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How To Rekindle Romance After Having A Baby

On Heart Rays, we don’t do boring relationships. Having a fun-filled and enjoyable marriage is a MAJOR goal. If you are not intentional, you may get swept up in the intensity and demands of new parenthood that you forget about being a couple. Rekindling romance after having a baby is not a popular topic but it is very common. 

Let’s talk. 

Romance After Baby

Romance after baby

In the beginning, it was just me and Kachi. We do anything we want and go anywhere we want. We were spontaneous and adventurous. (See our honeymoon adventures here). I could step out for 24 hours without holding a bag. Kachi and I could stay up all night talking, watching movies and building on our intimacy. 

We had some pillars of a great relationship: good communication, trust, physical affection, a good sex life, emotional support, shared interests, mutual respect in the relationship, and time spent together having fun.

Then a baby happened! (Meet our beautiful baby here 😊 ) 

As we started to find our parenting groove, we realized that our intimacy was starting to shake a bit. Thank God for the Spirit of discernment! 

Below are some tips on how to bring the passion back post-baby, straight from the heart: 

Introducing My First Baby On The Blog

I meant to post this a while back and I guess I never did! I’ve posted just about everywhere but on my blog! Chikamma Esther Onyekachi was born two days to my 31st birthday. What a gift! 

You may have noticed that I have taken a little break from social media in the last few weeks. I think you’ll agree, though it’s pretty understandable, when you look at my precious baby girl. Who would want to pass up cuddles with her in favour of a laptop?!? Not me, that’s for sure!!

I want to show her off to you all, you have been on my pregnancy journey with me and I want to show you the most beautiful result of that pregnancy, a seriously cute baby girl who has come to add colour and light to our family, Heart Rays readers – I would like to introduce Kamma!



Nigerian Woman Births Quadruplets After Many Years Of Waiting

Like they shout in my local church, Praissssssssssssssse Theeeeeee Loooooooooord! Halleeeeeeluuuuujah! The Lord is goooooooood! All the timmmmmmme! 

Story of Hope

Nigerian Woman Births Quadruplets

I have a very tiny experience on waiting upon God for a baby. It is not an easy journey. When we were trying to conceive my first baby, I thought I would get pregnant right away, but it actually ended up taking a lot longer than I expected. 

When I finally got pregnant, the joy couldn’t be contained!
Children are a gift from God. Whether they come in singles, twins, triplets or quadruplets, they are priceless.

It was an overwhelming joyous day as the family of Mr. & Mrs. Innocent Ezennia brought their quadruplets, two boys and two girls, to church for dedication.
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