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STYLE: Making A Cape Out Of A Skirt

Hello sweeties! How are you doing? I've missed you plenty! It's the last Sunday of the Month of January already. The year is moving and I hope you are moving along too.

OK. You know how we do it on Sundays. Let's get to it. ;)

Skirt to Cape

I wear this miniskirt just within the house, meaning it's an indoor wear. I must say it's one of my favourite stay-at-home clothes.

I have been staring at this skirt for weeks. I knew I could do something more with it, but couldn't figure it out.


PODCAST: The Spiritual Man (Repeat)

Apostle Paul said in Romans 8:6, “To be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.”

Being spiritual is a matter of life and death. Wouldn't we rather choose the path that leads to life?

May God help us to be spiritually minded. Amen.

Rays of Life . . .


WORD: kerosene

Are you sure you've been using the right thing in your stove? LOL. We'll know today. :)


RELATIONSHIP: Status Unknown? See The Signs

This is a very late post. No excuses. I've been reading a book, and stalking some of my favourite bloggers all day. Some days are like that. Days when you want to sit back and watch. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Alright, I couldn't let this day pass without writing something. It's Love-Wednesday!

When Relationship Status Is Unknown

My friend uploaded a picture of some guy on BBM. And said, "this naughty somebori made my day!"


Dear Diary, It Almost Gave Me A Heart Attack

Sometimes you have got to vent out. It helps you stay connected with your emotions while expressing yourself. Do you vent? I do it in my diary. 

Close To A Heart Attack

It was on Wednesday.

The day I blogged about my ex.

I had a swell time while writing that article. My heart leapt for joy when I finished writing everything I wanted to write. And clicking the "publish" button made me tingle all over. The best part was when Disqus notified me that the post had gotten 2 comments.



I wanted to be selfish with this one. I was pushing the thought of writing this article for another one. But my spirit wouldn't let me!


I've been accused of being too spiritual (whatever that means). If it is what I'm thinking, then I'm not even close yet. Oh no, I'm not!


STYLE: 4 Easy Steps To Turning His T-Shirt Into A Skirt Without Cutting it

He may be your boo, brother, uncle, father, husband, nephew or "just a friend". The way he is related to you doesn't matter. As long as you have access to his wardrobe, you can do what I did and wear what I wore. *winks*

Shirt to Skirt

I love love love it when I can do so many things with one piece of clothing. It thrills me. I get so excited and feel like I've won a jackpot each time I discover something new.


PODCAST: What It Means To Guard Your Heart With All Diligence

Yipeee! It's Friday! I am usually abnormally happy on Fridays. Good things happen to me every Friday. Yeah. *giggles*

OK. Today's podcast is a summary of the Gospel I've been preaching ever since I started blogging.

"Guard your heart with all diligence; for out of it flow the issues of life" 
~ Proverbs 4:23

Rays of Life . . .


Every Woman (Including Men) Should Read This Awesome Piece

This is one of the best articles I've read about being a woman. Prechy, my friend, sent it to me via Whatsapp. I thought to share it with you. It's too much for only me. (I edited it a little tho). Enjoy.

When God Created Woman

source: gphotos

When God created woman, He was working late on the 6th day. 

An angel came by and asked,
"Why are you spending so much time on this particular one?"


RELATIONSHIP: What To Say When Your Ex Calls You

I'm so sure my ex silently visits my blog regularly. Am I not 'looking for trouble' by writing about this now, ehn? Well, that's what he gets for ever dating a real lifestyle blogger like me. *grins*

It's wednesday. Let's talk about love, baby! 

When An Ex Calls You

So my ex called me on Sunday night.

Apparently, I still have his number in my head.

"Hei! Why is (name) calling me?!"

Pause here. I will give you the full gist. Let me write as a serious human being first. Lol. My primary purpose is to inspire you to live life filled with positivity and love. 

*adjusts chair*


12 Quotes To Get You Moving and Living Life To The Fullest

Oh, I love searching for inspirational quotes! I get so fired up, that I don’t want to stop. I keep soaking them all in. And then when I think about someone who might just be needing few words to get moving too. I bring some of them here. :)

Quotes on Living Life To The Fullest

Many of us do not live life to the fullest. We get stuck in our ways and routines and just kinda coast through life.

I pray these quotes will encourage and inspire you to always live in the present, live for today, live in the moment, always thankful for the blessing of each day. Not taking life for granted; not living in the past, but living right now. Here.


Know When To Sip And When To Swallow

It's Monday. I am going to sip slowly and savour every taste and smell of its flavour. Yeah.

Sipping & Swallowing Life

I already confessed that when I don't know what to write, I just write. Those times I totally and wholly depend on God for inspiration. My best articles are written at such times when it feels like my mind is blank.


STYLE: How I Rerock My Denim Skirt (On The Red Carpet)

It's Sunday for WIW. I want to show you WIW to 'FireOfLafta with Tiblaze' . I can't remember what took me so long to "save" these pictures here. It's a carry over from 2015. *covers face* 

Social Style

Honestly, my love for denim is becoming a bit awkward. I don't understand this sudden crave popping out from nowhere. And there is no sign of me slowing it down anytime soon.

You've seen me wearing a denim dress in a picture I posted on Instagram. Right? If you haven't, click here to see. By the way, why aren't you following me yet? *rme*


PODCAST: The Story Of The Donkey That Fell Into A Well

It is God's desire for us to be successful, but the road to success might be tough. It is crucial to keep moving forward with strength and determination no matter what life throws at us.

Can we be like this donkey? 

