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First of all, this title is not true! It is either because you forgot those who love you, or you might need to find more people who do. Perhaps, you might also need to love yourself a little more.

Feeling Like Nobody Likes You?

Emotions come in cycles, and each time we go through different feelings almost at the same time.

One minute we feel so loved and cared for, the next minute we feel so lonely and unloved. It's normal, I have come to believe.

Always go deep inside your head and familiarize yourself with WHY you feel the way you feel, WHAT triggers it, and WHEN this is most likely to happen. By learning you, you’ll have better control over the cause-and-effect of your unhappiness or your "nobody like me" vibe.

Unfortunately, this "nobody likes me" feeling is so easy to indulge and dwell on. It's a terrible self-attack talk within our heart in low moments. This feeling has almost no bearing in reality and no purpose other than to deeply wound us and turn us against ourselves and whatever our dreams and goals may be.

We have to learn to fight back the feeling.

When I feel like I’m not being cared for, I take a quick look at my “gratitude file” (will talk about this later), and put what’s happening in perspective. And perhaps most importantly, by realizing this, I start to care about myself even more. 

When you feel nobody likes you, it's time to be a little more selfish. 

Lol. I know right. Selfishness is bad, huh? But some people are prone to giving too much to others and not feeding themselves, so if this is you, you need to adjust and love yourself a little more.

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It’s true that in giving to others, you experience tremendous rays of joy, but you need something (a light in you) to start that off.

You need to be strong before you can strengthen others. You need to love yourself before others can.

Besides, I read something from the Bible that shook me. Did you know it is better to be hated than to be loved? A-ha!
 "You will be hated by everyone because of me . . ." ~ Matthew 10:22
I think you should rejoice when you have at least one hater. It shows you are doing something good, or at a better place.

I was kidding a little there.

Here is what I am learning, the words that we hear in our heads have to be weighed by God’s Word. We are not obligated to accept every thought as truth. We must distinguish between the good, the bad and the godly.

Shut down negative thoughts and listen to the Voice of truth.

There is a “critical inner voice” in all of us, reminding us constantly that we aren’t good enough and don’t deserve what we want. You look in the mirror and you hear a voice so awful and mean that it takes your breath away. It tells you that YOU ARE NOT LOVABLE. And the scary part is the demon is your own voice. This critical inner voice tends to be louder and meaner in some of us than others, and it tends to pick on us more or less at different points in our lives. 

So, as long as we are listening to this dangerous critic that twists our reality, we cannot really trust our own perceptions of what others think of us.

Listen To: Voice Of Truth 

Even if your friends ever rejected you for some reason, God still loves you. People can be fickle, but God is always faithful. He knows your weakness and still calls you His sweetheart. He offers new mercies every morning. He comes to save, not condemn you. And that knowledge is even more powerful than anything any person could ever say to you or do for you.

YOU ARE LOVED. Full stop.

On Heart Rays . . . We are striving to live life filled with positivity, inspiration and love.

How do you love yourself? Share tips in the comment box.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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