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Is This Journey Not Getting Too Long?

Am I the only one who wonders what was running through the mind of Joseph when he was in the pit? Lol. I dunno but he would have probably felt something close to this . . .

When Life Isn't Going As Planned & We Are Almost Losing Sight Of Our Dreams

For those who'd been following my blog as at the latter part of last year, you'd have known that the Word that keeps ringing in my heart is: Be still and know (Psalm 40: 10). 


STYLE: 5 Ways To Style A Chiffon Maxi Skirt (Unveiling The Weirdo Concept)

Hiya! I've been in some weird mode these days - doing some weird things. Lol. So I want to explain what being a weirdo means in a weird way. *grins

Styling A Maxi Skirt

One of my favourite skirts has always been a flowy chiffon maxi. They are light and airy and can be appropriate for many occasions. Whether dressing them up for a day at the office or down for a day of shopping, this light fabric can make any outfit look effortlessly chic. 


40 Randomly Selected Podcasts

I decided to make it easier for us to navigate through some of the podcasts.

40 Selected Podcasts

Each podcast has a personal touch to it. I felt and experienced it all. I had fun, I laughed and I cried. I believe in the message that each podcast brings.


Pronounce "contagious"

Hiya! It's been a while. I know. I apologize for not sticking to our schedule. WWA is supposed to be a bi-weekly feature but I get carried away sometimes. Forgive me. You hear?


RELATIONSHIP: Beware Of Those Who Come To Steal Your Sweet Heart

Hello sweets! It's Love-Wednesday. A day to talk about love and relationship issues. I once mentioned that we should stay away from negative people, but the truth is some of these negative relationships can be hard to spot sometimes.

Beware Of Heart Stealers

A heart stealer is someone who captures your heart without your permission. S/he is someone who takes God's words and ideas out of your heart when you are carried away.

You must have seen and known them, but you don't recognize them.


DIARY: I'm Hearing Voices

Like I said here, don't call me crazy when you read my diary. Don't think I'm crazy because I live my life out loud. Don't also think I'm crazy because I hear voices inside and outside my head . . .

Hearing Voices

As I write this, my room is quiet, but there are still sounds all around me. Even in the quietness of my room, I can rarely bathed myself in real silence.


Forget The Past And Face The Present

Ouch! I mistakenly deleted a folder from my phone. A picture folder at that. It was so painful because I had about 250 pictures in it. I literally have to learn to forget the past and move on. Jeez. It's not as easy as it sounds. 

Forget The Past

It dawned on me that there is nothing I could do to "undelete" the deleted picture folder on my phone.


STYLE: When You Don't Feel Like Dressing Up, Wear Ankara Accessories

Happy Sunday, sweethearts! How far? Went to church, Yes? No? Why?

The Beauty of Ankara Accessories

Sometimes a lady doesn't feel like dressing up. I just hurriedly picked up a top and a skirt to wear. Nothing much to it.


My Reply To "Why Did You Stop Heart Rays?"

Over the past week, I've had to answer questions as to what I posted the other day. *phew* I probably didn't give it the right approach. But I do hope you understand it is for a good reason.

Heart Rays Still On

"Why did you stop Heart Rays?"

Heart Rays has not stopped. Saying Heart Rays has stopped is like saying Amaka is dead. Lol. Sounds funny but that's the truth. It is deeper than we make it sound.


Satan Called a Convention of Demons

How busy are you? Being BUSY is one of the favourite tactics of the devil. I saw this article on a WhatsApp Group page. I think it is worth sharing . . .

Satan with the Demons

Satan called a worldwide convention of demons. In his opening address he said,
"We can't keep Christians from going to church."


RELATIONSHIP: Rock Your "Singlehood" Before You Get Married

In case you're wondering why I should be talking about being single on a love-relationship Wednesday, may I let you know that being single is a relationship too. Yelx. Listen. 

Rock Your Singlehood

Please, don’t start looking at me as a hypocrite that is going back and forth between being in a relationship with someone and being single altogether. It's not because Jerry left. Please . . .


DIARY: How Valentine's Day Was Spent

February 14, like every other day, was divided into morning, afternoon and night. But everyday is different - my thoughts, feelings, wisdom and lessons - with its own Heart Rays.

Valentine's Day 2016

Mehn, thank God Val's Day was on Sunday. I woke up quite earlier than usual, with God's love overflowing in my heart.


What You Should Know During Hard Times

Life can be very difficult sometimes. I definitely don't pretend to know all of life's answers. But I do know that I have gone through some seasons in my life which have taught me lessons. Just like I'm also learning through this very season of my life. 

This is what to know during challenging seasons of life . . .

God Is Preparing You

We all want to know why we go through hard times. How about knowing what God intends to do through those times? 

I've had seasons when I felt like nothing was working and everything was out of place, and I've had frustrating days where I just can't seem to get anything accomplished.


