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Let's Have Some Fun Today!

O-M-G! It's the end of February already. Is the year running so fast or is it me? *checks the calendar* It's the last Saturday of the month o. We did have some fun on the last Saturday of January. (The square counts. Remember?) So I'd like us to play again. *jumping like a chick* Yeah lovelies, let's play!

In the picture above is a puzzle of rays. There are more than 30 positive rays you can find. Here is how to play:
  1. You will pick any of the rays you find/like
  2. You will describe the ray in less than 4 sentences or
  3. You will tell us how your February went in less than 5 sentences. That's all.


PODCAST: The Blessing of Family

Hiya! It's another Friday! *grinning like a bear* you know how we roll. Last week, I told a love story which about 90% of those who listened enjoyed, and went further to suggest that I tell more stories. Well, it won't be a bad idea to be a storyteller once in a while. I can be called a grandmother-in-training. Lol. Anyways, I've decided to ROL (Read Out Loud) once in every month (which might probably be on every third Friday). Yayy!

Meanwhile, it's a wrap up on the theme of Love for February. And I have Cynthia in the studio with me today. It's a gist on "the blessings of family". While she's doing the talking, I'll be doing the laughing. Lol.

Family is the most important thing in the world. Family is where life starts and love never ends. You are blessed to have a family. Never take your family for granted

Rays of Love. . .


NEWS: Fidelity Bank Promotes 963 Employees

So the *stops typing* Wait a minute, is this not like an advert or something? *scratches head* Hmmm. . . *bites fingers* *looks up* *waiting to hear an answer* "It is good news, so you have to share it." *shrugs* Ok, I will. *continues typing* (I'm not sure whose voice that was tho. Lol)

This week has been so beautifully designed for good news. God is still working miracles.

Fidelity Bank Promotes 963 Employees

Credits: CableNg

Yesterday, Fidelity Bank PLC promoted 963 employees. That's worth repeating, 963 employees. Ama...zing! They were promoted after a 2014 annual staff performance appraisal which ended last week. The bank said it was part of efforts of rewarding and motivating hard-working, committed and effecient staff member. Nice.


NEWS: Yay! No more Sex on Blogger

Let's not lie, sex sells. In fact, it is the main focus for any product to be marketed. It's always like Let's have sex on this idea. This is not a new concept to anyone who works in the media and advertising industry like me. We (I dare not exclude myself) use this idea to get more viewers, more listeners and more traffic. But what happens when the "oga at the top" says no display of nudity or sexual activity is to be permitted anymore? Gobe!

No more Sex on Blogger

Hehhehe. . . I'm so excited about this news jhorr! Good news literally turn me on.


NEWS: 3 Good Happenings that will Blow your Mind

We live in a crazy and dark world where good is bad, and bad is good.  The negative stories constantly dominate the headlines. And this news deposit negativity in our hearts.

For this reason I say, "Let the light shine." We need the light to drive away every form of darkness in our hearts. This' why whenever I find any Good news, I share them to brighten your day :)

3 Good News from around the World

Alright now, roll up your sleeves and grab your handkerchief. Here we go. . .


PHOTO: I Love You Like Fufu

Laziness + Creativity + God'sLove + iMustBlogToday inspired this post. Lol. I kinda like how it eventually turned out. Hehehe. . .

I LOVE YOU like candle, fufu, and sugar

Lemme show you how it happened:


PODCAST : This is True Love

What is True Love? 
How would you define love? Can you tell what it feels like?
Some people say: You cannot describe love, you can only share and experience it.

Hmmm. . . I read a story on naijastories.com which illustrates what true love could look like. I was like: "Whao!" So I ROL! (Read it Out Loud) Listen and tell me what you think :)

Rays of Love . . . 


POEM: Dream so Loud

Thereafter I had a stressed out heart. I wrote this short poem in the early hours of this morning. . .

Dream So Loud

My dream so loud
That it wakes me up
I have to get ready
To do and be my best
Thought it's still dark
The sun will be out soon
When the light will shine

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Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.

