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What I Wore: One Gorgeous Ankara Top For Every Event

Happy Style Sunday Sweeties! Today's post will be a two-in-one package so we can cover up for last week. That's a good idea, right? 😀

No Two Events Are The Same

They say "you can never go wrong with a black dress." It's true. Every lady knows that. But I want to reveal another unpopular fashion fact:

"It's hard to go wrong with a piece of Ankara that fits your personality."
— Nwamaka Ajaegbu, Personal Stylist

Let's just say I've been proving this "theory" with most of my What-I-Wore posts. Here are a couple of them:


Again, today, I'm proving that unpopular fact with this gorgeous top. A top I've worn both to church and to work, which I'm also planning to wear to a wedding very soon.

I am honestly waiting for when people would finally say it: “Enough Amaka! Why are you wearing that again?” And if they don’t mention anything, they would probably be secretly thinking it. 

But, I don't care. Won't be bothered. Really. 

  • To Worship At Church

So I "borrowed" a husband and son at church. Lol. His wife is a friend. It's no big deal.

It was the first time I'd be wearing this top. I decided to go easy by wearing blue (skirt and shoes) and a touch of yellow (my hat) to tone down the attention a little bit. It still didn't work. Every time I stood up or moved, I see eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

What's beautiful is beautiful.

  • To Work As A Media Executive 

The second time I wore this top was at Tecno 2018 Global Spring Launch at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. (Yes, I have to be specific because it's not easy to go to the island from the mainland. Lol). I actually went there for an official assignment. Wearing this Ankara top kind of sold me out as a lady who knows her stuff.

It worked miracles.

I wasn't ready but he was. And that's fine. 

No other fabric has been able to make me feel more confident and authentic like Ankara.

Interestingly, I have grown to recognize what clothes are most important as well as work best for me. Finding your “personal statement” may take time, but eventually realizing what you feel confident and comfortable in is empowering.

The gorgeousness of this Ankara top is empowering.

I won't be surprised if I find ten people wearing same style by next week because 5 out of 10 ladies told me they would "copy" it. And that makes me happy and proud!

I really really love this Ankara top. The sleeves are giving me laive! I could wear a yellow skirt (to be loudddd!), a jean (to go very casual), some sneakers (for an afro-chic vibe) and/or anything most likely to give it a new and different rays next time. Looking forward to wearing it again and again. . . and again.

There are quite a number of events to attend this month. My entire Saturdays have been literally booked! I just might wear this Ankara top to every event. After all, isn't it mine?

When you choose pieces from your wardrobe as your (current) favourites; do you wear them only on special occasions or do you wear them every damn time you get the chance? Please leave a comment. Thanks.

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Stay inspired.
Stay Be-YOU-tiful.

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