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Dear Diary, That Weekend Was Lit! (TWTW, LCC & More)

Everybody has posted about it except me. I just couldn't find the right words . . . until today.

I Was Present

The Women @ The Well (TWTW) had her 4th meet in July. I was there physically, spiritually and mentally.

Oh yes, I have to separate each presence. You know you can be somewhere and not be there, right? A-ha!

Dee and Mobolaji already shared memories here and here respectively. I mentioned it on "God There You Have It!" post but not really. I think it deserves to be "saved" in my diary too.

Nothing feels better than reminiscing about some of the best memories of your life as you go by. I always encourage people to keep diaries. It is VERY healthy, inspiring and creative.

This is my diary. Lemme tell you how PRESENT I was that weekend . . .


My body couldn't be anywhere else. We had to do some "exercise".

We took a loooong walk. Oh, we walked and walked and walked. We climbed and almost even swam, but thank God for those boots. Lol.

Our meeting was at Lekki Conservative Centre (LCC). Ever been there? LCC is like a jungle! In fact, it is a jungle!

By the time we got to the end of the walkway, we were panting. It was an adventure. Really.


My spirit was right in my body. (Before nko? Lol!)

So I was spiritually fed and satisfied by the message given by our guest speaker, Aunty Salt!

Aunty Salt spoke on 'Marriage God's Way'.

Her inspiring words sank deep into my heart and radiated so well. (If you ask me, I think her soft, tender and lilting voice added some effect. So yummy!)

"Get your relationship with God tight. It’s in the middle of God’s will that he’d find you." Aunty Salt said.
"Sometimes you think your time is going, but God is helping you and preparing you because you can’t go into marriage the way you are." She said. 
Before she wrapped up her message, she read out a loveletter to me us - A letter from God. That wasn't the first time God will be writing a letter, He's done it many times. I posted one of my personal letters on the 'I Met God' Series.

I HEARD God speaking through Aunty Salt.

While she was reading the letter, I cried. I cried because I received a confirmation. I cried because I felt God's arms around me and His love surrounding me. The letter illuminated my heart to draw NEAR to God more than ever. (that's where the word "lit" originated from. "Lit" is the past tense of "light")

One Word from the letter:
"(Amaka), your marriage is to reflect my Kingdom here on earth."

Aunty Salt. Muwah! 

After the message, we prayed. Frances, our leader and founder raised some "heavy" prayer points that couldn't carry our legs to stand. Some of us had to kneel down.


My mind was right there and right then.

I was aware of each moment. I didn't let the moment slip off my mind. My mind captured everything more than any camera could do.

"Pictures would not be enough to say EVERYTHING we felt, said and experienced on our 4th TWTW Meet! It was . . . (still waiting on the Holy Spirit for the right word mehn!)" was what I said on our group chat the next day.

I couldn't describe it for weeks.

That's Vicky. She reminds me of myself 5 years ago - shy girl. I practically dragged her to take this picture. 
That's Ify. You know! There's got to be at least a picture of us "pouting"
Aunty Salt is such a sweetheart. She gave each lady a copy of her wonderful books for FREE. Some ladies even got two! I'd recommend you to follow her bumper-to-bumper. She is a REAL woman. Visit her blog - thesaltchronicles.com

We connected. We laughed. We hugged.

It's a weekend I will remember for a very long time.

"Let's learn to live in the present to truly enjoy the moment so that we can cherish the memories tomorrow."

Hey sweeties, ever been in a place where you were physically present but mentally absent - like you just switch off your mind or take it to some other place? 

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