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PODCAST: Wishing You A Merry Christmas


I Want My Baby Back (Letter)

That was how the project manager asked me to write a letter for him this morning. He claimed he's all rusty and not in any emotional mood (I still wonder what that means). "I want my baby back!" He moaned.  "Awww..." I gave that sound I make when someone says "I like your natural hair" as I looked at him. "Write an apology letter that can make any girl give that sound you gave."

I'm not sure whether he was joking or trying to pull my legs, but he really wanted me to write something. He asked for it later in the day. 

And so, I wrote this letter as a guy would. I had to save someone's heart na.


Would You Cry if You Saw Her Crying?

So I got to ask my reputable followers on Twitter this simple question and I couldn't get any loving, beautiful and romantic answer. Whatever happened to the romantic men? Or perhaps, romance no longer exists? Choi!

This question is for the guys, you get back from work and you find her crying. It doesn't matter what had happened. You just saw her crying. What would you do?

Ok, here are few answers I got:

PHOTO TALK: Be as Natural as You can be

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Welcome to this part of the world! It is a beautiful view, don't you think? I hope you searched in the deep for some rays you might have missed. 

Yep! You can now place adverts on my blog. You know that no matter how good your business is, you still need to advertise it. Let's take Coca cola for instance. Who doesn't know Coca cola? And yet they still advertise. There is no limit to advertising. *in Pastor Chris' voice* Keep talking it, don't stop talking ittt!"

Come on over and tell my friends about you, your business, your brand or your products.

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Sisterhood Award

Yayy! It's December already! I smell Christmas coming closer too. It is a time for celebration. *giggles* This is the season I have been waiting for. Lemme start with the nomination I got two months ago (I had long procrastinated it. I can be charmingly lazy). You know, I have been nominated for awards on many different occasions in my life. I used to think when you're been nominated for an award, you get a prize or something. Duh! On the blogososphere, the awards you get are series of questions for you to answer. Lol. It's a good thing tho.

Yep! I'm talking about the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. I'm so honoured to have been nominated by three beautiful sisters. I would have to thank Amaka (my lovely name-sakey) and dearest Sogie for the nomination. Thanks a bunch, sweeties!


PODCAST: I Smell Christmas!

Aii, I'm here now. And I brought the Christmas fever along *grins*
What do you want for Christmas? I've decided to give away customised Christmas jingles this year. I want to be a channel of love. Lemme help you package your beautiful wishes for your friends, family and fans. Let's love away!







Top 10 Favourite Quotes by Myles Munroe

Death is not an end. It's the moment we claim total victory over the world by entering into God's presence forever. I don't know how to share a news about death, but I do know how tell the good message it brings. Life is too short not to live out your dreams.

I shed tears when I read on Premium Times, that Dr. Myles Munroe, and his wife, Ruth were among those who died after the plane crashed in the Bahamas yesterday, on Sunday. *tears*


Nice! 4000 Teachers were Recruited in Kebbi State

As I was moping on why I couldn't sew with my sewing machine. Bukky (my dearest friend) asked me whether there was no good news today. Ehn! I must find o. I had almost taken the next available flight to search around the world when I found one right in Nigeria. Yipee!

4000 Teachers were recruited in Kebbi state

Why Do I Have This Sewing Machine?

Yaayy! It's weekend! There are variety of  happenings during the weekends. From laundry, to cleaning, to making my hair, to visiting, to weddings, to partying and to church rehearsals and all that. But this Saturday comes with few activities, which gives me an opportunity to sit on my sewing machine.

My Sewing Machine

I really do like fashion. 


PODCAST: How to Get Enthusiastic the Next Day

I recorded this right on my bed this morning. It wasn't a funny day yesterday. Let me tell you how I motivated myself.

To listen, click on the play button and chill for about six seconds. :)

Music:  Eben & J Moss Ft. Karen

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A Bag of Dangote Cement now Sells for N1000, no longer N1700

I have a dream that one day, I'd build houses. Yeah! Although it's said that Rome wasn't built in a day. But you never can tell, miracles happen. *winks*

And there is a miracle already here. *smiles* For those who are currently building or planning to build.


Yep! They Designed a Formular Race Car

I'm not complaining but those who blog every hour of the day deserve a place in heaven. Lord, how do they do it? *sighs* Ok, I got some good news for you...

Five final year students of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Univerisity, Awka, designed a formular race car as a passing out project. (I feel I should emphasize that). Yes, a formular race car o

PODCAST: Yeah! The Best of The Year is Here

To listen, click on the play button and chill for about five seconds. :)

And oh, I got carried away somewhere. I didn't eventually find the missing cheques. My boss had to write another.

