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RELATIONSHIP: Should You Wish Your Ex A Happy Birthday?

It's Love-Wednesday! How are you doing today? Everyone gets one birthday a year, wouldn't it be a really nice opportunity to do a nice thing and foster a good relationship? Just asking.

Wishing Your Ex A Happy Birthday

I can understand the urge to say happy birthday to an ex, especially a serious one who you had experienced at least one birthday with. It's a moral quandary!

If you don't say happy birthday, won't they think you're being petty and are secretly wishing they have an unhappy birthday?

But then again, if you do say happy birthday, they might not respond, or worse, they might respond with a cold "Thanks."


DIARY: "What Would You Like Your Husband To Call You?"

If you want to know the latest gist about my day (or even my life), check out my tweets. I give myself away on Twitter twice as much as I do on the blog.

This diary entry actually happened last Tuesday and those who follow me on Twitter already has the gist, but I think it should be shared on the blog too. It just might be an open letter to future hubby. Lol.

What I Want My Husband To Call Me

Today, there was so much work to do at the office, and a tight deadline to keep up with. I had to stay back for two extra hours to complete a task. Phew.

It wasn't just me tho. A few of my colleagues too.

So we left the office later than usual. Then, our GM (who we fondly call FatherLa) kindly offered to give us a ride to the bus-stop. We excitedly hopped in.


He Gives Good And Perfect Things

One of my favourite knowledge of God’s heart is His desire to give us amazing gifts. James 1:17 says, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” :)

Every Good Gifts and Perfect Gifts Are From Above

When was the last time you related with God as a little child? When was the last time you approached God as your Heavenly Father? I hope it's not been too long. 

God wants us to see Him as a father. And that is what I am dwelling on this week. Coming to God as a baby girl and telling him everything about every single little thing. Coming to God as a baby girl and asking him for the simplest of things. He likes it! He listens because He loves me!


STYLE: My Wardrobe Strategy Will Be "Work With What You Have"

Hi-ya! It's the first Style Post of the year! I am excited! Waking up and dressing up every single day is no easy feat. Sometimes, coming up with even one solid outfit a week can feel overwhelming, let alone five outfits in a row.

*waves* I'll be here to help with tricks and tips.

Work With What You Have

Lately, I've been tempted to go through and ruthlessly purge my wardrobe's contents, but I suspect this is probably just a phase and if I'm too hasty in my zeal for maximizing a wardrobe, I'll only end up on a massive shopping spree by this time next month. Lol.


6 "Jazzed Up" Reasons For You To Stay In Your Current Job A Little Longer

It's Career-Wednesday! There are days when certain happenings push my mind to consider dusting up my CV again, updating it and sending it across to another company. Yet, something tells me I'm right where I need to be in this particular season of my life. Why? What makes you remain on that job? Let's talk!

Why Stay In Your Current Job

Just when I wanted to move away from the spot I had stood for more than thirty minutes, the bus plying my route arrived. Jeez. I almost missed it.

As I rode home, I thought about how often we make the mistake of losing our composure and jumping ship just when things are about to turn around for us. How many times have we got frustrated with our circumstances and forfeited a blessing, simply because we refused to wait, to remain, to stay?


Don't Miss Your Season, Stay In Position

Hi! Long time no post. I told you I'd be away from here for about three weeks so I could go "get what I want" for 2018, yeah? But there I was on social media  – Twitter, IG, WhatsApp, even Facebook – posting pictures of "What I wore", inspirational quotes and bits of how my day was going. Who was I fooling? I'm backkk!

Stay In Your Place

It's thrilling to think that a new year signifies setting new goals, learning new skills, and experiencing something new. However, newness is not in things.

Newness is within us. New is in our hearts. The truly new is something that is eternally new: you. Every morning, every moment is new. We have never lived this moment before and we never will again. In this perspective, new is a state of mind.


The Most Important Decision

Oh, wow! 2018 is starting up on a Monday. It's a New Week! A New Month! A New Year! What better time to have a new beginning if we want to?!?

There are risks that go with decision making, and risks are too hard for those of us who think too much. We weigh things too much. But a decision has got to be made!

Make A Decision Already!

The really important decisions, unfortunately, have to be made without certainty. If we get married, we do it without certainty that we are making the right decision. If we have children, we have them without knowing how they will turn out. If we decide to be Christians, we do it on faith. And these decisions are sometimes infused with fighting the feeling of whether we are deceiving or hurting ourselves.
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