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Dear Diary, The Testimony Is Like This

There is no better way to wrap up Dear Diary for the year than the performance of the very Word of God. It is so obvious that God sees the end from the beginning. I'm awed!

Word Made Flesh

And when I cried unto the Lord God of my fathers
The Lord heard my voice
and looked on my affliction
my labour
my oppression


When God Gives No Gift

Happy Boxing Day! Time to unwrap our gifts and enjoy our blessings. Shall we? :)

Where Is My Gift?

I remember asking a similar question, where is my gift? 

Even the MD acknowledged that I was perfect for the position. The interview went smoothly. And the audition swept everyone off their feet.


Last Sunday Of The Year. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, sweethearts of my blogosphere. May the joy and happiness that come with the season never be far away from you and yours. You have made me smile and made my tears dry quickly. God bless you.

I have a little something for you.


My Journey Of Waiting On God And Trusting Him All Year

Christmas Story starts with a fine girl called Mary being told, in a special way, that she will give birth to a very special baby who will be named Jesus.

And she's like "How Shall This Be?"

I can relate it to being told, in a weird way, that I will get a job that will be called a dream.

Trusting Through Conception To Delivery 

The conception of prophecy starts with just a word, but the process that leads to its manifestation can be a long, tough one.


RELATIONSHIP: 5 Ways To Be A Blessing To Others Even When You Are Broke

I've been singing a particular song for such a long time, thank God, I am now singing a new song. My prayer point has suddenly changed. Wow. Shout out to those who called, texted and commented about/on yesterday's post. God bless you all real good.

Yep. We are back to regular blogging. Although our time table might change a little bit because we are stepping into a new season. I can only hope that it sits well with you.

Till then, it's Love-Wednesday!

How To Be A Blessing

We are in the season of giving and receiving gifts. Many people are going shopping, others are wondering what their next meal would be. Life. Many people would receive loads of gifts, others would feel they are all alone in the world. Life.


Dear Diary, God Has Done It!!!

Testimony time!!! Where do I start this gist from???? Should I start from the time I conceived it (here) or when it manifested in the physical??? It's been a looooong ride!!!

A Dream Job

When I blogged about 'waiting for "what's next"', I had no idea what it was. I just felt something was cooking. 3 days after the post, I received an invitation for a job interview.


What's Next

Hi. Hi. Long time, no blog. How is everyone doing? I hope you are enjoying the holiday.

What's Next

I'd like to rock my natural African kinky comb-breaking hair for Christmas. I gave it a good treat today! But I'm scared at how it is turning out. It seems my hair does not want me to shine this season.


Cook Your Style Sweet

Hello sweethearts of my blogosphere! How have you been? And your weekend? Mine has been fantastic. I feel Christmassy! I hope you do too.  :)

Fashion Is Like Cooking With Ingredients

You know when it comes to fashion and style, it's all about personality and creativity. That's why I loveeeeet!


BOOK: You Are All That! By Paula White

Among the books I read during the 30-Day Man Fast is 'You Are ALL THAT!' by Paula White. It is a book specially made for people like me. But wait a minute, who am I? Lol. That's what this book is about!

You are ALL THAT: Understanding God's Design For Your Life

This book is one of the oldest in my library, yet it brings new perspectives and principles to a Jesus-loving single woman like me.

Nope, I don't mean it is for only women. It is actually for everyone.

The power of God in this book is amazing, and the power of God in the author, Paula White is amazing.


Is Blogging A Reality Or An Illusion?

Hi! It's December already! I tend to reflect a lot at the beginning of a new month, new week or new season. Newness inspires me.

While I was reflecting, I thought about how far I have come with blogging. And it dawned on me that yours truly hasn't bagged any award yet. Lol. But why? 

The Rewards Of A Blogger

Being a blogger wasn't something I have always wanted to do. In fact, I stumbled on it.
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