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Is Your Battery Getting Low? Plug It In Now!

Hello beautiful sweethearts of mine! How are you doing today? Hmm . . . I'm feeling somehow somehow o. My phone decided to talk to me by acting really strange. I do hope you get something out of this looong article. 

Recharge Your Battery

We all know what to do when the battery of our phones, laptops, iPads, or any gadget becomes low. We plug it into a power source to get the battery recharged. Right?

But what do you if after you've plugged it in, the battery discharges instead of recharges? This is what the battery of my phone has led me to understand (through the help of the Holy Spirit).


STYLE: Black on Black + Meet My Cute Bro

Family is the most priceless possession. A blessing above every thing else. Family is always there for us regardless of what happens, and they are the most important people in our lives. Wondering why I'm talking about family? I'm being grateful. :)

WIW: Black on Black
Last Sunday was the grand finale of our family weekend. I already told you here that the weekend is set aside to appreciate and celebrate every member of the family.


PODCAST: Believe and Be Patient

It's the last Friday of the month. And you be like: "Another month has ended. Yet nothing to show for it!" 

Hey, relax. The year is not over yet, we still have 35 days to go. Don't stop believing. There is nothing impossible with God!

Rays of Hope . . .


Let's Play. How Many Faces Can You See?

Hi sweeties! I'm in some playful mood today. Kindly play with me. :)

How Many Faces Can You See In This Picture?

source: gphotos

Me, I'm seeing 10 faces o. What about you?

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Heart Rays . . .giving out  the light.


RELATIONSHIP: Is Phone Sex A Sin? (16+ Post)

I know. I know you have a different view on this topic, but hear me out first. OK? I must confess I've once had phone sex. I didn't know it was called 'phone sex' until recently tho. I'm such a jew girl. Or isn't that what they call people like me? Lol.

Phone Sex

You already know I talk about love and relationship every Wednesday. Right? Not as the world will but as Christ will let me. Not out of the blues but within my personal experience and discovery. I dunno how to blog without giving myself away (even when it hurts). I can't help it. Phew. 


How Last Weekend Went . . . Fantastic!

Mehn, last weekend was so much fun! It was one of those weekends I wish I could freeze. As in, I never wanted it to end. Lemme gist you . . .  :) 

Family Weekend

Yep! It was The RCCG's General Family Weekend nationwide. The family weekend is a weekend set aside to celebrate and appreciate every member of the family. It is also an avenue to bring members together in love and unity. 


What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Write

Another week, another media amplified frenzy; great time to pen away my latest discovery unto the blogosphere. Great time to write it all out . . . where I'm at it again!

Writing Isn't Always Easy

This day has finally come.

The day I will confess that I don’t know what to write. 

I'm sitting at a table, staring at the blank screen and feeling so human. 


STYLE: The Pedestrian Bridge

Hi sweethearts! What's popping? Have you eaten your Sunday rice already? Yours truly have decided not to eat rice today. I want to eat beans. Yes, beans is so on my mind right now. Lol.

WIW on the Pedestrian Bridge

Ever since I officially started keeping a diary of my styles on Sundays, I have not missed a week. And I don't intend to. I was not actually in the mood to do today but I had to force myself. Wait! Am I self-disciplined or what? Hm!


PODCAST: How Do I Stop Thinking About My Ex?

Oh my, the number of emails I get these days is quite alarming. What is happening? Patience seems to be shown to the door (or probably thrown out of the window). Everybody wants a ready-made relationship from heaven. But that's not possible. We have to work it out!

Anyways, I decided to make a general reply to the question; "how do I stop thinking about my ex?"

Rays of Healing . . .


Let's Pronounce These Biblical Names - "Shadrach", "Jabez" and "Deborah"

Hiya! We're having WWA today! *smiles* Do you ever get to read the Bible aloud for others to hear? Me too. So it's very likely to have seen and pronounce these names - wrongly. 

We have three lessons today. Are you ready?!


RELATIONSHIP: When He says "Be Patient With Me"

(I wrote this article many weeks ago. It took me a while to make up my mind to click the 'publish' button.)

The other day, Mr. Man said to me; "Baby, I need you to be patient with me". I didn't understand. For the first in my life, the word "patient" became strange. "What does he mean by that??" "Huh??"

Be Patient With Love

If you've been following me for a while now, you’ll know that I am an open book. You can literally read me because I share from real life experience - my very own personal stories. That's the only way I feel like I'm connecting my Heart Rays with yours.


Book Review + Giveaway: 10 Steps To Walking In Purpose By Frances Okoro

Yay! Another giveaway post. Not just any kinda giveaway, it's a book. A book! You know I'm a bookworm. Yeah? Just in case you didn't know, read 7 Things About Me. Good inspirational books are the second next things that turn me on after the Bible. I have read so many books on how to fulfill purpose but this one is different. . . very different.

'10 Steps To Walking In Purpose' is the newest book written by my very own sweetheart - Barr. Frances Okoro. A powerful, interesting and unique book that I thoroughly enjoyed.


ABC Of Bloggers Who Rock My Blogosphere

A big shout out to everyone who has participated in the #GratitudeChallenge. God is sure smiling down at you right now. :)

I'm still filling my thanksgiving account. I'm grateful for being on the blogosphere. It is a blessing to have met you. Yes, you!

