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Writing From Scratch Is No Longer Scratching, Is It?

I do not promote myself enough. No, scratch that. I do not market my products and services enough. It’s high time I started hyping up my own enterprise. 

Let me know if it’s working. ;)

‘I Write’ or ‘AI Right’

Recently, someone asked me why I had not been churning out content as I was doing before I got married. I laughed and I was surprised by the sound of that laughter.

Prior to that moment, such question would have taken me aback. I would have beaten myself up for not producing fruits as much as I wanted to. Thankfully, I had grown into a woman who knows what she has been called to bear in this season. 

If it was not because the question came right after a heartfelt appreciation of how one of my blog posts had helped her out, I would not have bothered with a response. However, I gave a reply stating that my content focus had evolved into videos and encouraged her to subscribe to my YouTube channel

Perhaps the reply was not satisfactory enough. This person now mistakenly said: Ahan, there is ChatGPT to help you create content nah. You can even transcribe your videos to text with AI.

I laughed again. But this time, the laughter was a private moment within me. No one heard it.


Major Takeaway from the ‘Just Us Girls’ Conference 2023

I am so happy. No, happy is an understatement. I am overjoyed! This year’s Just Us Girls Conference themed ‘WOWMAN’ was brought together specifically for me, right in this season. Wow! Like, I mean! 

I’m really loving how God has been so intentional about me this year (and this month, in particular). Thank You, my Sweet Jesus! 

WOWMAN Conference 2023

I am big on attending conferences, and I derive satisfaction in sharing my key lessons and notes with you. Remember when I shared my highlights from The Spirit-Life Conference in 2017? How about my notes from a Ruth-Naomi Meeting in 2018? And my lessons from the Excellent Leadership in 2019? Aha, you see! 

I have always enjoyed attending events that are geared towards my growth — mentally, socially, physically, and most importantly, spiritually. As long as I am led to attend, I prepare myself to receive everything that God intends to pour out into me. 

Like a butterfly, I am consistently and constantly living in a state of evolution. 

I practically live on knowing that there is an atmosphere that I need to be brought into right before my next upgrade. It could either be at a prayer meeting or a conference or from a place of pain and rejection. I am always looking out for where and how my heart can be stirred and my spirit will be lit up. I am always looking out for the WORD that will make the babies in my womb to leap. The Amaka you knew six months ago is MOST POSSIBLY not the same Amaka you will meet today.
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