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How To Dress Modestly In Ankara Crop Top

The other day, I did something brave and totally went out of my comfort zone. I wore a crop top. Yeah!

Personally, pieces like crop tops, bikinis, and dresses with cutouts make me feel self conscious. I have always been a fan of dressing modestly; however, just because you are a Christian or a modest dresser does not mean you cannot wear the latest fashion trends. So, on today's Sunday-Style I will be showing you ONE tip for how to wear a crop top modestly.

Ankara Crop Top

A number of "Christians" and church goers would frown at the thought of wearing a crop top. However, I am among the group of Christians who believe modesty is not limited to what you wear. Modesty should be an attitude, or carrying yourself respectfully. It's deciding that you're a masterpiece, hand crafted by God, and you shouldn't sell yourself as a cheap piece. God thinks you're beautiful and worthy, no matter what you wear. So the reason we adorn ourselves should ultimately be to honour God and not to impress people. Emphasis on TO HONOUR GOD.

That being said, with different Ankara prints you can choose what suits your idea of modesty from various styles that you adore, in crop tops.

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A crop top is any upper garment that is cut short to reveal the stomach. But then again, you can wear it in a way that it does not scream "look at my stomach!".

Here is the tip:
The easiest way to modestly wear a crop top is to pair it with a high-waisted bottom. Ideally, the bottom of your blouse will meet the top of your skirt, shorts, or trousers and create a super-flattering waistline.

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At the end of the day, my heart was so full of joy about the wonderful day I had. I didn't have to worry about any insecurities. I even forgot I was wearing a crop top. Nothing felt strange to me. There were no creepy men flirting or cat calling me, and I didn't feel like I was being watched. I just had a wonderful day where I happened to be wearing a crop top.

I hope you're having a lovely Sunday. See you soon.

Stay inspired.
Stay be-YOU-tiful.

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