Monday, 27 June 2022

Why Do Toddlers Hit Their Mothers?

Hahaha! I was literally laughing at myself when I realized I had just typed on Google the most ridiculous question ever. Let me ask you; what’s the most ridiculous question you’ve ever asked Google? 

Every day my little one amazes me with something new. 

This morning, I typed on Google; 
Why is my one year old hitting me?!


And I was surprised to know that many other mothers all over the world have done the same in their lifetime. So, it’s actually a thing for toddlers to hit their mothers. Hahaha!

I studied that toddlers are more active, curious and expressive. And right now, my daughter is able to stand on her own, walking while holding onto a furniture and getting ready to take her first few independent steps. It’s exciting watching her growth and development!

In case you are also wondering why a toddler could possibly be hitting his/her mother, this is what I found out on
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