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Don't get it Twisted. It's Burkina Faso, Not Nigeria

I'm sure you've heard about the happenings in the political scene of Burkina Faso today. But just in case you haven't. According to Aljazeera, hundreds of people broke through a security cordon and stormed the National Assembly building in the capital city, Ouagadougou few hours ago.

Now, is there any Good news in all these bad news? Yes. And yes. Heart Rays gives out the light in this dark world. *grins*


There is a New Dance in Town

I love to dance. (Note that I didn't say I know how to o. lol) I dance a lot. Most times, it's in front of my mirror sha. *covers face*  Dance is an expression of emotions. It is a perfect way to lift up my vibrations and chase away the blues. I also enjoy watching people dance. I'd like to tell you about this dance I just discovered. . .

You know I'm being paid to talk about the News on Entertainment in Nigeria, which includes the latest Nigerian Music Videos. Yeah? So I found a particular video today o. The one I like. I really like. :)


Dear Future Hubby, Be Creative o

It's a Monday. I was just "jejerly" minding my job (serious mode things) when a colleague showed me this romantic video. I should say, it's the best I've ever seen. I was like: "oh my God. . . oh my God. . .oh Jesus..." I cried, and to think that I couldn't switch back to my "serious" mode, I cried even more. *sobs*

The video shows how a guy, Levy proposed to his best friend, his love named Tiffany. I find it so emotional. Levy put some heart into his proposal. It's more like a movie than a reality. Could this be real? *tears*


Is There Any Good News in all These?

Do you know that moment when you find yourself biting your pen? It happens when you're faced with a difficult question in the exam hall, when you don't know what to write and sometimes when you can't seem to get something. Phew! I caught myself doing that today.

As I was sourcing news stories, I felt so depressed, and almost frustrated. I was losing hope, joy and life. It's never dawned on me as much as it does now, that the media is obsessed with bad news. Violence and immorality everywhere! *cries in pain*


Whose Report will you Believe about Ebola?

All the while, I'd beat myself for having nothing to write about Ebola. It was a hot topic for discussions. Everyone had something to say - from its history to its signs and symptoms. And I didn't know where to stand with my pen.
But today, with all gratitude and excitement I write on Ebola. Yay!

Nigeria is declared Ebola-free

This morning, I heard on the radio that The World Health Organization was preparing to declare Nigeria free of Ebola. I had kept my fingers crossed and hoping to scream for joy before I go to bed.


As I Embark on this Journey to the Life of a Critic

Being called a critic has never ever sounded any good to me. Ehn! Me? God forbid. I used to think it's a bad title (it can be anyway). I've never imagined that I'd be glad to be called a critic.

The gist is the company I currently work with, is creating platforms for creative minds to connect and build a community. A community where societal issues are raised and constructive criticisms are appreciated. And I've been promoted (in some way) to be a part of the project.


PHOTO TALK: The Lord is My Light

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PODCAST: Know where to Find Happiness

To listen, click on the play button and wait for about five seconds :)

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PODCAST: Take Interest in the Outside World

To listen, click on the play button and wait for five seconds :)


It's been a "Linda Ikeji" Week

This is probably my first post about current news and trends. Most times, I blog about my day, my week and in fact, my entire life. (which can be boring too. lol) And other times, I talk about the things I do love, the lessons I've learnt and everything beautiful. Well, this is one news I can't afford not to share...

Google Shuts Down Linda Ikeji's Blog


5 Lessons from "School is for Lazy People"

So a friend invited me to the programme tagged "School is for lazy people" It was a day after Suzzy's wedding and I was tired. Reluctantly, I accepted the invitation.

I'm so blessed to have been there. It was fun. The comedy, poem and music. So fantastic. Lemme gist you na, they said formal education (the university) is a waste of time. It streamlines your thinking and kills your creativity. Those who rule the world didn't go to school. . .


Things We Do For Love

It was the during the Id-el-kabir Sallah break. As usual, the Traffic in Lagos, Nigeria was crazy because many more people (the Muslims especially) were traveling to celebrate the season with their loved ones. So you dare not travel if you can't stand the traffic.

That I'm seated for minutes to hours on a vehicle that's either moving very slowly or not moving at all drives me nuts. I find it unbearable.
Yet I frantically chose to travel for love.

Not Another Long Boring Weekend

When the Federal Government declared Monday 6th and Tuesday, 7th of October, 2014 as public holidays to mark the Id-el-kabir Sallah celebration. I knew it was going to be another long and boring weekend if I don't plan to make it an interesting and exciting one.

