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RELATIONSHIP: You Either Leave Them or They Leave You

2015 will be ending in two days. I believe we are all taking stock of how the year has been. Let's review our relationships too. Ask God to help you identify those relationships that are/will not be helpful to your life.

Let Go

God's been reminding me about some of the prayers I prayed in 2015, and how He's answered them. I have been on thanksgiving mode since Sunday. One of the prayers was to be surrounded by people who will lead me towards God and purpose, those who will make me proud to be a "good girl". I see His answers everywhere.


PHOTO: Describe 2015 In One Word

Look back, how would you describe your 2015?

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                           Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.


See What I Got For Christmas :)

Hello sweeties! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas celebration. Oya gist me. :)
Exactly two weeks ago, I told you what I had on my wish list. So I think it's proper to show you what I finally got. :)

What I Got For Christmas

I googled the meaning of "Boxing Day" to be very sure I know what it means. But it appears Mr. Google is also confused. Who knows the real meaning??

OK. While I await your response. I guess Boxing Day is stated to be December 26, a day to open your Christmas gift box. Yeah? Well, I couldn't meet up to our posting time (5:59 AM) on Saturday. So I postponed it till today.


STYLE: When You Feel Like "Just there"

Yipee! It's the last Sunday of 2015. We made it. Thanks to God! I was feeling a bit like "just there" this morning. But the devil failed. How are you doing sweetheart? Hope you're feeling cool. 

You know how we do it every Sunday. Lemme show you what I Wore to church today. :)

WIW: The Last Sunday Of 2015

If I had picked up my private diary this morning, I would have written something like: "I feel so indifferent. I am neither happy nor sad. I can't explain this feeling, and I don't like it!" 

Have you ever felt that way? When you're like . . .  "just there". 


PODCAST: Merry Christmas! What Does Christmas Mean To You?

It's Christmas! Merry Christmas sweeties! Christmas is perceived to mean different things to different people based on the way it's being celebrated and the reason behind the celebration. For many people it means eating a lot and spending time with family and visiting relatives and friends. For others it often means receiving gifts, gifts and gifts!

I went on the streets to ask Nigerians what the season mean to them. Listen to what some of them said . . . 


Healthy Snacks For Your Heart

I apologize about the 'unseriousness' I displayed yesterday. Some days are just like that. Phew. Thank you for understanding. A big shout out to Sarah, Johnero, Nikemi, Ore-ofe, Jenny, Lucy & Mrs Kene for writing the concluding part of the article. You all are so amazing! Let's keep going. :)

*whispers* While it is important to take care of the spiritual state of your heart, it is also very important to take care of your heart in its physical form. You can keep your heart healthy . . . by snacking. Especially during this season. 

Healthy Snacks

I am passionate about many things, but food is not one of them. If you've been following my blog, you'd notice I hardly talk about food. (OK, except when I mentioned fufu, akara and jollof rice). I'm so not a foodie.


RELATIONSHIP: Joseph, The Man Mary Married

Erm . . . I became nervous when about five people told me they couldn't wait to read today's post. I wish I didn't mention it on Twitter that I was going to share insights from the love story of Joe and Mary. As at 4:00AM this morning, I didn't know how/what to write anymore. *scratches head* I am still trying to write . . .

Traits Of An Ideal Man (In Joseph) 

source: g+

During one of our discussions on TWTW (The Women at The Well) group initiated by Frances, we talked about this. The 9 of us have been studying love stories in the Bible and fetching out "rhema" from them. We are studying to revamp our minds on "the list" we have created about our life partners as we accept God’s own list for us in our hearts. We've been encouraging one another towards choosing carefully (on the basis of character). And it’s been so insightful and soul lifting.


10 Hearty Christmas Quotes

Oh la la la la! My heart sings in high soprano. Loving this season! Who doesn't feel Christmassy yet?

 Christmas Quotes

These are 10 joyous Christmas quotes to brighten the season and get you into the Christmas spirit.


When Christmas Brings Sad Memories

Christmas is a wonderful season but can also be a difficult season to cope with. For some people, it brings back sad and painful memories.

Don't Miss The Merry 

Two weeks ago, a family friend lost her dear son who was almost two years old. Just when there was so much hype and expectations building up for the amazing church's Christmas party, the baby boy died. I started to wonder how she would feel knowing her son wouldn't be there. 