What I Wore: 6 Inch Pencil Heel Ankara Sandals + Helpful Tips

Happy Sunday + Valentine, sweethearts of my blogosphere! What's up? How is it going? No matter what you're going through, always remember God's got you!

OK. I've come to show off again. :)

6 Inch High Heel Sandals

When it comes to looking stylish, nothing beats a gorgeous pair of high heels. Heels make your legs look longer, your body look slimmer, and your whole outfit just a little more sophisticated.

Whoever designed the first high heel shoes? God bless that head!


12 Quotes For Remembering Whitney Houston + A Little Gist

Whitney Houston died exactly four years ago. She was born on August 9, 1963 and died on February 11, 2012. You will discover why I remember her as you read through these quotes. 

Whitney Houston's Quotes

"From the beginning, the camera and I were great friends. It loves me, and I love it."


RELATIONSHIP: When You Are Overwhelmed By Loneliness

I am one of those who is grateful to  God that Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year. I will be so loving God like. Hehehe . . .

Hi sweets! How have you been? I missed you "a lil". If you're following me on Twitter, you'd have known that my phone packed up last night. But thanks to my brother, he did something nice. Now I can blog. :)

Overcoming Loneliness

Today wasn't one of my proudest days. I'd probably be ashamed to share it with you. It was one of those moments in my life when loneliness almost gripped me.


DIARY: Don't Call Me Crazy When I Scream

Erm . . . officially speaking, this is my first "Dear Diary" entry! I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm nervous. Mixed feelings. Wondering which part of me I should let out first - cool or crazy?

Crazy Expectations

I'll start by being partially transparent. I say “partially” because there are some things that I am not ready to scream out to the world or even admit to myself yet.


Experience Newness In Your Character

Happy new week, sweethearts! New things are just springing forth here and there. Can you see them? :)

New Character

It's a new week. We all need to get fired up to start the week. And God's word is the best source of inspiration for empowerment, guidance for help and motivation for improvement. We can't have it any other way.


What I Wore: Another Black Dress

Happy Sunday, sweeties! How has your weekend been? Are you sipping or swallowing? Did you go to church? Whatever you do, enjoy it. One of the things I do to enjoy my weekend is to show you 'What I Wore'. Here we go! :) 

Black Dress + Ankara Accessories

I personally don't think the difference between a gown and a dress is a big deal. Based on a little research I made, they can be used interchangeably. But 'gown' tend to be more formal than casual.

That's why most times we say "wedding gown" instead of "wedding dress". Gowns are more formal and too serious.


And God Says "STOP"

*phew* Have you ever been at a point in your ministry or career, and wondered why God would lead you along so clearly, only to bring you to a sudden standstill? I'd not be surprised if your answer is yes.

And God Says "STOP" 

God gently says to me again, “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) This time the verse speaks to me like never before.

It's been speaking to me many times as I've followed His leading and then gotten confused when I felt Him say, "Amaka, stop."


How To Write The CV That Will Get You A Job In Nigeria

Today's post didn't come at the scheduled time because I was googling. I needed to put my research together. *wipes face* 

How To Write A CV

this is very close to what my CV looks like now. There is a passport on it. :) 

I was in a meeting with some CEOs and Human Resource Managers yesterday.

OK. It was actually a church project committee meeting. The committe is comprised of three representatives from each department in the church. As our agenda moved towards the Youth Department, we delved into the state of unemployment in the country.


RELATIONSHIP: 5 Practical Ways To Abstain From Sex Before Marriage

Why Do I Keep Sinning? How Do I Stop having sex? How Do I Overcome the urge to sin? 

These are valid questions. No matter where you live, your age or your background, we will be tried and tested with sin in our lives. Living in a world full of sinful temptation even makes the battle for purity much tougher.

How To Avoid Fornication

It surprises me that the purity commandment is confusing to some people. I understand that it can be difficult to honour, but I don't see why it's so difficult to understand. I've had discussions on this topic with so many people - some of whom actually indicate that they are Christians. There really is a lot of confusion even in the church - so much that some people see nothing wrong with having sex before marriage. God help us.


Letter To My Inner Self; Step Out Of The Dark & Come Into The Light

This letter can be addressed to all anonymous writers, bloggers, artists and creativists. However, I am addressing it to my inner self. 

Letter to Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

I wonder why you are doing it, what your motives are. I really don't get it. Why do you hide your true identity?

I don't trust you. No, I don't.


It's Time For The "NEW" To Spring Forth

Hey, sweetie! Happy New Month! Happy New Week! Happy New Day! Happy Newness! It's time to make room for the "new". 

Experiencing Newness

God seems to be a lot more interested in our heart - our character this season. First, it was about taking the journey of self-discovery. Thereafter, it was knowing who exactly we are becoming, and now it is experiencing newness.
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