POEM: Stressed Out Heart

I felt not-so-cool yesterday (and I didn't want to blog rubbish). So I wrote this poem as a great relief. I do hope this helps you out of depression, anxiety, and all other forms of worry too.

Stressed Out Heart

All words are in cluster
Even pictures are blurry
I can't pin them in
I need to gather my thoughts
But there is a blockage
Which power is behind this?


I was told to Dress Formally and Conservatively Today

Plenty kisses to my lovely readers (and listeners), who keep coming back. Whao! The number of page views is so incredibly motivating. And the fact that I hadn't shared any post, made me realize how much you care. Thank you!

It's been a long day. I just want to gist right now.

So my boss told me about a meeting we were to have with some clients today. He added, "Please, arrive early, and dress formally and conservatively."


NEWS: Police Kill Two Boko Haram Fighters in Kano

Awesome news to start the week! Our enemies are already being defeated o *dancing*

Two Boko Haram Fighters Killed

Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman Abba | credits: saharareporters.com

We know how the news go on this issue - Death and all. But we only shed light on the positive side. You know na *winks*

On Sunday (which was yesterday), The Police in Kano confirmed the killing of two gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members in the Kibiya Local Government Area of Kano state. Yes!


PODCAST: Fall in Love with Your Life

Do you feel your life lacks love? Because you've been heartbroken, hurt, betrayed or abandoned by the one you loved? I want to let you know that the power of LOVE lies within you. You only need to open your heart, and let LOVE walk right in. You do have a choice to fall in love with your life again.

Rays of Love. . .


It's Not So Easy for me to Preach Self-love

Just before I publish tomorrow's Heart Rays (podcast for every Friday), I think this post is very important. I've got a funny feeling that some people will misunderstand me after listening to what I have to share. Right now, I'm already getting the hits on Twitter. I'm scared o . . . I even need to change the title. Lol. Just stay tuned sha.

Self-love is not selfishness

I'm not sure if it's a Christian principle or doctrine to judge things from the light of "this is sin and this is not sin" ish. It's really amazing how we think. Anyways, this' how I see the self-love thingy. . .


NEWS: Wowzers! Prisoner Graduates with Second Class Upper

You have no idea how I feel when I find one good news out of a million bad news. Such feeling!

Ok, I got a bit skeptical about this news at first. I kept on wondering, "Did he take his exams while in prison?" "Why is he in prison?" "What crime is he being accused of?" Hmm. . .

Anyways, a news sounds good to me when it can make you smile, get you encouraged and make you praise God. Yes o!


NEWS: TY Bello with Her Adorable Twins on the Cover

Awww! When I saw these pictures, I couldn't hide my love for them. They are so adorable! *tears*  Good news like this turns me on big time.

TY Bello covers this February's edition of Genevieve Magazine. :)

You know TY Bello. Yeah? She is a gifted singer and photogragher. After marriage, she waited for ten years to have her beautiful twin boys. Lemme repeat that, she waited for 10 years. You can't imagine what she went through emotionally. She shares her inspiring story and experience with the lifestyle magazine, Genevieve.

Love Can Be Nurtured

I slept off while drafting this post last night. I was too tired that I forgot to save it. Jeez! So I had to start all over this morning. How challenging it was for me. Phew! You bet it was more than this. . .

Love Can Be Nurtured

LOVE is humorously defined as "A feeling you feel when you are feeling something you've never felt before". Basically, love is having something special in your heart for someone. It is a feeling of intimacy.


PHOTO: A Life Like This

It's a new week! How are you? I hope you have a life like this. . .

Created by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Aww. . . Shine Begho Shares her Love Story

Still in the atmosphere of love, I bring you this romantic story. It's Saturday. Remember? She always talks about love. *blushes*

Anino Judy Shine Begho is an Award winning OAP. She is from Itsekiri, Delta state; Warri precisely. (A Warri girl with yanky swags. lol). She is likable and fun-loving. It's never a dull moment with shine.

