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He wasn't My Husband 

He Wasn't My Husband is a self-help memoir that will challenge your perception about your past relationships that didn't lead to marriage. I have never written anything that meant more to me than the words in this book.

He Wasn't My Husband is me telling the truth. My truth. I am literally ripping my heart out open. It is not a story about pain, it is not one carved out of sheer imagination, fantasies or fairytales. It is, on the other hand, my true life story . . . the story lived through the very fibres of my heart. It's about the amazing, life-changing, heart-healing freedom I found before I got married.

My memories were in front of me — waiting to be touched and felt and given away, ready to be used as an instrument in the healing process. I didn't know until. . . that moment it all started to make sense.

Why You Should Read HWMH

    ✔️ You want to forgive yourself and the people who remind you more of your memories of the past, so you can live the future you dream

    ✔️ You want to let go of memories that haunted your childhood, so you can find healing out of past pain and losses and be able to heal others too

    ✔️ You want to gain insight into the experience of being a teenager and be able to give quality guidance to your teenage girls (and boys). 

    ✔️ You want to free yourself from attachments and relationships that only exist for fear of loss — relationships that once made sense but are now “codependent” and unhealthy

    ✔️ You made mistakes—you need reassurance that God forgives and you can start afresh

    ✔️ You want to accept your current situation for what it is, and be spurred to believe your best relationship is ahead of you

    ✔️ You want a resource material for inspiring young people in the church. 

Now available on Amazon, PageBookStore and Roving Heights. HWMH will be delivered to whatever location you choose. Call +234 909 215 8968.

About The Author

NWAMAKA ONYEKACHI is a living testimony of the saying that it is not what life throws at you, but how you respond to it that matters. She has learnt valuable lessons from the “school of life” that emotions are no respecter of persons, some experiences are non–negotiable and that at the end of the day, when your eyes are opened, what you see is a deeper reflection of who you are called to be. These experiences not only provide her with wisdom and valuable lessons, but also with the “sweet” credibility to coach (or to share, like she prefers) because she has been there.
NWAMAKA ONYEKACHI is a lover of creative expressions. She manages public relations for corporate brands and creates masterpieces for radio, TV, social media and print.
Her unique gift lies in her ability to speak honestly and intimately of her own experiences, in her devotion to the craft of writing and to making sense of the world in new and inspiring ways.
He Wasn’t My Husband recounts her further journey into the recesses of her own heart, and offers insight into the journey of love, intimacy, healing, wholeness, and genuine joy and peace. She is happily married to the man of her dreams.

Thoughts on HWMH

It makes sense that you went through all those boys before you met Kachi. I like how you showed how you grew from each relationship and become a better person for him. He would have run away if he had met you at boyfriend number two🤣🤣. He Wasnt My Husband gives a single girl who is crying over her relationships hope for her future relationships and also not to die when it doesn't end in marriage. 

I think it's a more realistic Christian approach than telling someone not to date at all. So yeah, I can recommend it for a single person
— Chioma Uhara (Digital Planner)
Amaka’s book in one word? Intriguing. It caught me unawares. For someone that preaches authenticity I was still stunned by how real and ‘raw’ she has been in this book. It took my breath away. For this I commend her. It’s not easy. 
I smiled. I sighed. I laughed. I rolled my eyes and many times I had to put my phone down and process what I’d just read. Yes, this book you have in your hands is about to take you on a roller coaster ride!!! Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to learn from Amaka’s story. I promise. 
You will come away wanting to meet her if you don’t already know her. That’s how powerful this book is. 
— Bola "Salt" Essien-Nelson (Author, The Diary Of A Desperate Naija Woman series and True Confessions)

I just finished reading HWMH and I fell instantly in love with the book.
The best part is relating deeply with your story and I appreciate you for being so real. 
Lots of love from here❤   
Angel (300L Accounting Student)
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