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You, Devil, You!

I cannot think of one time when after I had prayed and fasted for days that the devil has not struck. And He seems to know exactly where to hit me!

Devil, Leave Me!

Maybe my love for God is not that deep. Why would small thing like that just entangle me? Why did I fall so easily? Kai!

I would really like to ask the devil why he doesn't get bored or get tired of using the same modus operandi every time to trip people up. Ahan!

OK, maybe it doesn't do that to everybody. At least for me, he seems to have just ONE plan:

To distract me.

Each time I step out for God, he steps out big time for me. And he brings the distraction that causes the most damage.

Last month would have been the best month ever. I would have sang praises to God had I not been carried away by lustful thoughts and desires. That lust thing had me on. But it's all good. I am better for it now.

When the devil struck, I wish I can say that I handled it righteously. I wish I can say that I overcame the temptation. I wish I can say that I never gave in to pleasing my flesh. But I can't lie.

I am not sure I want to lie because when you have decided to live out loud for God, you gotta be REAL. Being a Christian requires you to live authentically. And I am being real here.

I failed. 

I failed woefully.

It was all my fault. All mine.

I gave the ugly-looking, focus-stealing and life-wrecking big head a chance.

Just one chance, and he stole a lot from me.

You, devil, you!

Just thinking about it makes me really mad. This is me venting on my blog, and in doing this, I'm hoping that anyone reading this will not fall into the snare of the devil. The devil never gets tired. He will DO ANYTHING not to allow you to enjoy what God has given, is giving, and will give you.

Thank God for His grace that restores and His mercy that endures and His blood that cleanses.

See, that you passed with flying colours yesterday should not make you become too confident oh. There are more tests, trials and temptations right in front of you. Especially if you are doing all you can to live for Christ. And most especially, if you have just scored a victory in any area of your life.

Devil, leave me!

Reading the title of this post actually cracks me up. Lol. Who am I trying to deceive? The devil can't leave me to shine. It's never going to happen. I'm a terror to him as long as I keep abounding in THE LIGHT and being THE LIGHT.

He will come again. Sure thing. But this time, I will NOT let down my guards in the mighty name of Jesus!

"Be alert. Be on your watch! Your enemy, the devil is going about like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

Sweetie, don't let the devil rub you off your blessings oh. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Don't blink.


P.S Good to be back. Thanks for sticking with me.*smiles and waves* Lemme get on to reply your awesome comments and visit my favoutite blogs.

* * * *
What has the devil stolen from you? GOD can RESTORE EVERYTHING the devil has stolen from you. Read Joel 2:25.

Wishing you an amazing week, filled with breathtaking inspiration and so much positivity!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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