That moment you're asking, "what do I do with this break?" We've all had such moments. Tell me, what do you do?


PODCAST: New Day, New Grace

New day, new grace. His mercies are new every morning.


Let's Go Greeny!

Each time I'm asked what my favourite colour is, I be like: "Erm... I don't know..." And it's not just me. Those who just love colours know exactly what it feels like not to have a favourite colour. We just love colours. I especially love bright colours. And sometimes we don't have a fave because our choices are based on moods, weather and relationship status. Yelx.

Oya, Let's Go Greeny! 

Based on my mood (and maybe relationship status. lol), I have chosen green today.


Let's have Sex with our Ideas

Sex. Sex. Sex. It is everywhere and everything. It beats my imagination.

We live in a sexy world. These are days when sexiness drives the market. If you want to sell a product, then you got to create a sex appealing advertisement. Like magic, your product will be everywhere.


PODCAST: Why Wouldn't You Say "hi" ?

Just click the play button or here :)


PODCAST: Voice of Truth

Stop beating your self up. Let go of the voice telling you how bad you've been. Listen to the voice of Truth telling you how beautiful you are.

To listen, click the play button. :)

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STYLE: A #WeekForScarves for #TeamNaturalHair

You've read my "About Me" page and have come to understand that I love everything lovely and beautiful. Abi? Fashion is a beautiful thing. And me I like am for fashion. Walahi!

So I didn't know what to do with my African natural, thick and kinky hair. I just couldn't find any hairstyle to fit my mood. I was wondering, searching and thinking about it all through the weekend.

Bingo! I ended up wrapping my hair in scarves all through the week. Thank God I don't work in a bank or in any strictly "you-must-wear-corporate" organisation. Free-styling is allowed here. *grins*

This was how the week looked like :)


God Bless the Month I was Born

I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Being together makes us enjoy the fun, the laughter, the experience and the journey much more. These moments mean so much that I had to write #BringBackOurMoments. They are priceless.

So on one of the occasions, as we got talking, sharing the stories and having the fun of our lives, I got into a playful argument with a friend who was born in the Month of January. She ranted that January being the month she was born is the best month of the year. I don't agree! Or what do you think?


PODCAST: Speak Out

You don't make a change when sit, relax and stay tuned. You have to speak out.
Use your voice.

Click here to listen: Speak Out

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Afraid of who I saw in the Mirror

I've not found any lady who doesn't like to look into the mirror. We do that especially when we are dressed so cool. *winks* The mirror is a lady's best friend. I don't know about the guys. Wait, do you guys like the mirror too? That's weird. LOL.

It's normal for me to smile, giggle and even dance when I look into the mirror. But this morning, something strange happened. . .

I was Afraid of who I saw in the Mirror

I was all dressed up and ready to go to work. I decided to steal another glance at the mirror before heading for the door. OMG, I saw somebody, not smiling. Not giggling. Not dancing.


Apply Here

Do you have a space in your heart right now, apply within.
Your CV are your cases.
Present your CV.
The management will get back to you.


PODCAST: Not Over Yet

I'm excited. Am I not always like that? (lol)  I just signed up on Soundcloud. I am so happy that I've found something more. *dancing* Soundcloud is an online audio distribution platform which gives me more channel to transmit Heart Rays. Yipee!

 The year is not over yet, it can still happen. Be hopeful.

To listen: Just click https://soundcloud.com/amakamedia/not-over-yet

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POEM: Something More

There comes that realm
An insight with a longing
That an emptiness be filled
Out of the ordinary
Beyond this spot
It is a hunger

That place I seek
A view with understanding
It's unclear how it becomes clear
And unclear again
I'm not confused but it's obvious
It gives a sign


Can an Ant Swallow a Lion?

Since I found Twitter, I dumped Facebook. I feel I'd be cheating on Twitter when I go to Facebook. (Just kidding, I visit Facebook once in a while) Anyway, that's not the point. This post was inspired by a tweet.

Can an Ant Swallow a Lion

What do you think? Got any reason for your answer?


PHOTO TALK: Look up to God

"Those who look up to God are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame." 
Psalm 34:5

Designed by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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What Shall it Profit a Man?

And I sat there thinking about what my next post should be. It's been a week since my last post but it had felt like a year. That's what you get when you're excited about something. You can't seem to get enough of it. I'm excited about blogging! (a friend called it "initial gra-gra". lol)
I had the title of this post yesterday, but didn't get an idea of what the contents would be. What do you think about it? Or I should ask it this way, how does your heart see it?


POEM: Pride

So you go
Feeling so good,
Eyes up,
Shoulders high,
Walking tall,
You are the best there.

