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November To Remember (2018)

I kept a daily record of moods and events which I found memorable in November 2017. So I thought to myself, why not do it again? It's been a thrilling experience!

November 2018

I am a big fan of keeping diaries. Journaling daily is the most creative and powerful keystone habit you can acquire. When done correctly, you will show up better in every area of your life. Every area!

When you start writing, new horizons of thought open in the palace of your mind. =You’ll even need to put your pen down and take a few breaths. You’ll be captivated not only by the amazing things in your life, but by the awe and wonders of life in general.

My heart is so filled with thanksgiving for November 2018.

1/11 - "Happy New Month!" I greet my colleagues as I walk towards my corner in the office.

2/11 - I am with the love of my life. We are discussing the future. 

3/11 - The struggle with natural hair tho. This is a bad-hair day :(

4/11 - I am at the salon to treat my hair nice.

5/11 - Work! Work!! Work!!!

6/11 - A stranger who footed my transport fare neither asked for my name nor my contact info. Good people still exist in the world.

7/11 - The love of my life came by the house after work. He is watching football with my dad and youngest brother. Manchester United is playing against I-dunno. And I'm liking the bond.

8/11 - After work, the love of my life and I are holding hands at the SilverBird cinema watching a Kemi Adetiba's movie titled 'King Of Boys'.

9/11 - I feel sleepy. Thank God it's Friday.

10/11 - I'm here doing one of the things I love. Speaking. Yeah, I'm hosting the first physical 'Breaking Barriers Conference'.

11/11 - Spent the night at my friend and fashion designer's house (Ellaseams). I am trying out all my wedding dresses while she's taking notes for adjustments.

12/11 - Feeling myself. I like what I am wearing today. A new skirt! *snap and post on Instagram*

13/11 - The love of my life and I are at the Provincial headquarters (RCCG Lagos Province 9) for our marriage counseling session. "Don't spend more than what you earn", the Pastor advised. 

14/11 - Work. Wedding. Work. Wedding. These two things are in a competition to get my attention today.

15/11 - Work has my attention today. It's all work. Work. Work.

16/11 - A colleague, Mr. Lekan bagged his Ph.D today. I am celebrating with him. He is trending on my Whatsapp status.

17/11 - The love of my life is fixing one of his car's tyres and I'm giving him my moral support. I think I'm going to be a great wifey.

18/11 - Lol. Pst. and Pst(Mrs.) Olowu are talking to us about sex in marriage today. It's exciting. Can't wait to have and enjoy the real deal. Yeah, yeah.

19/11 - Tecno Mobile is launching the Camon11pro today. I'm here representing the media agency I work with.

20/11 - In a spirit-soaring vigil with my sisters at TWTW — Praising, sharing and praying. Mummy Ugo prayed and blessed us.

The morning after 

20/11 - What?! I can't believe Tosyn Bucknor is gone. She was super enthusiastic about her passion and life in general. The world would miss her. :(

20/11 - I'm spending this one-day public holiday with the love of my life. . . With matching outfits in navy blue and jeans. A good number of people confirmed we look cute together.

(yes, three 20/11 records. Intentional)

21/11 - Work resumes. I am not feeling this office. I just want to go homeeee

22/11 - My request for annual leave has been approved. Not going back to the office for the rest of the year. Yay!

23/11 - I'm asking for my money from those who collected my aso-ebi but are yet to pay for it. Account is not balancing oh. 
(aso-ebi is a fabric bought to be worn by friends and well-wishers for an occasion, especially weddings)

24/11 - I'm at Ivy's wedding. What's special about this wedding is that twin brothers decided to get married on the same day. Wawu.

25/11 - The deaconesses (marriage counselors) are inspecting my church wedding dress. They seem not to be pleased. I detest the rules set by my church as it concerns a wedding dress. No tail, no long veil, no this no that. Phew!

26/11 - Today's Monday but it feels like Friday because I am just here in this office to play. My leave starts tomorrow. Yippee!

27/11 - Kachi and I are in the registry. We are swearing an oath to stick with eachother for the rest of our lives. OMG! 😯

28/11 - We (mum, dad, junior, Nnamdi, Auntie Chidi and Auntie Nurse) are travelling to the village. Not been there since 2002. I'm kind of excited.

29/11 - Ah. I should come to the village more often. This place is so beautiful. Except for the insects causing an irritation on my skin.

30/11 - It's my Traditional Wedding Day. I am officially traditionally married to my friend. It's alright to call me Mrs. Onyekachi now :)

"The memory of the righteous is blessed” 
 — Prov. 10:7a

What memorable event happened in November for you?

No worries, we can have December to remember for good memories too. It's not too late to start keeping a daily record of the amazing things God is doing in your life. Cheers to ending the year on a high note!

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Stay positive.
Stay inspired.
Stay beautiful.

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