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POEM: The Picture

What's a good phone without a good camera?
Heaven knows I love pictures
I've got more than a thousand of them.
I could stare at a picture of me for hours
and not blink.
It's divine to be beautiful in pictures
I'm grateful that I am


POEM: Vision

Write bold as clear
treat gently as dear
like mirror on wall
run for its call

Give all it can take
to keep it awake
like body uses glands
fold not your hands

When it looks long
to be carried along
like medicine to cure
see it as sure



Blessed are they that set their priorities right, for many good things shall fall into place for them.
                                                                                                   -John C. Maxwell.

Blessed are they that laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be entertained.
                                                                                                   -Chinese Proverb

Blessed are they that read great books, for they shall lead great men.

Blessed are they that work for passion, for they shall ever have fun.


REVIEW: A Time To Fight

I never let any day go by without at least glancing through by daily devotionals. But today, I decided to hear God personally speak to me. I opened my bible even before taking a look at my devotionals. I needed to have just one word for me. Yes, for me. Guess what I did? Something which may sound rather childish. If you must know, I love to approach my loving heavenly father as a child. He likes it. Yeah. So,with my hands stretched and my eyes closed, I opened my bible. And just when I opened my eyes, boom!
ISAIAH 13:2-5 grabbed not just my eyes, but also my heart.



Again, I say, I love love :)

Here is my very own definition of love:
LOVE is a Vision of the heart
That flows from the deepest within
And permates our whole being,
which when expressed outwardly
Builds a world we dearly desire.


Being Single

The first time I posted this was on Facebook, and I thought it cool to have it on my blog too... *smiles*

Maybe your friends have got boy/girl friends, they are coupling up, dating, married. And you're wondering and thinking. You're not happy. You be like; "Why am I single?" "Why is my life so miserable?"

Hey! Hang in there. Put yourself together. You've got more reasons to be happy and proud as well as your friends. I tell you what. . .




POEM: Black turns White

As I looked around to see
Many moving, others waiting
I began to wonder in that place
What is the meaning of this exactly?
The look on the dark faces
The glow of the white apparels
All saying different things
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