And then
Someone comes,
Eyes spin,
Shoulders slouch,
Missing steps,
You feel sick already.


Greatness Ahead, Thread Humbly

I am not sure to think that the one who is proud knows that he is proud. Well, I never thought so until. . .

I received a BC (Broadcast Message) on BBM from a close friend, Cynthia. I read it but did not totally agree with one or two sentences. So I requested that she throws more light on it.


I am not a Worker

Seriously, I don't like to talk about church. But when it gets so heavy on my heart, I can't keep quiet. You know how it goes for me, I give it all out.

Why do we think that the only way one can serve God is by being a worker?

When I was in school, each time I went back home to attend my local church, I worked with the children and teenagers department, I also worked with  the evangelism department but never joined any of the department. I enjoyed serving in every way. It wasn't out of duty, it was out of love. I loved it that way.


Letter to the Future Self

Thanks to the blogosphere. I have found some really good personalities, and one of them is Adenike Adebayo. She is so passionate about making a change. I actually stumbled on her blog and found the letter she wrote to her future self. I was moved. (Read it here). So she inspired me to write a letter to my future self too.  A month after I drafted a rough, I finally decided to finish, edit and publish it. Ten years from now, I would read this letter to myself.

If you could, what would you say to your future self based on your journey so far?

POEM: To Live as a Channel

A channel is a carrier
Connecting to the source
Running never to go dry
All it ever does is to give out
That which it carries.



No matter what had happened or is happening. 
HOLD ON to your dreams.

Designed by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia


The Mental Balance Sheet

Have you ever been in a position where your buttocks are on the chair and your waist in the air? Exactly. The past week has been like that. Oops! I'm sorry if you didn't get that. You'd have to read between the lines.
Two posts ago, I told you about my job. Can you remember? It's right here. Something is happening again *grins*


REVIEW: The Beautiful Butterflies (2)

THE CHRYSALIS: The transformation process

Sometime ago I talked about how much I love the butterflies. If you haven't read it, then you might like to click here. Butterflies are indeed fascinating creatures. God is just awesome!

It was mentioned that the butterfly wasn't always a butterfly, it actually grows into it. It starts with a tiny egg that hatches into a caterpillar, the caterpillar then spends time in a cocoon (also known as the chrysalis). It is after spending time in the chrysalis that it changes into a beautiful butterfly. So it got me thinking, there must be something about The Chrysalis!


PODCAST: August is Here!

AUGUST- The month of new beginnings.
Happy New Month!
Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu


First 6 Months on the Job

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you start a new job. It is also normal that you get a bit worried about being able to perform to expectations. But remember, you got the job because you deserved it. You proved it through the tests, interviews and workshops. You're good like that. Yes, you can!
Today, It was officially stated that I've survived the first six months on the job. I'm so elated! All glory to God. Right now, I'm actually shaking my head to a reggae tune that I'm humming as I type this post. I would be dancing as soon as I click "publish".


PODCAST: The Letters in L.O.V.E

Love is a Vision of the heart
That flows from the deepest within
And permeates our whole being
Which when expressed outwardly
Builds a world we dearly desire.

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu

The God of my Own

The Keeper of my Dreams
The Maker of my Moments
The Fragrance of my Beauty
The Source of my Success
The Lifter of my Head
The Purpose of my Living
The Hope of my Glory
The Centre of my World
The Passion of my Soul
The Pillar of my Future
The Radiance of my Identity
The Joy of my Heart
The Power of my Voice
The Rock of my Life
The Flavour of my Labour
The Secret of my Blessings
The God of my own.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia


PHOTO TALK: Mercy says No

God's mercy brings me back to the light.

Designed by: Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia


POEM: The Musings of a Lonely Lady

Where is my love?
Have you seen him?
I'm here, waiting.
Waiting to be found
I miss him
I need him
My love!

The Need of a Spiritual Father

You know that moment when you take a cute selfie which you so admire and feel like showing it to somebody? I had a moment like that today. . .

The Need of a Spiritual Father

I had just washed my hair. I looked in the mirror and I realized how lovely my natural hair looks. My hair's actually been covered in the extensions for months. So I'd missed its natural bounce and elasticity. I was like O-M-G. Spontaneously, I took a picture of my beautiful natural African hair. And I loved it!


It's Time for some M's

Oh yes! It's time for some M's. Everyone has got a need for some M's at one point or the other. I do too. In fact I particularly need one right now.

When God be like: Hey man, I want to bless somebody. Somebody needs a breakthrough. So, I'll be dishing out some M's today. Need any?

And you don't understand what He means. You be like: Erm. . .erm. . .
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