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Don't Be A Fool Watching TV

There is a difference between "watching TV makes you a fool" and "don't be a fool watching TV". Just so you don't get it twisted.

I'd rather tell you how not to be a fool while watching TV.

How To Watch TV Productively

I am an introvert but a lot of people find it hard to believe, because the kind of work I do constantly pushes me out of my comfort zone to "present" an extroverted personality. I like it anyway.

The truth is, when I'm home, I stay locked up in my room most of the time.


What Is Your Style Statement?

Show me a person who makes a style statement, and I'd tell you about someone knowing WHO they are. Aha, that's my quote right there! Lol.

Style, to me, is more important than fashion. Style is personal and unique but fashion is generally for everybody. Do you know your very own personal style statement? Lemme help you with it! 

Discover Your Personal Style Statement

I have to thank Bro. Ezra for spurring me to define my style statement. After our little chat, I delved into my wardrobe to SEE myself through my clothes. Now I am proud to say I have a style statement I know my style statement.

I want to hopefully lead you into your own style journaling bliss too.


POEM: You Are Sin

Oh. how did we meet?
Did I invite you?

I can only remember
That night,
In the darkness
It was an unclear picture of you
You came in . . .


RELATIONSHIP: Every Woman Should Take A Deliberate Fast From Men

Sometimes it’s hard to discover your true purpose and identity when you are always attached or involved with someone else. Can you take a break?

30-Day Man Fast

First of all, don't get it twisted. This is not saying men are evil or distractions. This is also not a “Girl, you don’t need a man, be an Independent woman” type of post. I am not telling you to leave the man in your life if you are in a God-ordained, loving relationship.


Dear Diary, I attended My First Yoruba Traditional Wedding

Yoruba people like party. As in! If you've been to any Yoruba wedding ceremony, you know what I mean. It is usually nothing less than flamboyant. I hear it is the same process everywhere.

I attended one for the first time in my life, and believe me, it was beautiful.

Yoruba Traditional Wedding

Bunmi, the beautiful bride. 

Girl, aren't those accessories gorgeous?!

I love weddings. I have proved it here, here, and there.

At every wedding I have attended, the bride is always the star of the day. I wasn't surprised to see Bunmi looking gorgeous and shining brighter than a diamond on her traditional wedding day.


What Successful Blogging Means To God

As a blogger, or I should say as an entrepreneur, I know how challenging it can be to want success so badly and get . . . nothing.

Seeing Success God's Way

I've always believed in having a positive outlook on everything, and usually, I stay true to this. But I also know how unbelievably hard it is to keep smiling when it seems like one thing after another is going wrong.


STYLE: Geek-Chic On Ankara Bow Tie

Hi sweethearts! What's popping? It's Sunday! Let's talk about style and shed a little light on fashion. Shall we?

I love wearing ties. There are more than 20 pictures of me on different ties in the style post titled 'Feminizing The Tie' and a couple on 'Coupling Up'. Ties are one of my favourite statement pieces.


Note To Self: Don't Be Scared

There’s something great ahead. There’s something greater that you are meant to do and meant to be. But you are scared.

Don't Be Scared

This is to remind you that you have to push a little further and fly a little higher than you are used to – even if you are scared.


Why Your "Why" Is Most Important

Today's post is quite personal and delicate. It's one I wrote with trepidation because it can make or mar my business. I hope it doesn't only inspire you to question your self, but also give you the light you need to find answers.

My Most Personal Ethics

As a lifestyle blogger, I often write about various aspects that cut across the way we express ourselves - from how we live life, to how we value our relationships, to how we style our clothes, and to how we run our businesses. It's a wide range of many things, I must say.


RELATIONSHIP: How To Deal With Being Horny As A Christian Single

Lol. Yeah, we all get horny! It doesn't make any difference if you're a virgin or not. Our hormones do not care whether we are born again or not. They do not care whether we have the Holy Spirit in us or not. They do what they do . . . drive us crazy!

Dealing With Your Sex Drive

I am not supposed to say this, but I will: I told one of my boyfriends that I was horny. And he was beyond surprised, "you get horny too?"
Yes, honey. We get as horny as you guys do.


12 Struggles Only Those Who Wear Glasses Understand

So I have been wearing prescription glasses since 2002, and it's been a journey! There is the good, the bad and the just so annoying moments of wearing prescription glasses. 

And I have come to develop a special love for those who wear glasses because I understand their pain. They are the strongest set of people. Lol. 

The Struggles Of Wearing Glasses

Let me start by saying Twitter is currently my favourite Social media platform. It gives me freedom to be cool and crazy as I please. I drop it like it's hot when I'm there. And I am one of the few people who take that outlet seriously. I mean, I don't just tweet for the sake of tweeting. I tweet to connect, to share and to inspire.


Are You Employed Or Being Exploited?

