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WIW: The Ankara Prints That Sets You On Fire

Is it acceptable for a grown woman to wear her mother's clothes? Yes? No? While you're pondering on that, I've got something to post for Sunday-Style. :)

Fire Ankara Prints

This vivid fire Ankara prints is one Ankara fabric to slay and rock now. You'll find it in various colours. It easily balances the whole physique, especially when styled appropriately with the focus point on the fire visual.

If you want to spruce up your wardrobe do not look any further, this fire Ankara prints is sure to at least lift your spirits for the better. The bold prints in the this fabric will resonate a similar vibe onto your spirit. . . Setting you on fireeee!

I am wearing the Ankara fire prints as a maxi dress with pockets on both sides.

Come to think of it, you can wear this dress to hide your pregnancy like the popular blogger, Linda Ikeji, and nobody would notice. Lol.

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The fire Ankara prints literally comes alive with special additions like stones, beads or pearls, making these prints on the fabric lovelier. They come out poppin'.

This fire Ankara prints is a trend.

I have a confesssion; I couldn't figure out what this pattern was called before I started drafting this post. I went on Google searching for flower ankara print, big flower, and even octopus. Lol. Google, apparently showed me what I asked for but not what I wanted. Until I went on Twitter . . .
Thank you, Twitter.

The other confession is, this maxi dress belongs to my mum. See a red dress she gave me.

Still wondering what’s the big deal about wearing your mother’s clothes?
Here's why:
  1. Your mother knows timeless fashion – she’s been there, done that
  2. She owns the best fabrics that exude classic elegance
  3. You connect/bond better when you wear her clothes (we share a lot) 
  4. You can always give your mother’s cloth a modern twist (I folded the sleeves)
  5. Just because you can!

Stay inspired.

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