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My Private Diary

Have you ever read something you wrote about yourself in the past? That feeling is heavenly! Going through my diary is quite the emotional roller coaster. If I tell what I've been through. . . you will not believe. 

A Practical Way to Gain Perspective

When I say I love to write, I mean I love to write. I prefer to use a pen on a paper than type on the keyboard. I literally love to write. For me, writing is talking with myself, with God, and with a best friend.
Writing is an awakening.

I grew up writing everything that happened in my life. I've always loved to write about my day, my friends, my feelings, and everything going on.

So I recently read through my private diary, and I was amazed at how the words I had written brought up deep emotions. I was struck by the depth of how I had expressed my feelings about some of my life experiences. I was just shouting "whao!" "whao!" "whao!" over and over again. I even said, "Ah Amaka, ehen! so you were like this?"

Read an entry from my private diary:

Tuesday, 17 AUGUST, 2010 - 

I feel so like Job. 
"Curse God and die!" my thoughts yell at me.
"Look at your life!" 
How can God be faithful when He's obviously done nothing about my results?
I am still here when others have gone ahead.
I feel like I am the worst sinner. Maybe my sins are too much and God is trying to punish me. 

Anyway sha I know I will get through this. I believe God is faithful. He still loves me.

I realized how much I've really changed over the years. I realized the purpose of the season when I cried out to God in my diary, expressing both my pain and my deep love for Him at His presence. Mehn, I realized how far I have indeed come.

It was then I discovered that keeping a diary is a practical way to gain and keep perspective on your life. Do you have one?

For real, nobody can have a story like mine. My heart rejoiced that God had brought me through those times victoriously. I rejoiced that He had healed me and strengthened me in various specific ways.

Going through my diary made me see how God delivered me from situations that could have ended me. My blog is obviously a diary. . . But I have a personal one. It is private and precious, just as I hope yours is too. Our private diaries can contribute greatly to our growth and our sense of reasoning. They can show you that your tomorrow is indeed better. They tell you when a beginning starts and ends. They can also serve as reminders of having a God in your life.

I saw God in my diary. And I spoke to Him early this morning.  :)

Have you seen God lately?

Happy New Week!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.
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