STYLE: Denim On The Street

So I counted the number of WIW posts I have officially done already. This is the 15th. I'm happy about it. And I dunno why. :)

Street Style

All the while, I'd been showing you What I Wore when I'm on high heels. So I decided to do something different this time. No heels. No paparazzi. No ajebutter things.


PODCAST: Don't Get Carried Away This Christmas

It's that time of the year when you can easily be carried away -  buying Christmas presents, longing for the latest brands, attending parties/social events, seeking relationships that add no value, and all that stuff. You could get too materialistic and forget what really is more important.

Listen to "Who Is A Spiritual Man?"


Pronounce "Joseph" and "Moses"

The two lessons for today are almost like the battle we had with Mr. S and Mr. Zed here. It's time to take up our swords and fight again. Are you ready?!


Dating Is Not A Relationship

Hello sweeties! It's another Wednesday to talk about relationship things o. I personally need to read this article over and over again. I meet a guy today, and the next thing I'm thinking is "that could be my Mr. Man". It's high time I knew and believed this truth.

Dating Is Not A Relationship

Twice have I dated, and twice have I been heart broken. Why? Because I got it all twisted. So when I say dating is not a relationship, I know what I mean. This is something I’ve had to learn the hard way.


PHOTOS: This Guy Creates Cartoon Characters Out Of Balloons. Incredible!

Creativity turns me on! I saw these pictures and thought I should I should show you. I'm thrilled!

Characters out of Balloons


What My Christmas Wish List Looks Like

I'm soo excited. It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! *inhales* Hmmmm . . . that smell. That joy. That feeling. *exhales* Oh la la la la! Are you pondering what I'm pondering? 

Most Christmases I get gifts I don’t like or want or make wish lists of things I want but don’t need and have no place to store. So this year I made a list of things I actually want or need (and can’t afford). I am not asking for Christmas gifts from anyone, but if you feel led to get me something. Here are some ideas. ;)

My Wish list

At the beginning of the year, I made a list of things I planned to have, do, feel, experience and see before the end of the year. I've continually updated the list as I complete the items - by excitedly checking them off, hopefully waiting for some to pull through and adding new ones as the day goes by.

Here is a peep from my wish list:


STYLE: One Way To Tie A Scarf

Happy Sunday, sweeties! How are you all doing? Feeling good. Yeah? I don't want to say (or write) anything today. Let the pictures do the talking. :)

Some people have started tagging me with this style. I don't blame them at all. It's not their fault. Lol. I usually wrap my head in a scarf this way. 

For those who have been asking me. Oya, see pictures showing you how I do it below. Enjoy!


PODCAST: How Are You Living? (Repeat)

Hiya! Count down to 2016 has already started. Did anyone notice that the year had been running really fast?

Life is moving as fast too. If we don't stop and look around, we might miss our way. May we not miss our lives in the rush of unnecessary things.
"Dear Lord, teach us how to live. . ." Psalm 27:11
Rays of Life. . .


Stop Pronouncing "december" Wrongly

Ehen, I observe most people wrongly pronounce this word. I hope you're not one of them. *rme*


RELATIONSHIP: How To Overcome The Guilt of Sin (Fornication & Adultery)

Oh! The guilt. The shame. The memories keep replaying in your mind. You are almost frustrated. That feeling! It is good to feel bad for doing something wrong but you should never condemn yourself. Never.

No Condemnation

When I'm asked to describe the niche audience of my blog, I do not hesitate to say "Christian youths". I'm a Christian who blogs for Christians and soon-to-be Christians. Youths who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. And together we are walking towards knowing God better, living in total obedience and fulfilling purpose. Or aren't we? Of course. 


STOP. Be Still

Hellooooo, who is home?! I'm back oooo. Awww . . . My heart melted when I read all your comments in my previous post, and your emails? Oh my! Thank you so much for your love and support. Thank you for being a sweetheart. Thank you. God bless you richly!
Be Still

Mehn, you never know your heart as completely as God does.

I have a calm demeanor that can be almost visible even to the blind. But appearing calm is one thing, having a heart that is calm is another. I'd been wrestling with myself, or perhaps with God, for days now.
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