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Dear Diary, I Can Have The Job Whenever I Want

I'd not be shocked if he picks up his phone to call me right now, asking me to delete his pictures from my blog. He is such a private person.

My Former Boss 

I turned onto the street where I used to work. I hadn’t been there in two years. I thought about what I'd say and how I'd smile.


If You Are Not A Rara, Then Who Is Your Rara?

Haha . . . The title of today's post came up with a reggae tune in my head. How are you? It's a happy Monday! I choose to be happy. You can too!

OK. We are still on The Prepare Your Heart Series 2017. The first thing we shared on the series is God called Joshua and gave him a charge (read here). The second thing is Joshua received courage and got set to work (read here). The third thing is the preparation of food for the journey ahead (read here).

Let's throw some light on the fourth thing today!

Rahab's Faith

The fourth thing to observe in the book of Joshua is in chapter 2.

" And Joshua the son of Nun sent out of Shittim two men to spy secretly, saying, "Go view the land, even Jericho. And they went, and came into an harlot’s house, named Rahab, and lodged there."
 (Joshua 2:1)


STYLE: Is Brown The New Black?

Hiya! I think we all need to apologize to brown. We (I, especially) underestimate brown a lot.

Shades Of Brown

I rarely wear brown unless it is in my accessories or mixed with some warm colours (as I mentioned here).

Black is my go to – always has been, always will be. But, this season I have challenged myself to wear colours that I would not normally wear such as white, grey and brown.


7 Thought-Provoking Quotes For Entrepreneurs And Career People On Balancing Work And Life

It’s important to enjoy your job, and being purpose-driven is also great. However, we should not become so engrossed in our career and just neglect other aspects of our life.

I hope these quotes resonate with you.

Quotes On Work-Life Balance

Ev Williams, co-founder of Twitter

“Take care of yourself: When you don’t sleep, eat crap, don’t exercise, and are living off adrenaline for too long, your performance suffers. Your decisions suffer. Your company suffers. Love those close to you: Failure of your company is not failure in life. Failure in your relationship is.” 


This Is Worse Than Being Unemployed

I have become so keen on issues relating to career, employment, entrepreneurship, dream, goals etc. It is probably where the Spirit is leading. :)

When It Is Better To Be Unemployed

There is a general concept that being unemployed is a bad thing. It certainly is bad, as we know, for salary purpose. But, revolving your life around this belief is foolish unhealthy unproductive.


Get Your Food Ready For The Journey

The RCCG 40-Day Fast ended yesterday. It's time to get back to having a great breakfast, an interesting lunch and a light dinner everyday. Yay!

In The PYH Series - We are still studying Joshua 1. It's just amazing what powerful insight we can get from one chapter of the Bible.

Prepare Your Food

Last week, we mentioned that Joshua called the leaders and gave them an order straight up. Yeah?

Today, let's look at the command he gave;


STYLE: You Need A White Shirt In Your Life

Hello, sweeties. How has the weekend been? Hope you are white today.  We'll see .  . . *grins*

White Shirt Power

It's amazing how I'm starting to appreciate white in my outfits. I guess it's now safe to say I love colours, albeit, the absence of colours (white and black).


Use Your 9-to-5 Job To Build Your Own Business

In a small hangout, I was asked, "So, where do you work?" Without thinking too long about it, I said "I am an employed-entrepreneur." Lol. I didn't want to talk about the company where I work without also referring to my own business.

Well, you might call that being selfish. But, since that provided me an opportunity to talk about the two - my job and my business, I'd call it wisdom. Isn't that what they call 'killing two birds with a stone'? 😀

Managing Your Own Business While You Have A Job

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, it can be frustrating to wake up and get on into the traditional 9-to-5 job, feeling like you’re just biding time, saving money . . . and helping another man build his dream.


Dear Diary, I Know What It Feels Like To Be The Girl Who Can't Move On

Feb 14. It's Valentine. Yeah? But who cares anyway?! Mtchew!

When She Can't Move On

Once upon a cliché relationship, I was in love.

It wasn’t “like”, it wasn’t “lust”, it was that all consuming, I-love-your flaws, I-love-your-heart, I-love-everything-about-you kind of love that you never completely get over with.