You leave work feeling tired, frustrated, and angry. During the long ride home and in traffic, you ask yourself, “Am I being exploited?”

Stop Expoitation

As it is popularly stated: one man's meat is another man's poison. That is the case exactly.

Exploitation is subjective. What one person thinks of as slavery/labour is another person’s chance of gaining valuable experience or putting food on the table.


What I Wore: Ankara Peplum Skirt (Collection)

Ankara is an ever versatile fabric that isn't going anywhere soon. Why wouldn't you rock it in every style? That's why I'm here to inspire you. *winks*

Skirt + Cape

Ankara is not new to us. It's one of our favourite Sunday style features.


PHOTO: How To Stay On Fire

Some of the most inspiring people in the world have a purpose and passion in life that’s so strong, you can sense it's from the very core of their being. They are ON FIRE!

And one of the best ways to stay on fire is to FIND YOUR INNER DRIVE.

My people, drive is the way to go. This is how I do:

1. I wake up with a Demand for my vision - What is your vision? What motivates your vision? Success? Freedom? It could be anything.


What You Should Look Out For In Your Relationship

Hiya! It's Love-Wednesday! One of the most essential needs of our heart is to love and be loved. Since we are wired for relationships, one would think it is easy to choose partners. But the truth is, some of us repeatedly choose the wrong people. 

No More Wrong Relationships

Someone recently asked me whether I was ready for marriage, I am yet to answer that question.


Dear Diary, I Know It With All My Heart

This morning I woke up with a deep feeling of God's love. I felt His arms around me. I mean, I got a hug from God! 

God's Hug

Lord, you have examined me and you know me.
You know everything I do;
    from far away you understand all my thoughts.


3 Awesome Blessings For The Unemployed

This is the second part of 'How To Stay Hopeful While Searching For A Job'.

Yes, I'm an entrepreneur. But I am also somewhere between having a job and no job.

Blessed Are The Unemployed

After the interview, days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, yet I heard nothing from anyone.


What I Wore: Blue Bridal Dress

I didn't know what title to give to this post because I do not only want to show you what I wore to Bunmi's wedding, but also want to give you a little gist. Let's see how it goes . . .

Wedding Flow

I think I deserve an award when it comes to attending or participating in weddings. Without exaggeration, I have attended over 50 weddings and been on a bridal train for more than 20 weddings. I'm now wondering how many more I have left before I become the bride.


Awww! This Is Why Alicia Keys Has Stopped Wearing Makeup

Hi. Hi. I ran into this article on The Washington Post and loved it. You know I'm not such a fan of makeup. Right?  I was awed to find WHY this celebrity would suddenly decide to STOP wearing makeup.

Alicia Keys No Longer Wears Makeup 

Alicia Keys, an American singer, pianist, songwriter, record producer, and actress, says she no longer wears makeup, a decision she described publicly:


23 Affirmations To Cast Out Negative Thoughts

I believe in positivity-speaking. It is a habit turning into a lifestyle. The Bible is replete with verses of affirmation. That is, affirming how God sees you and what He says about you. Here are some. 

Cast Out Negativity

I am no super-human. Negative thoughts crawls into my head once in a while, but I fight them off with positive words from the Word of God.


RELATIONSHIP: Nobody Likes Me!

First of all, this title is not true! It is either because you forgot those who love you, or you might need to find more people who do. Perhaps, you might also need to love yourself a little more.

Feeling Like Nobody Likes You?

Emotions come in cycles, and each time we go through different feelings almost at the same time.

One minute we feel so loved and cared for, the next minute we feel so lonely and unloved. It's normal, I have come to believe.


DIARY: 10 Years After Graduation

Oh, where do I start with this one?

Oshodi Comprehensive High School

Writing a blog post wouldn't do justice to what I intend to say about my secondary school days. I'm unsure about making it a very long one or putting it into separate posts. Perhaps, I should start thinking of publishing my first book already. :D


How To Stay Hopeful When The Search For A Job Is Getting Too Long

Many of you might not know I am stylisly searching for a job. It's been a goal imposed on me by my mum and friends since the beginning of the year. It's October, and the job hasn't showed up yet.

Staying Hopeful While Looking For A Job

I told a close friend I was looking for my dream job, and he said I didn't look like one who is jobless. And it got me wondering . . .


STYLE: Coupling Up

Can you remember the time somebody else was wearing the same outfit as you? How did you react? For me, I take advantage of the situation and create a style post out of it.

I've done it before (here and here) and I'm doing it again. Ain't nobody got time to be shy or embarrased.

Coupling Up

This has happened to almost everyone. Yeah, I'm sure. There was probably a time when you were out at an event, or the movies, or the mall, or at school, or in the church and you suddenly noticed that someone was wearing an item identical to what you were wearing. Maybe the same dress, jacket, shoes, t-shirt . . . etc.
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