am of the opinion that being jealous about your relationship with somebody is a good thing. However, being jealous of somebody's success is a bad thing. That said, the focus of this article is on the former.


DIARY: A Trip Down Memory Lane To Badagry

This is an exciting entry. Grab a bag of popcorn and a bottle of your favourite drink already. :)

Trip To Badagry

I’ve always loved going to places that give me an opportunity to see and discover exciting things. Visiting Badagry was an amazing experience for me; I learnt the town’s most beautiful culture and heritage.


Stop Disturbing My Life

Hi sweeties! How are you today? The weather is so cool over here. There is a gentle breeze coming through the window in my little cozy room. Hmm .  .  . *inhales slowly* I am enjoying a breathe of fresh air.

Lemme tell you about it. :)

Do Not Disturb

I am a calm person. I hate drama.

A-ha! Remembering that I told I do have a dramatic personality yesterday, and then saying that I hate drama today sounds a bit awkward to me. Lol. There are two different things, you know that. Right?


What I Wore: Dramatic Lace Top

Hello sweeties! How are you doing? Enjoying the weekend? It's going to be long one. So rock it till the very end. :)

OK, here's What-I-Wore.

Dramatic Personality

This is the first time I'd be wearing this top, and I got so many compliments! Little did anyone know I got it for just N500 at Oshodi Bend-Down-A-Little Boutique. ^_^


Why You Should Attend Events

We’ve all been told time and time again that networking events are important for our career, our business and our well-being, but many of us still do not attend them. I have come to tell you about two awesome events I think you might like to attend.

Two Awesome Upcoming Events

I’m not a pro networker. I struggle with finding the right way to break into a conversation with people I don’t know. But I’ve gotten better by attending events - By sitting at tables with people I don’t (yet) know. I’ve made some amazing connections and even more amazing friends from going to live events.


8 Inspiring Quotes For Entrepreneurs By Mark Zuckerberg

I can almost bet you heard that Mark Zuckerberg, the 7th richest man in the world was in Nigeria last week. It was all over social media. Did you watch the Q and A? I think something big is about to hit Nigeria's IT industry pretty soon.

8 Things Mark Zuckerberg Said When He Visited Nigeria

As an entrepreneur, I can say one of the coolest aspects of being an entrepreneur in this digital era is having access to a ton of educational and inspirational resources that can accelerate success.


RELATIONSHIP: Here's What I Think About Being A Side-chick

Yep! I've been a side-chick for a while now. And now that I'm certified, I guess it's time to move on with my life. *shrugs*

The Side Chick Tag

Men can be so sweet. They are very enticing and can lure us in with their smooth talk. They sell dreams that money can't even buy. But, jeez! Why do those dreams sound so good? :(


DIARY: Happy Birthday, Frances!

Today, I celebrate the life of a sister and friend.

Frances Okoro


OK. Wait. What should I say?

It's funny how the birthday of a dear one makes me blush. Lol.


When You Start To Grow Tired And Weary

Sometimes I find myself thinking - should I really be doing all of this?!

Do Not Be Weary

I have my freak out, burn out, light dimmed moments. Dark moments where I begin to lose faith and patience.


STYLE: Tired Of Your Maxi Dress? Make A Skirt In 30 Minutes

Every girl needs a good skirt. Every girl loves a good skirt. And the best ones, in my opinion, are those you recycled, you designed or made by yourself. :)

Maxi Dress To Maxi Skirt

You can do this in 30 minutes by following 4 easy steps. It's easy if you are good with scissors and pins. And it's super easy if you have a sewing machine

The only thing you need for this creative project is an elastic band. 


Speak To That Mountain

What is the mountain in your life? What is standing in your way? What is holding you back from going forward (with speed) and fulfilling God's plan?

Speak God's Word to that mountain!

Declarations For The Month

To declare means to manifest, to reveal, to proclaim and to issue a command. Declaration can be the release of some positive thoughts out of your mouth at the beginning of the day, week, month, or year.
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