One Word Is Enough For You

Still on The PYH Series . . .

We are not done with our study on Joshua chapter 1. There is more . . .

One Word

Just after God told Joshua "Have I not commanded you? . . ," the following verse mentioned that Joshua summoned the leaders of the people, saying:


What To Do When You Hate Your Own Pictures

Ever looked at a picture you took and scrutinize your flaws, analyze your imperfections, criticize your faults, then sigh, and resign to thinking that you are just fat, or just tiny or just ugly?

Well, sweeties, I have a new approach to looking at pictures of yourself.

Loving Yourself In Ugly Pictures

I’m generally OK with the reflection I see in the mirror, but sometimes, the camera could cast a pall on my visage.


The Amplify Network: Let's Hang Out!

It is not the most creative people that really succeed in their work. It takes more than your talent to get your work out there. How about joining a network of Christian creatives who love what they do and are eagerly willing to share, inspire and connect with your dreams?

The Amplify Network (TAN)

It takes more that being creative to cope with your distractions and your fears. Life happenings can shift our focus, that’s why having the right support system is super essential. You need the right connection to stay accountable.


4 Impeccably Selected Quotes About Loving What You Do

If you follow me on Twitter (@Amakamedia) you’ll notice I post a lot of quotes and verses that inspire me, hoping to inspire you to start living life with passion. I got some specially for you today. :)

Quotes About Loving Your Work

Practicing my art (speaking, writing, and sewing) is what I focused on last year, and accepting myself for who I am and letting God shape me was the first step I needed to step into living life with passion.


5 Things I Miss About Being Unemployed

Lol. Wait. Read with caution. I don't want you to leave here thinking "wow, I want to be unemployed now!!!" You don’t have to.

However, I was unemployed for a decent amount of time, and I can tell you, being employed with a job you actually enjoy is much better than having no job at all.

5 Things I Miss About Having No Job

Having had a nearly two-year experience of being unemployed, I can say being unemployed is better than being employed with a job you hate (that gives you no room to learn and grow). If the only good thing there is the money, please, what you are doing in such a place? Leave, be unemployed and LIVE.


Dear Diary, The Wedding Was Like A School Reunion

If you'd like to know the latest gist about me, just check my daily Tweets. Lol. My TL is more current than my blog - My sweethearts on Twitter have heard this gist sinceee.

Anyways, this happens to be my first public diary entry for the year. :)

The First Wedding 2017

I have a lot of friends. It always feels like bragging when I say that, like I’m suggesting I could be the inspiration for a Little Miss Popular magazine or something, but I’m not sure how else to phrase it right now.


Have I Not Commanded You?

It's Monday! The PYH Series kicks off today. Yay!

Erm, this study might be rough and almost without a focus at the beginning. But I believe as we dive deeper into the chapters of the book, everything will start to make sense. Because if you ask me right now, I don't even know where this is leading us.

Anyways, start we shall!

Be Strong And Courageous

Looking through my notes, I discovered that a blog post might not be enough to share a whole chapter. So, we may have to break certain chapters into section (a), (b), (c), etc. God help us oh. Amen.


STYLE: A Little Ankara Skirt Won't Hurt Anyone

Making an Ankara look corporate might be a little tricky stunt to pull, but that's why I'm here. Happy Sunday! Get ready to see more features of Ankara corporate styles from now on. Today's style is a little casual sha.

A little Ankara Skirt

I wore this skirt to work on a Friday, and it felt good. Really good. Most of my clothes, at some point, have made me feel good in one way or another. As for this little Ankara skirt, it served the purpose.


26 Life Principles To Guide You Every Day Of Your Life

I found this on a WhatsApp group and thought to share it with you. It is VERY good for the soul. Enjoy!

Life Principles To Live By


      Accept others for
      who they are and
      for the choices they
      have made even if
      you have difficulty
      understanding their
      beliefs, motives
      or actions.


The Struggle Of Choosing A Career Path Never Ends

Starting the month on Career Development . . . How nice. Happy February, sweeties!

Choosing A Career Path

My struggle started in secondary school. I was one of those students that didn’t know exactly which career they should pick to build a successful future.

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