Rays of Strength . . .


It's Not JE-NU-A-RY

Yay! It's the first WWA post of the year. I'd been contemplating whether or not to continue this year. I'm glad I finally decided to have it again. :)

Let's refresh our memory. 'Words With Amaka' is me (as a voice-over artist) playing with my Cambridge Pronouncing English Dictionary to discover words I'd been pronouncing wrongly all my life, and sharing them with you bi-weekly. We started with session 1 last year. Each session has 12 lessons.


RELATIONSHIP: 9 Things You Should Never Expect From People

One of the reasons why we get disappointed by the people we relate with is because we expect too much from them . . . too much. Let's learn to cut down on the expectations a little bit.

9 Things Not To Expect From People

We live in a world full of negativity. A world full of illusions and false expectations. We need more positive minded people to change the world.


PHOTO: How To Be Holy

We might think being holy is an impossible task. But you know, if God can say "Be ye holy, for I am holy", then it means holiness is attainable.

For me to stick to my new year's resolution, I need to keep this in mind.

Holiness is a requirement to be a carrier of God's glory. May God give us the grace to be holy for His glory in Jesus' name. Amen.

P.S. I saw the "with with" just after publishing, I have decided to ignore it. Creating this picture was not that easy. Lol. (pardon me)

You might also like: how to have a quiet time.


Follow Your Passion And Go Get Your Dream Job

I dare to dream out loud. If I fail, at least I will know I tried. If I succeed, then I will inspire more people to follow their dreams. I am Josephine, The Dreamer. (Like Joseph in the Bible).

Follow Your Passion 

quit my job in 2015.

I am not sure I have mentioned that I studied Accountancy at the university on this blog before. Yes, I am an accountant by profession. But if I have to work as an accountant, it will be a choice of my head and not my heart.


STYLE: Dull Ankara Material Turns Into a Bright Flared Skirt

You remember the brown Ankara material I told you about here. Huh? I finally made it into a skirt. Trust me, I added light, colour and energy to it. *winks*

WIW: Ankara Skirt

If only I can be patient enough to sew clothes, I will be a very good tailor. No jokes. I have a sewing machine and I know how to sew. I learnt tailoring while waiting for my UTME result.

It's just that I have some really good excuses. One, my sewing machine needs to be taken to a mechanic. Two, I dunno how to go back to my "madam" who I left without saying a word. Lol!


PODCAST: How To Hear God Speak To You

Do you ever wonder if God really speaks to people? You'll be happy to know the answer is yes.

Ray of Wisdom . . .


When Plans Fail, Your Positive Actions Will Make It Work

Hey! Are you sleeping already? So sorry. This post is a very late post. I am posting at 9:59PM. Why? Because people refused to share their Heart Rays with me my plans failed.*teary eyes*

When Plans Fail

I told you on Tuesday that I was going to be on the street asking people about their resolutions. Yeah? I did. But got nothing.

Some people said, "My resolution is personal. I don't feel comfortable telling you."

Others just said, "I want 2016 to be better. That's all."


RELATIONSHIP: 10 Things You Shouldn't Do When You Meet Someone New

It's a new year. May we not experience heartbreak in Jesus name. Amen.

You are definitely going to get yourself a new "catch". So what shouldn't you do in order not to get it all twisted? That's why I'm here. ;)

When You Meet Someone New

It's OK to get excited when you meet someone new. But it is very important to be realistic and practical.

Many dates I've had in the past had been so somehow. I feel exhausted just thinking about it. I wish I knew some of these back then . . .


The Best New Year's Resolution Ever

I usually do not make new year's resolutions, and I also do not "take each day as it comes". I just like to make a list of things I want. Who remembers my Christmas wish list? Lol. But I have one resolution for the new year.

New Year's Resolution

I love, absolutely love, studying God’s Word. From the time I first said "yes" to Jesus, I have devoured the Scriptures. And yet, I'll admit, extended times of prayer have been a struggle for me. That is one area I have to work on this year. I have to discipline myself to set the time apart to "be still and know."


Relaxed Hair Vs Natural Hair; Who Am I?

No. I've not come to start an argument on this controversial topic about which is better (relaxed or natural?). We're all human, we have different tastes and different personalities. I am here for something much better . . . to help you find "you".

Journey of Self-Discovery

Lemme start by saying that I love relaxed and natural hair. I think all hair is beautiful. I think there is no such thing as good hair or bad hair because everybody is unique and everybody has got a personal style.

Yeah, I have worn both shoes. I have lived both worlds. I have discovered what it feels to have one and not have the other. Through it all, I am not my hair. I am me!

Now the question is, Who am I?


STYLE/WIW: Favourite Spot At Church

2015 was an amazing journey with you being here. I enjoyed every moment we shared. When I say "you rock!", I mean it. Sweeties, you rock my world big time mehn. Glad we made it into 2016. Let's continue in our quest for living life filled with positivity, inspiration and love. Shall we? :)

Okey-dokey, my blog time-table hasn't changed. Sunday remains a day to showcase WIW. God hasn't told me to stop yet. Lol

Style Summary

This is the very first thanksgiving Sunday of the year. I hope you went to church. Why am I even asking? Of course you did! Nobody misses a Sunday like this one.



PODCAST: A Simple Prayer For This New Beginning

Happy New Year!!! We made it. Yes, we made it!!! Praises to God for the gift of life.

Welcome to 2016. A year of basking in glory. 

You have no reason to be anxious. Keep your eyes fixed on God. Press into this New Year with faith and expect the Lord to fulfill His promise.

Pray with me.

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