Here goes her love story. . .


PODCAST: Love Noni

Yeah, it's Friday! And I have Cynthia in the building! We are just laughing and having fun behind the mic. Permit the outbursts of laughter. Lmho!

February is the Month of Love. Not even INEC can change that. Spread the love and keep loving. *winks* Love noni!


NEWS: We Knoweth Engrish - NECO

I'm telling you! We know Engrish, English and Engwish now. Hahaha. . . That's some good news here!

NECO releases results, over 50% pass English and Mathematics

The National Examinations Council has released the November/December 2014 results saying there is remarkable improvement when compared to its previous examinations.

The results show 52.94 per cent credit pass in English Language and 55.37 per cent credit pass in Mathematics. Interesting!


12 Inspirational Quotes To Make Me Blog Some More

And God called Samuel three good times, "Samuel, Samuel. . .Samuel, Samuel. . .Samuel, Samuel. . ." Aha, look at it closely, God literally called Samuel's name six times sef.  But God never once said, "Amaka, Amaka, go to blogger, sign up and start blogging!" No, He didn't. Not even once. *phew* LOL.

So there are certain days when I be like, "Come, Amaka, na who send you message? you are tired. you've had a long day. You don't have to post anything now"  That moment when life gets tough and we need that little something to keep us going. These are the quotes that inspire me to post once more.

I hope they will encourage a blogger, a writer or anyone who aspires to let the light shine.


MUSIC: Do The Right Thing - Cobhams Ft. Bez

Like seriously, I'm addicted to giving out good news. Even when I pinch myself, "Amaka, must you blog about this too?" Hehehe. . .What's the point of knowing without sharing? Abi na!

So this is the latest release by Cobhams Asuquo. He uploaded it on Soundcloud just few hours ago. It's super awesome. It's less than two weeks to the presidential election and here we have; Let the light shine. Do the right thing. When no one is watching, do the right thing. It came right on time. . .Nicee!

Listen, enjoy and be blessed!

NEWS: It's Pastor Sam Adeyemi's 47th Birthday

We dwell on the news that matter to the heart. You get? It's all about Good News.

Today, I celebrates this great man of God. He is the senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre - a fast growing, life changing church committed to "raising role models" based in Lagos, Nigeria.

PHOTO: Seek God

God looks down from heaven on all mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.
- Ps. 53:2


Created by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Money is not Wealth

Oh, boy! I had a long talk with my boss this morning. You know, we normally have weekly reviews every Monday. It used to be the conventional sitting-round-the-table with your screen and all. But this one was spontaneous. We gisted. We had a talk! Choi, I wish I had recorded it. We spoke about many different things. It was very interesting. . .and revealing too!

I am so excited to share some of them with you. I just can't help it. Or can I? *giggles*


This is the shortest and sweetest poem I've ever written. I heard it in the midst of a storm.

When you feel your life is slow
That you've got nothing to show
When your friends are all in glow
And it makes you dwell in the low
God says: "Worry not, I know."

Have a great week!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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NEWS: A 15 Year Old Lost, Now Found

Great to start the month with this good news. God is Good! *claps*

A 15 year old Paulina Ojeka Ogwuledwu, who was declared missing by her family on Wednesday, January 14th, has been found. She lived with her Uncle in Ogba, Lagos. She is also an apprentice with a fashion outlet in Ogba. On the day she went missing, Paulina had gone for her training and returned in the evening but later left the house.

VIDEO: The Whole Bible in a Video

Yay! It's Sunday! How are you doing? I had a long day yesterday. *whispers* There is gist o. But let's save it for next week Thursday. *winks* I hope you went to church today?  Oya na, pass me some Rays you've got. Werin pastor preach today?

Meanwhile, a friend sent me this video, and I thought it cool to share it on Heart Rays. This is the summary of the Gospel. Watch and blessed!

And yes, Happy New Month!

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...Let There Be Light!
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