The (My) Blogosphere Is a Blessing

I've been blogging for more than a year now, and I can say blogging is a great way to meet people. Real life, like minded, interesting people.


STYLE/WIW: Recycling Till I Have Money

Hello sweethearts! How has the weekend been? I know, I know, we all don't want the weekend to end. Sure thing. It definitely cannot end without me ranting about What I Wore and all. *grins*

I love new clothes. I love the rush I get when I have something new to wear or just keep. Sometimes I crave for the rush but my bank account wouldn't co-operate. My bank account and I have been dragging this issue for a while now. 

As I was thinking about what to do; v-i-o-la! Recycling came to my rescue. 


PODCAST: Stay Away From Negative People

Some relationships clearly make you better. They energize, inspire, and lift you up. And there are others who almost want to suck the life out of you. When you identify them, stay away from them. 

Rays of Wisdom . . .


Free Ticket To "Fire Of Lafta With Tiblaze" Where Gordon, Koffi, Pencil & Others Will Be Performing Live. You Want?

Yipee! This is officially my first blog giveaway! I couldn't contain my joy when Tiblaze told me I could give out free tickets. *dancing* 

Sweeties, how would you like to win a ticket to go have fun at an event which features the best of comedy, fashion and music in a cosy and high class environment?  :) 

The night is sure to thrill with rib cracking comedy by ace comedians and music by the finest trending young artistes across Naija, while you also experience exclusive fashion displays by top Nigerian Fashion designers.


RELATIONSHIP: Listen To Your Partner

Listening is not just waiting for your turn to speak. Unfortunately, many of us act that way in our conversations - impatiently waiting instead of listening. Listening is hardwork. Let's talk about it today . . .

Active Listening

Listening may sound simple but there is more to it than it sounds. It is usually a major problem in relationships. As a matter of fact, it is easier to be an eloquent speaker (like me, yeah) than a good listener.


17 Quotes That Inspire You To Be Grateful

Need a little inspiration to get you into the thinksgiving mode? Here are some quotes that might help . . .

Thanksgiving Quotes

- 1- 
"If you made a list of all the things you could be thankful for, the list would undoubtedly be longer than your misfortunes."
~ Catherine Pulsifer


Lord, Please Forgive Me For Not Being Grateful Enough

My thanksgiving account is so in the red. I have not been as grateful as I'm expected to be. I am currently filling in my account.

Gratitude Challenge

Last weekend, I attended The RCCG Holy Ghost Service at The Redemption camp. That was where I was reminded of how ungrateful I had been to God. I was reminded three times.


WIW: Ankara Skirt and Bangles + Dear Diary, I Felt So Single There

Hello Sweeties! How is your weekend going? I've been attending weddings for three consecutive Saturdays now. And last weekend was one of those Saturdays. I do not only want to show you What I Wore, but also want to tell you how I had wished I was married. *bites lip* 

Bibian's wedding

Oh, I love weddings. I love the kisses. I love the cake, the decor, the music and the bridal dresses. I love the love in everything about weddings. It's ecstatic.


PODCAST: How to Find Peace Within

How can I find peace of mind? It’s a question often asked, but rarely answered in a satisfying way.

Some say peace of mind lies in security. Some say it’s about finding stillness and calm in life. Some say it’s about acceptance and letting go. Some even say it's about contentment. I say it’s being attuned with the Holy Spirit - who lives in you.

Rays of Peace. . .


Words With Amaka: damsel

Hello class! It's another day to learn how to pronounce correctly. I feel like an oral English teacher. Dah kinda thing. Lol. 

Today you'll discover that there are damsels and there are damsels. You may spot the difference. *grins* 


5 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

It's Love-Wednesday! It is important that we understand the impact of relationships in our lives. They either make us or break us. Let's consider these signs . . .

5 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

One thing I always say; being in a relationship is work. It can be more difficult if you’re not careful, because you could find yourself in the middle of a toxic wasteland that leads to nowhere but shameful stories and deep scars.


Dear Diary, Nothing Is Working!

Last night I poured out into my private diary. I'm led to share it with you. I hate to feel this way. 

Monday, 2nd November 2015
~~Nothing is Working~~

My phone is sick. The battery refuses to be charged up.  My wi-fi router wouldn't come on. My mobile data plan expired this morning. I managed to go to the cyber café, and that's how the very system I was using stopped working. I logged on to another system, and that's how SoundCloud kept insisting that my password was incorrect. Phew! Even though I knew it was the right one. I tried other likely passwords. No way. I tried and tried and got tired. *tears*


At the 11th Hour

Let's not pretend. It is that time of the year when we tend to reflect on what we hoped to achieve and have not achieved yet. Sometimes it makes our hearts go weary, and even causes depression. But hey, I'm here to tell you - IT'S NOT OVER YET. 

The Eleventh Hour Miracle

Yesterday was January. . . and today is November. That's just how it seems. 


WIW: Ankara Shoes, Earrings and a Bow Tie

Like play like play . . . it is November! O-M-G!!! Happy New month, my super-awesome sweethearts! I was just looking over the past ten months, and I'm like "Mehn, 2015 has been a year of self-discovery." How about you?

It's another What-I-Wore post. Yipee!

WIW: Greeny Ankara Shoes and Bow tie

I've never worn green as many times as I did last month. Phew!
Wait, am I complaining? No.
Who forced me? Nobody.
So what am I now saying? Nothing.
Good. Lol.
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