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5 Not-That-Deep Questions And Answers On Relationship

Instead of me to read my Bible, I went to read Toke Makinwa's book, On Becoming. Now see where it has landed me -- a very late Love-Wednesday post -- After many hours of struggling to get myself out of the shock the story stimulated. Phew.

I'm sorry. Let's have some sort of Q n' A relationship session today . . .

Relationship Q n A

Relationships (and marriages) can get boring if they stay perpetually on the same track for too long. We have to WORK hard enough to keep our relationships growing strong, positive and fulfilling, and it requires that both parties (you and your partner) keep each other on your toes.


Dear Diary, I've Got My Mind Made Up

The 30-Day Man Fast is a period where a woman stays away from men to focus on Jesus.

Sharing bits from my private diary . . .

I choose Jesus

My prayer during this fast has been for God to fix me me, fill me, change me so I don’t make the same mistakes I’ve made in my past relationships.


Learn To Look Beyond Yourself

Sometimes I cry when I see an element of pride in my heart, specifically, that moment of being gratified with a good performance. God hates it - He deserves ALL the glory.

Elements of Pride

Pride is the feeling you get when you have achieved something, which probably makes you feel good about yourself or you think makes you stand out. 

It's a good feeling.

But it can be a disease.


What I Wore: When All You See Is Black

Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray! I feel like my birthday was yesterday and that today is the beginning of a new year. I feel so alive, refreshed, renewed, and everything positive! How about you? :)

All Black Everything

I tend to usually be pretty colourful and creative, injecting a burst of colour somewhere in my outfit. Wearing an all black outfit allows me to add eye watering shade of whatever, that's definitely something I love about all black outfits.


This Is All About Face Modelling

I have never appreciated makeup artists and the art in makeup by itself as much as I did yesterday. I looked at the mirror and couldn't believe what I beheld.

Face Modelling 101

Money is the only thing that can motivate me to comfortably wear makeup on my face. I cannot be wearing mascara and carving my eyebrows for nothing. Makeup for me is strictly business.


Here Is A Quick Midnight Reflection On Instagram

Like many other nights, sleep eluded me. After praying for as long as I could manage, I switched on my data. And logged on into Instagram as though the angels were using my pretty long fingers.

Instagram, Really?

I am not such a big fan of Instagram. I often spend less than an hour on the days I decide to log in on the app.

The last time I spent over an hour, I made a mess of myself with makeup. :/


Top 5 Relationship Goals We Should Strive For

Relationship is not about hugging and kissing and caring about someone who says they love you. Romantic relationship (the way God designed it to be) is being in love with someone who loves you as much as Jesus does. Oh, yeah!

"cute" isn't the goal.

Relationship Goals

Sometimes it’s hard to know what is required. There are so many pictures of couples doing really cute, funny things together with the caption “relationship goals”. While the idea of holding hands, doing funny things and awkward poses is cute and sweet, it’s not exactly what we should be looking out for on having real relationships.


Dear Diary, I Am So Hungry For Love

The 30-Day Man Fast is a period where a woman stays away from men to focus on Jesus.

Sharing bits from my private diary . . .

Day 9: Only Him

I had a great encounter with God through His word. It was like when Jesus sat down next to the Samaritan woman by the well.


2 Things To Do Before The Year Ends

How would you describe your year? For some of us, it has been the fastest year. While for some of us, it seem to have been the slowest year.

Whatever be your case, you can still have the best one. 

Just Before The Year Ends

"This is not the time to cry or give up. In fact, this is the best time to get fired up, push forward and have the best year ever."

That was what I said to myself as I read the vision written down in my private diary again.


STYLE: Walk On The Street Like You Owe Nobody

Happy Sunday! It's not every time shoes, sometimes slippers too. Lol. Lemme show you an outfit I put together on one of those days I just go freely on the street like I owe nobody. :D

You Owe Nobody

Since this post, my definition of "street style" hasn't changed. It is still the normal outfit a normal person wears on a normal day. No paparazzi.

Being free is such a great experience.


Gosh! I Hate Meetings

Meetings are one of the biggest time wasters ever. I've attended a couple of meetings over the past week and thought to myself "So, what did we achieve with this?"

Meetings Suck 

I was asked to design an e-flier with respect to a meeting that is scheduled for Sunday. While at it, I remembered the previous meeting I attended . . .


RELATIONSHIP: "You Remember Me Today"

There are only few things more annoying than picking up your phone, dialling a friend's number, and hearing the words "Oh, you remember me today".

Excuse me, what's that?!

When Phone Calls Become Less Frequent

In friendships, we set certain expectations for others. These expectations are sometimes unnecessary.

For example, you expect your friend to call you because you think it's your friend's turn to call you after you called the last time. You may even think it's your friend's turn to recharge your phone because you helped out the last time. 


DIARY: Does This Make Any Sense?

A number of people requested that I keep them updated on my 30-Day Man Fast. I shrugged at it because I consider it to be a personal journey between me and God. Then again, I thought to share moments that weren't creepily sacred.

This was what Day1 of my 30-Day Man Fast looked like . . . Clueless but cognizant.

30-Day Man Fast
Day 1: God Loves Me

I grabbed my diary, my Bible and a pen as though I was expecting God to suddenly start dictating for me to write.


How To Feel Better When You Feel Miserable

Hello! I know it's Monday but can we talk about something "annoying" for a minute, please?

When God cursed Eve, did He mention that she was going to have terrible menstrual cramps too? Just asking for a friend. She is in so much pain right now. :(

Making Sickness An Adventure

She was on the bed. Instead of sleeping or resting, she was rolling from one point to another. And making some creepy sounds.

She was getting me really scared.


What I Wore: Old To Fab (Ankara Shoes)

Hello sweetie. I hope your weekend has been amazing? So like I promised last week, I want to show you how I once rocked these shoes.

On The Red Carpet 

I absolutely LOVE hosting events. And adding the glitz and glamour of the red carpet is one of the best things! I like all the vibes and energy that come with wearing a smile, asking questions and meeting people.


My Temptation To React To The Trump

You may wonder what concerns me with America and her Election. Lol. What would a lady do when her brother is a political scientist and her father is a Nigerian businessman, an Igbo, for that matter?

Nigerians React

Yesterday morning after our family devotion, dad switched on the TV to CNN. He's been following the news from day 1. As usual, I wasn't interested, so I went back to my little cozy room.


RELATIONSHIP: Where To Find True Lasting Satisfaction

How often do you feel sad, lonely and empty inside? How often do you feel anxious, depressed, hopeless, angry or hurt?

Our feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, hurt, guilt, shame, loneliness and fear are telling us one thing: something is missing.

The Love That Satisfies

I owe this post to the personal encounters in the 30-Day Man Fast inspired by God with whom I am falling madly in love. My big hole of emptiness is being filled. Hallelujah!


DIARY: God Whispers When I Get On My Sewing Machine

Inspiration is everywhere, at any time, when we find God in everything.

My Sewing Moment

The rhythm of my sewing machine leads me to a place of peace; a sense of awareness fitted to an atmosphere I’ve chosen to call the “Heaven's Whispers” As the needle goes into the fabric and joins the pieces, I lapse into a state of peace and deep meditation.


Are You Trusting?

Latetly, I've been very focused on choosing to trust God in more aspects of my life - From little things like renewing my mobile data plan to big things like investing every ounce of time and energy into this ministry, regardless of whether it is a financial success.

Are You Trusting?

If you're like me, you have faith, but you don't always fully trust God with EVERY aspect of your life. That's why you worry over things that God has got under control.


How To Make Your Own Ankara Shoes

I get a lot of questions about my revamped shoes. I decided to share some tips. It's so easy! Get ready for your complete shoe transformation!

Ankara Shoes (DIY)

There are many ways to do this, but I want to show an awesome and easy way to recycle your old shoes and create a bright and fashionable outfit.


PHOTO: Laugh At Yourself

This little group of words speaks volume. Thought to share it with you today.

Wouldn't you rather laugh at yourself?

P.S I just got to know Nora Ephron. According to Wikipedia, Nora died on June 26, 2012 (my birthday). We share a "creative spirit" in common as she was a journalist, essayist, playwright, screenwriter, novelist, producer, director, and blogger.

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Use Smileys To Save Your Relationship Online

Yippee! It's Love-Wednesday! Yup, our timetable hasn't changed even though yours truly is taking on her "Man Fast". :)

We were created to love and be loved. And in love, we communicate freely and passionately. 

The Art Of Using Smileys

Having been away on BBM for over four months, I don't know what got into me when I reinstalled the BBM app on my phone last week. That's what joblessness can cause. Lol.


DIARY: 5 Things That Make Me Truly Happy :)

It's November! Happy New Month sweethearts of my blogosphere! We made it. Yes, we made it into the 11th. There is so much to be happy about here. So much!  :)

We are H-A-P-P-Y. We know we are. We are sure we are. We are H-A-P-P-Y. Happy! :)

5 Things That Make Me Truly Happy

:) :) :) I intend to start and end my first paragraph with three happy smileys. I hope you have a beautiful smile on your face right now. :) :) :)

Don't let the devil fool you. You have every reason to be happy. Look him in the face and say: "I choose to be happy. Therefore, I Amaka (insert your name here) is happy!
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